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  2. Who do you know who will sacrifice for this country? I know of several groups! Our Armed Forces! Another group has made us proud! Our Veterans! Lets not forget their sacrifice of the past, present and future. They fought for all our people, Republicans, Democrats and Independents! Demonizing each other is going to destroy what our hero's fought for! If you live for elimination any group of Americans, you are a DOMESTIC ENEMY of our country.
  3. We need a President that will bring us together. Not someone that is extreme to the left or right. Violence, hate and demonization from the left or right is tearing our country apart! Our founding fathers set our Constitution up so that we have a BALLANCE of power. No man is more important than the welfare of our country. No man is above the law. No man is the king of our country. We rejected that in 1776. Neither party is perfect. That's why we have elections. Both parties need to work together and solve everyday issues for all of us. We need to get rid of all politicians that only want to fight and obstruct bipartisan cooperation. Too many issues need to be fixed!
  4. Some people believe that masks don't protect or help. Notice to them; If you go in the Hospital for surgery, don't forget to tell the nurses and surgeons not to wear a mask! After all, you believe they don't protect! How about washing hands? Operate with dirty hands?
  5. IF you go looking for trouble, you most likely will find it! Does anyone think he went to help or give medical aid with a rifle? Did the people that went after him think he was an active shooter? Who knows? He defended himself with deadly force. Everyone has the 2nd Amendment right to defend themselves. but do we all have the right, training or authority to run around in public and be enforcers of what we think is right?(is there a law against being a vigilante?) If someone breaks into your home or threatens you on your property, that 2nd Amendment right is clear. During a protest, riot or disturbance people are running around, upset and stressed! What could go wrong with a bunch of underage kids running around with semiautomatic weapons? Even firing a gun in most cities is against the law. Yes, he defended himself. No, he did not help anyone by being there.
  6. God bless our Veterans, health care workers, first responders and essential workers. They are my heroes! Don't forget the reason they wear masks is to protect us! If you care about others its a good idea.
  7. This forum is a great place to discuss our feelings and give or opinions. Wearing a mask and social distancing is not something I am telling anyone to do. Its the CDC, the Doctors and Infectious disease experts. This recommendation is from Doctors. Not me , or just the "government". I know this is confusing to some people.
  8. Pray for those in the Hospital and thank our healthcare workers.
  9. The key word is CONFIRMED! Has everyone been tested? Covid is present in many people that are non systematic. Wearing a mask or social distancing allows us to be free to go places, do things and not infect each other. Do you really think wearing a mask is the same as loss of freedom? How about wearing a seat belt? Putting your infant in a car seat? How about wearing cloths? Are you not free because you have to wear cloths? You must not be free because you have to follow laws, pay taxes, and can't do anything you want? We live in a civilized society and that requires that we live, work and follow laws together. Stone Cold Truth.
  10. Wear a Mask and Social distance or stay home! As of Today, reports are, one person in four in Clearfield County has the virus! Freedom is not free! Ask any Veteran. Our Veteran's have given life and limb for our country and when I see people that refuse to wear masks in public stores or refuse to social distance complaining its too hard or say its a FREE country, I wonder where we would be if our Veterans said its too hard to fight for our country or I only care about myself? We need to help each other. Why do the people that feel that the Virus is not real or not dangerous go to the Doctors or Hospital when they get sick or when they get Covis? They should just stay home and enjoy FREEDOM FROM MEDICAL HELP! Why is the spread happening? Answer: Like Larry The cable man said: You can't fix stupid!
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