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  1. My condolences to his family and friends.
  2. I drive a diesel and my brother just told me Sunday that he knows a guy that can delete it for me, as a joke. It may come to that if it becomes unavailable.
  3. I swear the DMV makes up holidays to close. They aren't even open on Monday, why must they close on Saturday?
  4. we've been to several places in a 25 mile radius of Dubois and a couple have a fee for picking through lumber. If that doesn't tell you something. I've wondered the same about saving it for contractors. We cut what we can to avoid the cost and hassle but we can't pressure treat, so we pay what they want and grumble.
  5. Dubois and I've been back, same situation, not nice lumber, same high price. We are cutting our own lumber but needed a large amount of treated 4 x 4's.
  6. I wish, we made a pretty large lumber purchase at lowes last week and it wasn't stacked to the ceiling, we dug through what was there to find the 'most decent' ones and they weren't that great and were still high priced.
  7. It could, we know Amish folk with facebook accounts
  8. I watched this out of curiosity and I just don't see how this is financial advice? He's making vague general common sense statements. Does he really make money off of these videos? This youtube video trend is like tik tok for adults, a time waster. I recommend everyone take their numbers to a local financial planner and see where they stand for retirement and get some advice on how to manage your personal funds/make large purchases.
  9. She posted threatening someone Sept. 2019 Seems possible. She literally threatened to turn their life to ashes. Ironic.
  10. Is this the Shanna Carlson (Star) from Clearfield on facebook? When I read the long, threatening rant she was making to someone, many possibilities come to mind. I don't envy the investigators having to sort through this stuff and talk to the drug crowds trying to find the truth.
  11. I read another article that stated they had pulled her over for DUI, got the call for the man walking on the road and left her to go to that scene. Heartbreaking and frustrating that they had to make the decision on which place to be and lost their lives because of it.
  12. The family was already broken due to her cheating. They were both playing stupid games and deserve stupid prizes. She was a cause in this sad situation. Her boyfriend is dead, her husband is going to jail. He deserves to be punished for going there with intent to harm the guy and killing him, yes. BUT She has to take some responsibility though for causing this whole ugly situation. Maybe someone reading this report will think twice about the havoc they can cause with an affair.
  13. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. If I remember correctly, another child received lifelong injuries in this case too. I'll have to look it up. We live in a rural community, we all know how visible a bus is. She was just in a hurry and that is NOT an excuse to kill.
  14. stupid is no excuse to kill 3 kids and give lifelong injuries to another. She should still be punished.
  15. This is so maddening. She went flying past a bus with lights flashing and the arm out and hit these poor kids. I remember this story. The punishment does not fit the crime at all. That judge is incompetent.
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