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  1. The Texas governor keeps bussing them to Washington DC. They are the reason those illegals are here.
  2. I was once asked at an interview if I planned to have children. That was in 77 in Dubois by a company that recycles donations.
  3. Only in Hollyeood would 3 of the original Star Trek stars start out in westerns and end up in outer space. Capt Kirk, Spock and Doc.
  4. Few places will play the Lone Ranger because of contract rights.
  5. 1095 fe or something, even has The Lone Ranger
  6. United Way has 211 to help you find local resources 888-258-5305 for inexpensive hearing aides 800-677-1116 for resources to help your needs 800-971-0016 to help deal with lonliness including crisis or if you are lonely or depressed check it out 866-530-9949 for assistance with debt I am getting this info from low income relief on youtube, check it out!
  7. According to someone I listen to, Bidens Secretary of Agriculture was arrested a couple of days ago for being behind these fires. Now the new one, Perdue, was after he was arrested, but perhaps he and his henchmen already had it in the works.
  8. Ok, people in area said its across from the storage shed at a house. They tried serving a warrant and there is now a hostage situation. Take alternative routes everyone and stay safe!
  9. Explore Jefferson on Facebook asks people not call PSP asking what is going on. Their page gave alternative routes each direction. No news on what is happening. Sorry my old tablet won't let me put a copy here, but everyone is capable of going to their Facebook page.
  10. Watch the big A. Seeing more and more that they have bunches of things at whatever the price, then you find one item at an outlandish price. I fell for it once. Paid 12.00 for one box of rare, at that time, Oreos. Have been careful since.
  11. Bon, is there a reason like bad roads?
  12. Look at a calendar. First Sunday of the month. I believe, if not mistaken, April 30th and Mayday the 1st.
  14. I had someone yelling at me for calling them all the time. Told them their number was calling me all the time and must be the bad people picking on both of us.
  15. I know some won't like this, but if the person is Hindu, they don't like being reminded that scams will make them fall back to an untouchable life next time. That scares the heck out of them. Might even make some stop.
  16. If they are still there, seems to be someone used to on right going from Brookville to Punxsutawney. Also, maybe the amish. The place by the hardware store gave us a number for one when our roof leaked.
  17. Blueskylady, most of the parents don't know either. They don't teach driving anymore as far as I can tell. Lots of folks need it.
  18. Petee, even give college credit. Teach things in high school like keeping a checking account, even if you dont use checks. So much we knew before we graduated that these children never learn. I had a helper that never heard of potato salad and lived on bologna sandwiches and mountain dew. No teaching of nutrition or making change or anything. I add in my head and am pretty close.
  19. Right this minute, neither side is winning. Time to get together and make a middle world for everyone instead of horrible for everyone.
  20. My hubby likes the one in the plaza in Saint Mary's. There also used to be a small one by the Saint Mary's post office.
  21. What restaurant? Not that I have gotten anywhere lately.
  22. Thanks Steve. I pay both youtube and spotify. Found 40 things but not download.
  23. Thanks! I want to know how to keep them too. Also Spotify. Saw a video but my tablet not made the same way as the video.
  24. The law says you cannot harm a human police officer. That might not include a clone, not sure. You might be able to confuse a clone and make him walk around in circles. Maybe so many questions to it, would not really be him or her. Maybe try look here look here all directions till their tiny not trained minds can't think.
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