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    BillyC reacted to Keyser Soze in Sandy no on consolidation   
    The electorate can  vote in all new council members.
  2. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to Keyser Soze in Sandy no on consolidation   
    I would hope there would be some new candidates for office.
  3. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to Gator11 in Ridgway Man Set Grandma's Hair On Fire, Threatened To Kill Her   
    You are right. The older lady with the walking stick got her bail raised to $20,000 his should have been 100k at least 
  4. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to fedup in DuBois Man Who Struck Police Car Gets State Prison Time   
    He should never get out of jail.
  5. LIKE
    BillyC reacted to buschpounder in After a fire   
    Possibly carpet spa from Dubois
  6. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to Gold Brick in Murrays Ford   
    A lot of people buy things somewhere else then cry foul when a local business doesn't jump all over repairing their purchase. I'm not just talking about cars. People buy cheaper appliances from big box stores and don't understand why some of the local stores don't run right out and fix their stuff. The locals have their loyal customers to attend to first!
  7. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to mollycan in Frank's Pizza In DuBois Closed Until Further Notice   
    I beleive she does "work her butt off"!
  8. LIKE
    BillyC reacted to NoRights in Frank's Pizza In DuBois Closed Until Further Notice   
    For some reason I don't believe this. 
    BillyC reacted to Cacao in Frank's Pizza In DuBois Closed Until Further Notice   
    I've said this before...Frank's Pizza is terrible pizza.  No loss here.  But, if you're a fan, Capt'n Blues in Reynoldsville is the EXACT same thing.  The guy used to own Frank's and uses the original recipe.  Can go get your fix there.
  10. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to Tiramisu in Frank's Pizza In DuBois Closed Until Further Notice   
    She has a booming business. No cash flow problem. She has a nobody-wants-to-work problem.
    BillyC reacted to NoRights in burger king   
    My daughter works there and the fryer broke and have to wait for it to be fixed. Can't do anything about it besides close till its fixed.
  12. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to Lyndsey33 in burger king   
    Thanks for the honest answer rather than 100 comments that could come about how the business can just do as they please and close cause they feel like it....eapecially when they don't do that.
  13. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to WMJ77 in Frank's Pizza In DuBois Closed Until Further Notice   
    this really SUCKS!!!!
  14. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to dubois_15801 in Partial Building Collapse - DuBois   
    Yeah, it probably wont be cheap.   Well, any construction these days isn't cheap - then factor in specialized construction like masons/brick-layers.   New brick-built structures are kinda rare these days versus stick-built.   They may be paying to bring some old-timers back from retirement.  lol

    On the positive side, at least a somewhat historical building will be saved.   Just looking at the internal wood construction you can tell that building is old.   That diagonal interior board went out of fashion in early 1900's, maybe back into late 1800's, because of the extra time it took to cut the angles.   They switched to horizontal interior board to save time and money.
  15. HAHA
    BillyC reacted to Titan in Anyone hear of any local covid 19 breakthrough cases?   
    Can't be Covid if you got your government serum injections!
    You're protected.  Joe said so.
    BillyC reacted to fedup in DuBois Man Gets Up To 5 Years In State Prison For Possessing Large Amount Of Heroin   
    5 years for destroying young lives is not enough.
    This is the root of the drug problem.
    If your drugs end up in the body of a 21 year old, or younger,  you go to jail for life.
  17. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to NoRights in Partial Building Collapse - DuBois   
    Or it could be that the buildings around here are old and need more than maintenance.  With the Eastside bar and then the old new life store I'd say a good inspection needs to be done to all the buildings before something horrific happens.
    BillyC reacted to S_A_Hoov in Amber Alert Issued For 2-Year-Old Boy And Mother By New Jersey And PA. State Police   
    A lot of good the restraining order did.
    Fry the SOB.
    BillyC reacted to old3dogg in Think Maybe This Is why Your Favorite Restaurants Don’t Have Full Staff?   
    I've been leaving 10 dollar tips when I go out to eat. Just a small way of showing my appreciation for those still willing to do it.  
  20. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to Gator11 in Meth house at TL   
    or any other address in TL. Personally I would never buy property in an HOA style area and especially TL. You would be surprised who your neighbors are.
    BillyC reacted to Petee in Clearfield County Domestic Relations Office Issues Warrant List   
    I agree completely, even if it's cleaning up the roadways or mowing lawns for people who can't do it for themselves.  I'm sure the city has holes that need dug, ditches cleaned and bathrooms scrubbed.  Graffiti can be removed, fallen walls set right, sidewalk sections repaired.  Public service groups could use a hand.
    Either they work or get put to work!
    BillyC reacted to fedup in Meth house at TL   
    Anyone who believes that meth ain't being produced in TL or any other part of the Dubois area are foolish.
  23. LIKE
    BillyC reacted to katie77 in DuBois Little League Coach Suspended After Telling Kids To Turn Backs To Other Team   
    There was no lack of support in our home. I went to every game, and as many practices as I could. I loved watching my kids play every sport despite the political aspect of it because they enjoyed it. I would never express my adult opinion and or concerns to my children as that is not their burden. Now that they are older we have conversations about it when we discuss sports. The thing is, kids are not stupid....they see the same things we see, they just process it differently. 3 out of the 4 of my boys just played baseball to pass time, they weren't very good at it....there hearts belonged to other sports (football and basketball) However my oldest son (who is now almost 30) bled baseball. He was a catcher, and he was an amazing player. But it just so happened he always had a coach with a kid on his team. The last straw for him was the year he was 15 I think. All-stars came and he was not chosen to play however the kid that was chosen for the catcher had never even played the position in an actual game....however he was the relative of a coach. Those All-stars did not go very far that year so that coach picked up a travel team and asked my son immediately to take the catcher position. He declined and began processing things a little differently. I wonder how much talent we lost around here simply because they were never given a chance..........
  24. AGREE
    BillyC reacted to Pompeii in July 4, 2021   
    Heading to camp without fireworks ...
    Everyone have a happy 4th!!
    BillyC reacted to Keyser Soze in Sandy no on consolidation   
    “Personally, I think consolidation is the best thing for the community, but I can’t say that I see that it’s overwhelming that the public’s behind it,” said  Supervisor Salandra. “The reason we decided to do the survey is because it’s going to be a huge time commitment for the two managers and one local representative on each side, plus extra time from the board, plus whoever we put on the committee, it’s going to be a huge time commitment. And I think, (manager) Shawn (Arbaugh), you said we’re going to have to hire a consultant for the Home Rule Charter because we don’t have anybody locally with the expertise to do a Home Rule Charter. It’s going to be a considerable time commitment and a considerable monetary commitment to move forward. As much as I think it’s the right thing, consolidation, I think I agree with Jim that I can’t really justify spending the money.”
    The cost would be close to zero if it was put on ballot with the city form of government that DuBois is using now and not Home Rule Charter
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