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  1. Time Left: 1 month and 8 days

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    : I have 4 party lights and 2 laser lights and a fog machine with smoke refills for sale as a lot meaning you buy it all for one price. I am not selling individual items. The price is $100 firm. Includes 3 mirrored party lights with remotes that project different patters on your walls and they can go with the beat of the music. I have 1 Black light with remote that works like the first ones listed. Next is 2 party laser lights with remotes. They can be set to work with the beat of the music. They have USB plugs to plug into a computer or a charger. Lastly is a FOG MACHINE a CHAUVET DJ 700. It puts out a ton of smoke that is non toxic and it comes with a refill bottle of fluid. $100 firm Sold as a lot as stated above. DuBois. No deliveries.


  2. Time Left: 1 month and 8 days

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    The Big Easy® Oil-less Turkey Fryer is powered by TRU Infrared™ cooking technology, delivering juicy results inside and a crispy outside every time. Discover even easier oil-less frying with the included Big Easy Better Basket.Does a great job with no oil. You can cook other things in it too. $50 DuBois.


  3. I think in a 2 door the look is spot on.
  4. Looks great. No easy feat cooking over charcoal.
  5. My wife and I get lots of spam calls. PANASONIC makes a CALL BLOCKER KX-TGA710. It comes preloaded with 14,000 blocked numbers and you add them by pushing the red button on the front. Christmas is coming. Might be a good gift.
  6. Those look awesome. What temperature and how long did you smoke them?
  7. They make a RUSTOLEUM RUST REFORMER that is basically a primer that converts rust into a paintable surface. Works great on surface type rust and not so much on crusty hardcore rust. There is also a produce called RUST REFORMER that works great but I don't see it in stores locally. The Rustoleum is available at the BIG BOX STORE locally for around $8.
  8. This is a great post. I was wondering if I bought a frozen pizza crust would you grill it on both sides or just the bottom and the top would cook after the toppings were put on? Also I see GREEN GIANT makes a cauliflower pizza crust sold locally at a BIG BOX store. Was wondering if anyone ever tried it and how it was? Thanks. All.
  9. Burning is not an option in my situation. I am near the woods and things would go badly.
  10. Thanks for the help.I wanted to see if this would work.All I want to do is kill it in my gravel driveway. If I wet down the plants and threw a black powder on the plants. Something non toxic like charcoal dust or coal dust with my theory that the absorbed heat from the sun woudf fry the plant enough that I could mow it.
  11. I tried using sidewalk salt but it did not do anything. My weedwacker will not touch them.They easily grow over 6 feet tall and develop fibered stocks similar to wood as they mature.
  12. Hi all. Can someone please tell me what kind of weed these are? I am looking for a way to kill them to the ground just in my gravel driveway. They have invasive roots that grow in all directions generating more plants. They grow anywhere from 2 inches up to about 10 per day.They have hollow stocks and a mower won't cut them. I actually use a machete to cut them down. I am getting too old for that.Any help would be appreciated.
  13. The oil thing really works. I use 3 quarts new oil to 1 STP and spray with a compressor.Not really messy as you would think.
  14. Spectracide Home Defense in the gallon pump container sold at a local big box store. Use it on the outside foundation and inside the basement and your ants should be gone without harming the outdoors. Good Luck.
  15. I contacted the Courier to see if they could reprint the original article on Buzz. I hope they will do so to keep this piece of local lore alive.Time will tell.
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