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  1. I think that's right WMJ77. Doesn't the city or county take once a year? I forget the name but there used to be a site, you would do your area, that you list anything free and first to answer you gets it. Don't get out anymore so forgot that site.
  2. Haven't I seen some charity in Punxsy that was going to do some furniture? Think it's in an old factory down there.
  3. Just saw on Tempest Biden biggest idiot democrat ever nominated.
  4. Jaman time will tell. Along with anything else there is a Statute of Limitations for him to do anything, probably 2 years. Petee, saw someone on Facebook putting dirt and seeds in ice cream cones to start. Plant that way and is biodegradable. Both of you have a wonderful Easter.
  5. They are terrified of someone making them pay for their crimes. Also, they don't care about us, except for incoming tax money.
  6. Will still work for those, plus you have my prayers. Say this is for abundance or for "my daughter ". Takes a lot of it but it works and relaxes you faster. My situation is very complicated and those work.
  7. Along with prayers, an alternative medical thing to calm down is deep breathing in nose out mouth slowly. Also tap on collarbone "It's ok." "I am safe." "It will be allright." Only positive things. They help me. Good luck!
  8. Saw on Twitter Wolf is going to meet with all the New England governors, I believe next week. Don't quote me on the timing. Also saw Pelosi is having a big dinner for the newbies while she tells us to forget Thanksgiving!
  9. No, have to tie me down kicking. Last time I had the flu was about 17 years ago, the last time I got a flu shot. Been around it many times and didn't get it. My body not the same as everyone else's, so many might need it.
  10. The kind those against America want. Drain the swamp!
  11. Mim307 Claps for someone trying!!! Too many cowards out there. Too many purposely trying to hold us down. Glad he isnt one of them.
  12. Is everyone a coward jumping the gun to close off all fun, months ahead, with no belief we will prevail? Or are there threats behind this forcing lockdowns longer than necessary or permanently to change our joy's and way of life? Six weeks ahead makes me suspicious.
  13. Are you able to buy anything you want? Somewhere some Walmarts only allowed essentials.
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