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  1. All misdemeanors and very low bail. I realize there are two sides to these types of incidents but it's no wonder stuff like this happens when there are very little charges brought.
  2. Must be a misprint on the bail amounts. The first deadbeat is listed at 10K and the other deadbeat is listed at 100K.
  3. She should do that. However she'll probably end up deceased and not of her own free will.
  4. Yes and i also saw on Pittsburgh news this morning that along with various other types of vehicles not allowed on the roads that motorcycles will be included.
  5. Yes and i'm sure they will use the extra money to fix our roads in Pa.
  6. Because of our stupid court system to "protect the innocent" when in reality the proof has been there all along.
  7. I thought there was an ordinance passed many years ago (because i went to a council meeting and requested that something needs done) that someone that starts working on a property and is the owner can't just keep saying it's an ongoing project. Why wait a year? Anyone now can just buy a property at a really low price and let it sit for a few years and do nothing? And then wait for the city to buy it?
  8. Kinda like when shoe stores are looted work boots are usually the only items that aren't taken.
  9. No. He's a gambler. When i saw him he was in a card game with several other people.
  10. I talked with the guy that won this on Saturday afternoon. Asked if he has to go the Harrisburg to collect but he said he can redeem it at the lottery office in Clearfield.
  11. He's a punk. Please have him go somewhere else. And not just because of today's game.
  12. Heard the DuBois fire whistles go off twice at around 3:30 this morning and just saw on the news that the church is on fire. Wondering if DuBois was called for mutual aid.
  13. Or as an old joke goes. I just noticed my neighbor got busted for growing pot. I guess i didn't know where my property line was at after all.
  14. I think this post has had more discussions on GoDubois than it would of had on the facepeople site.
  15. The problem is the jails have no room. They need to start using the portable storage containers.
  16. He wasn't listed in the original indictment however. So they're still probably looking for more people.
  17. Really, the customer is paying you to solve issues. In most cases, the customer is complaining because you did not deliver the required services. Not really sure if i agree with this statement. A lot of times the person taking care of you may not be able to gp " further up the chain".
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