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  1. Anyone against guns and the constitution should be kicked out of the country, no matter who they think they are!
  2. I hope all that works out for you. Hopefully it is a beautiful day. Put this out there as a good news, smile thread, since we have had such a downer time. You deserve some fun too!
  3. Everyone have a wonderful, fun, safe 4th. Let's come together to celebrate the best country on the planet!
  4. Keyser Soze. I can't physically be there. Working on getting in buildings but can't yet. Will do phone and email. Good luck, go get em!
  5. I twice had to wait two hours to get my ride, obviously not an emergency. One of the times I was in great pain waiting. It would suck to have to wait four hours. They do a wonderful job now. Keep only one and the stress will make some quit or go elsewhere. Where do these jerks get off putting our families in danger or pain. Everything that goes around comes around and someday they will be the ones waiting but won't be smart enough to remember they caused it!
  6. I don't get out much. Where is it? Thanks.
  7. The Texas governor keeps bussing them to Washington DC. They are the reason those illegals are here.
  8. I was once asked at an interview if I planned to have children. That was in 77 in Dubois by a company that recycles donations.
  9. Only in Hollyeood would 3 of the original Star Trek stars start out in westerns and end up in outer space. Capt Kirk, Spock and Doc.
  10. Few places will play the Lone Ranger because of contract rights.
  11. 1095 fe or something, even has The Lone Ranger
  12. United Way has 211 to help you find local resources 888-258-5305 for inexpensive hearing aides 800-677-1116 for resources to help your needs 800-971-0016 to help deal with lonliness including crisis or if you are lonely or depressed check it out 866-530-9949 for assistance with debt I am getting this info from low income relief on youtube, check it out!
  13. According to someone I listen to, Bidens Secretary of Agriculture was arrested a couple of days ago for being behind these fires. Now the new one, Perdue, was after he was arrested, but perhaps he and his henchmen already had it in the works.
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