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  1. Everything he's touched has gotten worse. We won't have enough energy to get through the summer let alone power these electric cars he's trying to flood us with. Every problem they've created they think throwing money at it will automatically fix it. I hope the blind followers are feeling the pain the rest of us are? Maybe they'll wake up before it's too late.
  2. Trinity has been silent! Hard to believe with all of Biden's accomplishments you'd think they'd be screaming from the roof tops! 🤔
  3. Problem is too many that don't need this are using it. This ruins it for people who really need it. It's just like the other programs for people who need them.....too many who don't need have found a way around the system to take advantage and ruin it for those who really do!
  4. This has been going on for years! It was started by someone in a higher position, he is no longer with us and maybe this man was following past practice to carry on tradition of a former priest.
  5. Got to love those Dem's. They've been digging they're own grave since elected, are you blind supporters seeing this! You plant corn you get CORN!
  6. Maybe he was just the scapegoat for the things going on up there. When things like this happen there always has to someone to pin it on so the rest get out of it free and clear.
  7. Yes, they feel it's ok to kill the innocent but have a different opinion on killing the guilty.....and we should vote for them?
  8. I hope the blind followers see the light before it's too late!
  9. All well and good, but currently the Dem's are running the show. If we have police coverage they risk their lives catching them, then they get released to do it again! All this going on while they want your guns so you can't defend yourself. Let's keep voting for government had outs! They're getting richer while they screw us and liberal America can't see it.
  10. Thank you Mr. D, your the man!
  11. Anyone know of any Mother's Day Chicken BBQs happening around the DuBois area. Haven't seen or heard of any advertised yet and it's getting close.
  12. Are you bitching about City of DuBois roads or Penn Dots roads? Yeah sounds stupid they are in the city but supposedly maintained by PADOT.
  13. It's great seeing all the kids on the fields and not glued to their phone. Some won't be happy no matter what. Businesses do well, people come to the area and get to see other attractions this area has to offer. The Challenger Field is also a very nice addition. Haters gonna hate, without forward thinking we would have nothing. Can we do even better, yes, things take time and we are moving in the right direction.
  14. By the look of the camera at exit 101 I would say yes. You can get in and out of the lake just can't go any further toward Penfield on 255. There is a detour in place to go around and get back on 255 above what is closed to traffic.
  15. Roads shut down, cars and tractor trailers stuck or wrecked all sides around the area. It's crazy on the scanner!
  16. Roads are terrible, scanner is crazy, Luthersburg, down by Vo-Tech, I-80, Route 28, Maple Ave, they are all over and sounds like everyone available is out trying to help.
  17. Not yet, what is the message?
  18. It was on Facebook last night, nothing said that wasn't posted on here later. As stated on Facebook I would like to know where my extra money I'm being charged for garbage is going! $52/quarter before city took over......now $25/month? Big difference for me getting penalized for all of the cities slum-lords. Wasn't that the excuse for the city billing us?
  19. Let's hope the blind supporters of the tax and spend liberals are finally getting the message......they aren't helping you, us, the country or anyone but the illegals. We need them out while we still are able to recover from this mess they've made! In record time!
  20. He probably has/had dirt on the Clinton's.
  21. He went there to talk, possibly took a gun because it was said they were searching for a chubby white man and this guy was 10+ years younger and probably in better shape. The victim escalated an already very tense situation, maybe just maybe his intention was to just go there and tell him to stay away from his wife. It sucks for everyone involved, family lost a loved one, this guy will go to jail for the rest of his life, and the cheating wife will have to find someone else to cheat on.
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