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  1. They used to have a Sunday buffet we went to several times. Knew one of the chefs.
  2. I miss the Happy Birthday wishes to myself and giving them to others. Someone on here shares my birthday, January 20th, but I can't remember who. Hope you and I have a wonderful birthday!
  3. So sad. Prayers for their families.
  4. Now Bon, that would make sense. When do these people ever make sense? I have seen roads paved to be dug up 2 days later for utilities!
  5. Big T where are the local cameras on 511? I only found far away. Thanks.
  6. I can't get the cameras to work on my computer. Is there a problem? People will be dependent on them if there is the storm they are warning us about.
  7. Saw pictures that Washington DC Walmart and Dollar General were the same.
  8. If my info is correct it's volcano erupted worse than any volcano on record. I am going to sleep instead of research, but I thought you might like a different kind of topic to discuss.
  9. They never have had all the flavors of drinks since the early 90s. On weekends always empty shelves. Doesn't work to complain. Punxsy, St. Mary's, Clearfield got our business on thise drinks. Certain flavors of their flavored water especially but also diet Snapple, and diet root beer.
  10. Cacao, maybe explains why so many of the bottles I do get need a muscle builder to open it.
  11. Chocolate, cheese and v8. Can you believe late I have had trouble getting v8?
  12. Has anyone here heard of it or read that they will not pay for people taking experimental drugs. They consider it suicide. Doesn't sound legal to me and they would have many lawsuits. If true, another thing to think about before you roll up your sleeve.
  13. I also hope that 2022 is the best year ever for everyone, especially godubois participants!
  14. The masks make getting enough oxygen impossible. I bet if you checked their oxygen levels, they would be sent to the dr. Not getting enough oxygen and working is hard, as I remember. When we are finally released from this garbage, almost everyone will be compromised by it. Don't argue with me! Only look at the ones telling us to wear them. Those people are always caught not wearing them. If they were necessary those people would wear them the most!
  15. Jeff, your democratic kitties will receive a treat, probably today. Santa didnt forget them. Just the reindeer were too tired.
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