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  1. A place several towns over have given us the wrong takeout food 5 out of 6 times since the pandemic. Hope that's ok to complain about. They were perfect before. I love cheese hoagies hate cheesesteak hoagies and they cost more. They keep giving me cheesesteak. If I didn't love the buns would go elsewhere. Only go there when the pizza place in Brookville is closed, on Sundays. They are always wonderful. Don't know if I am allowed to give their name.
  2. Nurses aide View Advert Three hours a day (can maybe fit your schedule) Monday thru Friday, 15 hours. 11.73 an hour. Normal duties. West Liberty area. Advertiser leahbarn Date 07/09/2021 Price Category Employment: Help Wanted First Name Leah Barnett Phone Number
  3. Time Left: 1 month and 6 days

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    Three hours a day (can maybe fit your schedule) Monday thru Friday, 15 hours. 11.73 an hour. Normal duties. West Liberty area.


  4. Happy birthday Steve!
  5. Those guys have always been good to me. Ambulances are costly and ambulance companies don't get as much as they deserve sometimes. There is a lot of that drug to keep drug addicts alive and I am not sure they get reimbursed among other calls. Feel bad for the undeserved effect it will have on the company, even if there is insurance. Just for an idiot!!!
  6. Camping at Cook Forest and Clear Creek, used both of those many times. Snowflakes never dreamed of such things.
  7. I am sure you are right. Good luck for you or whomever!
  8. Go ahead and laugh WMJ77 this stuff gas no calories, but I am glad to give you a moment of glee!
  9. Saw somewhere on Amazon there is a new sweetener made out of sugar. Had packets. Pure something I think. Had just gotten nutrisweet packets so wasn't interested. Do not eat much sugar and see if there is a way to counteract it. Your luck it would be pepper.
  10. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline body. You can get strips or tapes of litmus paper I think it is to test yourself. Relaxation, deep breathing, singing or laughing happy less red meat etc is how.
  11. P,S. You can drop off in front of building even if noone is there.
  12. Near Dubois? BMP Systems takes them. My hubby works there. 8143713881. Someone answers 830 to 5 weekdays. Go back way by mall. Maple Ave a mess. There was someone in Brookville I think that also takes things. Anyone know who, jump in!
  13. My family lives on that road. The other Dollar Store wanted their own building. The entrance will be on the Big Run Presscottville Road.
  14. Video of the day and the Awakening are what I look for the most, then Mr. D. Really missed you yesterday.
  15. I think that's right WMJ77. Doesn't the city or county take once a year? I forget the name but there used to be a site, you would do your area, that you list anything free and first to answer you gets it. Don't get out anymore so forgot that site.
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