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  1. Tonight is the night! Dinner tickets are all sold, but you still can come at 7pm and dance the rest of the night away with "the Ride" ($20 donation at the door) lots of hard work and dedication by many people went into putting on the event. Also a Chinese Auction for lots of great baskets & a raffle that includes Steeler tickets,Penn State tickets, Pirate tickets. 42"led tv, grill master grill, outdoor fire ring,$250 Miller Bros. gift certif.,Day at the Spa package.
  2. Thank You Steve for posting this information!
  3. I started giving our dog coconut oil after I read this article, he gets yeast infections and has allergies too, I am trying to find something so he does not have to be on steroids, antiobiotics all the time too. I have only been doing giving him a tsp a day for a week or two now, and he is a big puppy m(100# 2yrs old) so not sure if he is actually getting enough, I haven't tried rubbing it into his skin yet, cause his "hot" spots (red, itchy) he never lets us get near. I have noticed he is not scratching as much the last day or so. But maybe you can try this. With more and more Americans appreciating the fantastic flavor and health benefits of coconut oil
  4. until

    Just a gentle reminder to you all!!! While you are out doing some holiday shopping, don't forget to take a break and stop into Hoss's for the fundraiser to benefit Make A Wish!
  5. until

    The Tree has over $200 worth of gift certificates and coupons to many local businesses. along with that other basket gifts to take a chance on, a new one was added yesterday, it is a great one for the hunter in the family, includes gift certificates for steaks from Hoss's , a 50# bag of corn from Fairman"s Farm Market, lots of items, at least a $100 value basket, come check these out anythime and take a chance remember 100% of the proceeds go to Make A Wish!!
  6. Lots of very nice items for raffle, and a 50/50. appetizers provided. Come to Gateway Caf
  7. Tonight is the night for this event. Having a basket raffle too.
  8. I got some of that chex mix too, except I only had two coupons but I did get two bags free. I wish I had that many coupons at once, I know I can buy some too on ebay and other places, I just have not done that yet, but I am going to soon. But $1 a bag on that chex mix was an awsome price since it is regurlary $2.99-$3.19 Has anyone heard or seen the 52 Week Money Challenge. I seen it on Pinterest and other places. Each week you depost the amount of money for the corresponding week, such as week 1 depost $1, week 2 $2 and so on all the way to week 52, that week u deposit $52 dollars. and at the end of the year will of saved $1,378.00!!!! My husband and I are doing this, this will be just week 5 for us, we are at the easy weeks now. But after the year it will be a nice to see that we saved that up and who know what we will do with the $$$ We were thinking maybe new flooring for the living room but we will see then.
  9. This thread hasn't been updated in almost a year! One of my fav places lately to coupon is at CVS. Between sales with coupon match-ups and extrabucks rewards you can save some pretty good $$$$. An example, yesterday I paid $16.72, but my total before coupons & sales was $43.79. Then on top of that I got $7 more in extrabuck rewards to use on my next purchase if I want, and they don't expire till end of Feb. Anyone else with some good coupon stories, would luv to hear them.
  10. good site, has lots of coupons and money saving ideas http://www.allyou.com/
  11. what is the name of your facebook group? I would like to check it out if that is ok.
  12. I foound one site moneysavingmom that has a lot of good info, & you can sign up for newsletter and they will show you different deals and the matching coupon that is available, and another one is the krazy coupon lady, she has lots of things too, you also can like both of these on fb if that is easier. I got a good deal on Pepsi the other day, a store had 6 pack of bottles for 4/10 had coupons for 2 off of 2 packs so I used 2 coupons taking 4 off of the 4 packs which made them 4 for 6 so i paid 1.50 a 6pack. good deal since they usually run that for 1 2liter.
  13. I know this thread was started looong time ago for different ideas to make your own products..........basically the laundry soap recipe got this up and going I think, and I know many have started using the soap and other tips from here including me. So now since this thread is also tips on money saving ideas how about we talk coupons . With the craze of extreme couponing show, and I know lots of people in the area are huge couponers, maybe we can share hints and tips on that. I do use coupons and I would like to do more, every penny counts in my opinion. I try to save where I can so it opens up to many other possibilities in my life ( like taking vacations, sending kids to college, etc.). What has been one of your best deals with coupons? I know the other day, I had had coupons for soap, a local store had them on sale for $1 each and my coupons were .40 which doubled to .80, so .20 each I paid, not free but not bad! :exc: Does anyone know of any coupon groups/clubs in the area?
  14. Just wanted to say, that it has been two years since this thread has started and I am still making the laundry soap. It drives me crazy when I see the prices of laundry detergent when it can be made for pennies!
  15. I just use a capful from the container, I think it is about 1/4 cup and it seems to be fine.
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