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  1. Using force and deadly force on such types of perps: PA Title 18, Chapter 5, Subchapters 505 and 506 - you may use deadly force to stop a killing, serious bodily injury, rape, or kidnapping. ------------------ Civil protections: PA TItle 42, Chapter 83, Subchapter C § 8340.2. Civil immunity for use of force. (a) General rule.--An actor who uses force: (1) in self-protection as provided in 18 Pa.C.S. § 505 (relating to use of force in self-protection); (2) in the protection of other persons as provided in 18 Pa.C.S. § 506 (relating to use of force for
  2. Damn.. I just had a fiber circuit order for that location. ...wondering if they will still need it.
  3. There is only enough room for one prick in my pants, so I never though to ever put a cactus in my pocket .
  4. If you're stupid enough to grow weed in the front yard then you deserve to get cited. I'm pro-weed and all, but I'm just as much anti-stupidity.
  5. With practically all of these mileage tax bills - they will collect at the time you reregister your vehicle. You will have to give beginning and ending mileage from odometer for the year in passing between registrations.
  6. These have proven to help out west. But the number of places that deer cross limited access highways here in PA would require a tunnel the length of the entire state on just I-80 alone. lol Now, with that above being said - I'd rather spend $8B on these across the many states than send $0.01 abroad. There are places on I-80 where these could be used. It would help, but wouldn't completely eliminate deer impacts on the interstate.
  7. While it would help immensely, that "Ted Zoli" is wrong where he said it would disappear with a generation. There would still be roadkill/accidents.
  8. Its coming. We got Subway here in Brookville, then went down to the dam to eat. Just got home, it was getting dark with gusts of wind.
  9. That much damage to a house - certainly going faster than 35MPH speedlimit. Somebody needs to lose their drivers license and their right to own a vehicle for a minimum of 10 years. Even if it was mechanical problem with car, there is little excuse for what I see there.
  10. Because the state will then have more dependents to vote for the helping hand that they will offer. It is exactly the same reason why the Welfare Acts of the 1960's was enacted by LBJ.
  11. That about sums it up. Sometimes you find good info, sometimes bad.
  12. Yeah, I fully plan on doing that. First house was given to me by my parents after I had "rented to own" from them. ...just up an gave it to me. Live their for awhile until the Fireman's Club wanted to buy half the property to make more parking - so I sold it lock stock and barrel. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything else on the market in my price range right after selling. ...so I ended up on the same street. lol
  13. People seem to like hitting houses here in Brookville. Two of my houses been hit by cars, one of which twice.
  14. That is how it should be done. The infected have to isolate, not the non-infected.
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