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  1. 1 minute ago, fedup said:

    It is a two party dictatorship. It has been for a very long time. 

    There is no legitimate reason in this world why Braindead is not being led out of the Whitehouse in handcuffs.

    Yes and Fauci should be in jail too!

  2. I'm thinking she maybe a frequent flyer! There's one about that age who lives near me and they are there almost once a week. Sometimes 2 days in a row. She's hauled in cause she wants to hurt herself then let go within an hour or two. It's  a total waste of reasorses and our tax dollars. If the hospital can't give her a nice padded room to stay in, then she's in good hands where she's currently at.

  3. Well, Brandon and his boy are already in bed with them.. ...so I guess we'll see what happens next! I just hope the 81 million are watching!

  4. I like how The Biden Administration has done more to help kill Americans off who get this virus. The hoarding of drugs that work, shove everyone together (nursing home deaths) flooding the country with new (untested) illegal voters.....yes wake up America they feel the illegals should have the right to vote for them! Are we actually seeing what's going on in front of our face or too glued to our phones to realize. They own stock in the pharmaceutical companies they have making the vaccine, and treatments, tests feeling free to spend our tax dollars getting richer! While we struggle to get by, they raise minimum wage, patting themselves on the back for the great service they've done for the working poor.......then inflation kills everyone but them! The working poor and middle class have lost more than they've gained will all the help they've given us.

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