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  1. I remember Trump being behind Fauci and having an unusual expression like he was seeing something and letting the rat roast himself.
  2. The dogs will smell fear and know which ones. There are people taught body language enough to pick out the thieves. Thought the store had enough security cameras at least to get the bigger items like tvs that aren't paid for.
  3. How many of you watch the Simon's cat cartoons on YouTube? They are hilarious! I am bored online. Anyone have any other sites on YouTube or elsewhere I should checkout? So much bad news is on here, even though we do have to keep informed, I would like to lighten it up a little.
  4. Ask YouTube for animal cams and you will find several that show birds, deer, turkeys, etc getting fed everyday. The camera is on 24 hours a day and animals come in and out.
  5. leahbarn


    So cute. Wish I were physically able to care for pets. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Had a Democrat father and Republican mom. Because of the dickering, I have been independant all my life. Can't stand either party. Neither gives us anyone I can stand.
  7. I have heard horror stories of neighbors from friends and family. I go out of my way to be nice to the neighbors we know. I figure equates to good karma, showing seed, whatever type you believe in.
  8. You know Jeff at Bmp 8143713881. Hubby works there and knows how to solder. Actually I do too, but would not risk it on someone else's stuff. Used to do it at a factory in 99. Brad on vacation but will be back Tuesday.
  9. We had over a month of phone, internet and cable going out or freezing over and over. New modem, new box and it still doesn't always work right because we are at the end of the line. Glad you got yours going! Merry Christmas and happy new year!
  10. Was a trailer with one entrapment, not sure on details, but close enough to the road to be concerned. My niece works at Biggie's, right next to it. Seemed to be 3 fires in Clearfield and Jefferson Counties overnight, and so near Christmas. Saw on Facebook Jefferson County Fire I think.
  11. BUMP! In case anyone plans to go by either direction so they know they need to be careful of people looking too hard at spot not the road. Also, if there are spots that are still icy after any water from the hoses. Be safe everyone! Prayers to the people involved and thanks to our first responders!
  12. I agree Happy Thanksgiving to all. May everyday be like a wonderful Thanksgiving. If this wasn't one, starting tomorrow I hope your life improves to be like a great Thanksgiving!
  13. Gator11, I like to tell them I know a voodoo princess who uses a computer to stick them with thousands of pins. I also use something that they believe that their next life will be dropped down to be an untouchable again. That is the bottom rung of their ladder.
  14. Darn 371, computer acting up 8143713881
  15. If you are in Dubois, Bmp Systems takes them. Maple Avenue, end towards mall. Jeff, 8143613381
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