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  1. She's only in the role of VP because she identifies as female and black.
  2. Perhaps she is being intimidated into her actions by the accused.
  3. My nephew's house. Mostly water damage on inside.
  4. So, if that 17 year old unaccompanied child turns 18 next week do they set them up for life on the welfare rolls?
  5. https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/Default.aspx#
  6. PITTSBURGH (WJAC) — UPDATE State police report that Diore Thomas was located safely shortly after 8 p.m. Thursday.
  7. Good news. There are probably a lot of people who committed crimes and thought they would never be caught, but now with all these DNA tests being done by genealogists they can be found!
  8. In my neighborhood. They weren't home, but lost all their pets. Sad.
  9. I pray everything works out for you and your daughter.
  10. Possibly ecto-mist. I witnessed it several times at a former workplace in Brookville. Sometimes has a 'woosh" sound and cold chill with it. It kind of makes your hair stand on end until you get used to it.
  11. I knew a boy in high school who was at Camp Mt Run for the first time and got so frightened of the Hodag on the mountain that he ran and dove into a car through the open window and wouldn't come out, had to be taken home. He quit scouts.
  12. It's a wild flower, about 2 to 3 feet tall. The leaf lower right section with lots of veins. Someone else guessed a type of ageratum.
  13. Can anyone identify this weed/flower? Thank you.
  14. Bin, So sorry you've lost your little one.
  15. Huh, there are elk in the field and it just keeps panning away from them. That sucks!
  16. Hubby just gave away a grocery bag full of tomatoes this morning, and I have another to go tomorrow. We've been eating them for a couple of weeks. I will make some juice with some, but I quit making sauce. The black ...whatever...cherry tomatoes were first. I'm not crazy about them. So far we have done 2 bushel of beans and gave away one. Did 20 pints of beets so far, 15 doz ears of corn cut off and frozen. Stuffed and froze 60 peppers. We had a really good cantaloupe yesterday and have some nice watermelon soon ready. We planted 50 lb. of potatoes, so those will have to be dug soon. We
  17. Our garden is doing well. I have canned some beets to give more room for others to grow, Last night hubby picked a bushel of yellow wax beans, I got 54 pints today. He picked another bushel tonight, for canning tomorrow, Planning to do corn on Wednesday. We've been eating new potatoes for a couple of weeks now.
  18. We've had to shoot a few crows from the bathroom window, other than that, our garden is doing well. Top picture is tomatoes and green peppers, Watermelon, beets, then cabbage and beans in fenced area. Middle garden is potatoes, bottom garden is corn, cantaloupe and onions.
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