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  1. We weren't blaming you any. We know you were reporting what info was given.
  2. lol I've driven by it 8 times in last 3 weeks for work. lol
  3. I think that might be "to Old Lamont Rd". Lamont is a village to the east of James City.
  4. Another plus for that bar - heating/cooling might be cheaper once it is done. It looks like it had old saw dust or paper for insulation, and it looks like it had all settled. Hopefully they were smart enough to put some insulation in. My prior house had similar insulation - saw dust and bulk mill paper. It too had settled to no more than half way up the walls. It was a pre-1900's era house. In the winter you could feel where the insulation had settled to between each set of studs by the cool/warm touch.
  5. Yep, siding is a lot cheaper than redoing the brick. The prior brick was just a shell, structural support was old-fashion wood.
  6. Sanborn #18 of 20 comes pretty close to showing it on the 1901. It has Lord St and Evergreen(now Osborn Ave). Unfortunately it cuts off at the railroad track. That part of present day DuBois might not have been within DuBois limits at the time. ??? I know those Sanborn maps tended to stay within city/borough boundaries because of the higher density of buildings and higher need for fire insurance.
  7. Only if TL becomes a borough. Once a publicly chartered entity, it has to be opened up. A private HOA can still remain private within a public entity, but if that HOA itself goes public, then the general HOA thing goes by-by. The house paint color could still remain if they enact ordinance to keep that. ...which there are public places in the USA with similar local laws.
  8. 1982'ish as a participant in Tampa FL. 1998 taking an ex's kids to the rink in Reynoldsville.
  9. Just a small price to pay to have the west coast burn...
  10. Meth in Clearfield!? I'm shocked, I tell ya! Shocked!!!
  11. Yeah, it probably wont be cheap. Well, any construction these days isn't cheap - then factor in specialized construction like masons/brick-layers. New brick-built structures are kinda rare these days versus stick-built. They may be paying to bring some old-timers back from retirement. lol On the positive side, at least a somewhat historical building will be saved. Just looking at the internal wood construction you can tell that building is old. That diagonal interior board went out of fashion in early 1900's, maybe back into late 1800's, because of the extra time it took to cut
  12. True.. I'm all for them rebuilding somewhere else. That place never had enough parking. Back in my bar hopping days we'd have to park along the street, a block or two back. Whereas practically everywhere else had private parking.
  13. Sounds more like breakfast liquor than bedtime hooch.
  14. There really only applies if you know there was a crime committed or knew they are wanted for a crime.
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