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  1. On the Clarion River, southwest of Clarion. There used to be a park there, but the owners of the dam closed it many years ago. Now access is limited to utility/business reasons. On google maps it is here: 41.19197658037432, -79.43367750988365 Turn on Satellite view.
  2. Had to go to the Piney Dam again today for a followup meeting to get fiber to a customer that will be interjecting 5MW into Penelec's grid. Took these two pics of the dam, looks like they are working on the top of it. And they built a new control building on the south side of river.
  3. Is that just phone(with whatever addons like caller ID, etc) and long distance? Or does that include DSL(internet)? My 1Gbps fiber internet with Windstream comes in under $100 with all the taxes and equipment rental. ....no phone service though.
  4. How on earth is a basic landline $100? ....even with many of the options like caller ID, voicemail, etc?
  5. VOIP requires broadband(fast internet). It is also sensitive to lag time. With your new Starlink, and with their satellites being in rather "low Earth orbit", it might work for you. You and whomever you're talking to may have to get into the habit of giving a second between sentences. We had used a VOIP(Vonage) in the past with a 3Mbps DSL here in Brookville(many years ago) - it worked. A geosynchronous satellite(23000 miles up) would have major delays between the time you said something and the time they here it. VOIP services should work through satellite, cell tower, DSL(telco provided already), and cable tv internets. Provided you have the bandwidth to spare and low latency(that delay I mention above).
  6. To keep your landline, you'll have to keep Verizon. You can have their DSL service turned off. It is illegal for (2) phone companies to serve the same area. The only chance you'll have at keeping that phone number with a different company is if you get your local cable company service for phone, and IF that phone number is allowed to be ported over to Comcast.
  7. Sandy Twp, TLPOA, and ZitoMedia itself are who to complain to. Zito needs to fix the problem if it is directly related to them. If a tree fell on their lines, then blame the property owner that the tree fell from. No other company will overbuild another cable company to service the same area. It just wont happen, ever, anywhere. Cable companies only gets about 50% of homes-past versus dish. Then split that 50% with another cable company - it is a recipe for both companies going out of business. Then, whatever over-building company would have millions of dollars to pay just to make room on the poles by having to replace almost every one of them. Then factor in the $25000 to $50000 per mile of plant they would have to build. ...basically start adding up all the footages of EVERY road. Also to either build a new headend($500K) or new OTM site if bringing in fiber to feed the COAX system. ....Then the cost to bring that fiber into TL.
  8. I just drove by that Seward DG on Thurs of last week. It is in a more finished state than the Falls Creek location.
  9. I know Clem McAlee's nephew Eric. He's broken up about the loss of family.
  10. I'm pretty sure the phone service order for that location was under 1000ft, so I didn't get it. It'd go straight to operations for tech install. If they order a circuit requiring fiber, I'll get it. I had to review our records about a year ago for the developer on what of Verizon's facilities is where for services and impacts(so they don't dig into our lines). There used to be a service station where they were going to build.
  11. From Google, this is the phone# of the Sykesville Ag & Youth Fair. 814-894-7871 They might know.
  12. It has been "No Dogs" for many many years. Yet some folks bring them anyways. I'm guessing it is the vacationers and travelers that do it.
  13. There is a way to fix that without building a roundabout, which would require disturbing wetlands and taking land from property owners of the four corners.
  14. Roundabouts are also used to SLOW traffic down. I had PennDOT engineers say so, and the one the built in Geistown(Johnstown area) was placed there specifically to slow traffic down.
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