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  1. It's about time they realize America is tired of paying their free ride.....time to get back to work! I wasn't one of the ones fortunate enough to get paid to stay home.....I lived......party's over....get back to work!
  2. This is why we have The Darwin Awards! It helps us weed out some of the stupid!
  3. The ME generation gets offended so easily.....guess now he'll be offended in jail. Hope it was worth spending the next 10 plus behind bars.
  4. Yeah and isn't the extra they get not taxable?
  5. I do too. Time to quit feeding the bears so they get back to work! Vacation is over!
  6. Not sure of name, but heard they were the ones who run Applewood BBQ in Penfield.
  7. Point I'm trying to make I guess is that there is a difference between labor and skilled labor. Will this increase in minimum wage affect the skilled labor force as well? This is a serious question for the feel good everyone is equal generation. Some actually worked their A$$ off for their money.....we all can't be politicians and sell our souls to get rich. If we just hand money out will there be anyone left who wants to work? Seems like we want to hand it to everyone but the ones who earn it.
  8. Like before I have asked what will happen to the wages of skilled, semi-skilled labor under this increase? No one wants to address this. If I currently make (whatever amount above minimum) will I see an increase in my wages or will my wages stay the same? A paramedic makes less than or equal to $15/hr. so what about them? Do their wages increase equally?
  9. Everyone is entitled to better themselves! Minimum wage is to find out if you're willing to work, show up on time, do what's expected.....not a career job. You start here to show you're employable. Crawl before you walk!
  10. The Biden's The gift that keeps on givin'. OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY!!! That is! What a waste. These clowns have gotten rich way beyond their means on America's stupidity! It's time for the woke culture to actually wake up! PS No more questions, I might get in Trouble! Wow! He's the leader we picked? 🤔
  11. Sounds like common sense! Maybe some of the me first....can get their faces out of their phones and drive now! Or pay the price!
  12. I guess this is as good a place as any to ask, if we think de- funding police because some are not happy with the job they are doing. Can we also de-fund our pollys because we aren't happy with their performance or lack of too. I hope some of the people who actually thought the empty suit was going to help us are having buyers remorse right now. What a total waste of our tax dollars!
  13. He could have helped this country if we'd only given him the chance.
  14. I'd like to see how much stock these gun hating dems actually own in the gun companies they complain so much ABOUT! They are making them a fortune right now.
  15. It's the democratic way! Let's just dumb it down so everyone has an equal chance. To he!! to anyone who wants to better themselves. We all can't get rich off of what's left of the working class.
  16. Sad but that's the only good thing you can say about him! Dem's are on the fast track to destroy what little freedom that is left of what this country was built on!
  17. They were caught and released! The government doesn't want to correct them either! When one of them gets shot committing their next crime everyone will be able to riot again. Or maybe they will kill an innocent person/people and we'll hear nothing on how our system failed them.
  18. Yeah, they have a special place in their hearts for molesters in prison.
  19. Wow! They'll let any @$$hole with an opinion destroy what little freedom anyone has left! Forgive us Lord we know not what we do. I hope they take her right to own firearms sounds like she's on the edge!
  20. Maybe think of our Veterans and homeless first. This is a lot of B.S. just to buy votes.....and America just stands by and watches this $HIT happen. Convicts and illegals shouldn't be allowed to vote. Simply amazing!
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