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  1. I paid my refundable Starlink deposit of $99 the second day they offered it last year. Service is based first come, first served. As of now I am slated for mid March 2022, hopefully service won’t get pushed back again. The chip shortage is the sticking point. No contract, but the $500 cost will keep me attached till something better comes along. Will check out T Mobile, data caps were the sticking point for cellular up till now.
  2. Any data caps with T-Mobile?
  3. We have to have a land line as internet is dsl. We turn ringer off and check the answering machine, a few leave messages but most don’t. Most everyone we know uses our cell numbers.
  4. You can watch the entire rebuild on Fab Rat's Youtube channel. To gain knowledge of who Ed is check out Matt's Off Road Recovery also on Youtube.
  5. That is covered in the Dems spending Bill
  6. Just move the deer crossing signs to roads with less traffic
  7. Dubois is big into little League at all age groups, other towns not so much. After the age of 12 many other options exist if you continue to play. Success at the Jr and Sr levels does not translate to HS as the competition is not as strong.
  8. Very seldom do they have permits, even on federal land. They claim they have no leaders, just a bunch of individuals that show up in the same place at the same time.
  9. Targeted income tax withholding freeze,more money in your pocket but not more "free money". Will never happen though ... Trump's Idea! Perhaps the Libs could rebrand it. More take home pay and you are working. Must be something wrong with that idea, I know it must be racist
  10. I agree and tomorrow we have a chance to rein in this POS. Vote, and vote FOR the two amendments that directly relate to the Governor's powers in disaster emergency declarations. #1 General Assembly can unilaterally terminate or extend a disaster declaration! #2 Emergency declaration will expire after 21 days unless the General Assembly extends the disaster emergency! Everyone can vote on these amendments, independents included. A third relates to First Responder borrowing and a fourth is a equality rights question.
  11. All for the new law and have always moved over and or slowed down, but... " Reduce speed by 20 mph lower than the posted limit" 5 mph through Sykesville and what to do in a 15 mph school zone?
  12. Wouldn't be fair to Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. I like the bus idea but deliver them to Sanfran, NY, LA, Chicago and Seattle for a start.
  13. Although the Ohio river nearly dried up in 1908 city water drawn from most rivers in the Mississippi Basin now have very little chance of drying up. This due to locks and dams constructed to control flooding as well as dry spells. Many towns and cities draw water from wells and that can be a issue in drought conditions. Water is always present as a liquid, gas or solid ... at times it's just not where you need it. Growing population in desert communities depending on the Colorado river is a problem.
  14. Thinking about this today. Not talking about someone you have seen on the media, but a real life contact of you or your family.
  15. In Punxsy looks like everything was running except for Goodwill and a few gift shops. Tractor Supply, smoke shops, car dealers, oil change, beer dist, Mahoning Valley Milling... all open. State store open till 9:00 then closed. Some are not answering the phones due to high volume of calls to see if they are open.
  16. Please no opinion on if you feel they should be. Keep it simple. Who is, hours of operation, how crowded, ect.
  17. http://www.dogfoodproject.com Loaded with info.
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