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  1. Noticed that the former bank building on the boulevard (by Sheetz) and the old Firehouse Pizza (by Palumbos) both have SOLD on the signs. Anyone hear what or who bought them?
  2. Isn't Force just a suburb of Penfield anyway?
  3. Agree. And i know that a lot of people don't follow professional sports but why do some sports feel the need to play two national anthems? I can understand if you are in two separate countries (USA and Canada) but when they're both in the USA why do they have to play both? All the people that said (I'm fleeing the USA if DT gets elected are still here} (6 years later) and are pushing for all these different holidays are the ones that are trying to ruin this country. But. Let's get back to the original question. Why are there people out there just inventing holidays for themselves?
  4. What about the black National Anthem. Where did that ever come from?
  5. No idea. A few weeks ago he had a health scare he mentioned had happened that had caused him to close for a few days. It was a nice place to go to.
  6. The old Julios tavern at the corner of W Washington and Jared St in DuBois.
  7. I just saw that as well. Tried to copy and paste but it didn't work. I know they put a slug of money into the building to revamp it. That's a shame.
  8. Noticed there was a For Sale sign there this morning. Wondering if anyone has heard anything about it?
  9. Came by my house around 2:15. Was being escorted and followed by both the police and fire departments. Was really nice to see. GO DUBOIS CENTRAL. Good luck in both games.
  10. I know that i'm old fashioned but i still like to read the daily paper. It's still a paper that is published in DuBois. The bold headlines in the sports section today talk all about how one of the Punsxy teams is going to be playing ball in the state semifinals. Congrats to them but DuBois Central has both teams advancing on to play in the state semifinals as well. Shouldn't our local teams get better publicity? Do you think that the Punsxy Spirit put the DuBois teams at the top of the page? Naturally there's other problems in the world but small stuff like this bugs me. We don't have enough news in our own little town?
  11. Wow. A repeat offender courtesy of Judge Foradora. Sickening. And still only 10k bail needed. As his track record is going on he may become president in the year 2036.
  12. Thanks for seeing this and posting it. Still nothing on the guy however.
  13. As they should be. Then only item they never seem to steal is any work-related items. Work boots or work shirts or work pants. Always seem to be sneakers and big screen tv's
  14. Not sure. Haven't heard anything on this. Neighbors at the very least should be made aware. In case he tries to sneak back in to get weapons or whatever. You never know.
  15. Still no word yet on whether they caught these losers yet?
  16. Donald White has been charged with various offences TWICE on the same victim. Interesting to hear why the jail would let him outside to do anything. Without being handcuffed and shackled. Kinda looks like Fetterman as well.
  17. Still nothing has been said about this. Maybe if the public knew who they were looking for it may be a help in locating person.
  18. Pretty sure this is the same guy that was arrested for drug sales around 4 years ago.
  19. I just tried to copy the lead article from MSN stating that's he's warning people to be very aware of monkeypox. Is this flippin guy for real, Does his so called Doctor for a wife even understand how much of a joke he is? I just can't even believe there are that many STUPID people out there that think he was the answer and better yet is even doing a good job of running our country.
  20. All of the baby formula has been going to the borders so they can help the immigrants and illegals out.
  21. They noticed "numerous issues of serious concern". That's one way to put it. Plain old greed and stupidity. I had heard a few years ago that something was wrong there.
  22. Very legitimate questions to be asking. That may be why they decided to back out.
  23. Didn't they try that around 10 years ago or so?
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