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  1. It could, we know Amish folk with facebook accounts
  2. I watched this out of curiosity and I just don't see how this is financial advice? He's making vague general common sense statements. Does he really make money off of these videos? This youtube video trend is like tik tok for adults, a time waster. I recommend everyone take their numbers to a local financial planner and see where they stand for retirement and get some advice on how to manage your personal funds/make large purchases.
  3. She posted threatening someone Sept. 2019 Seems possible. She literally threatened to turn their life to ashes. Ironic.
  4. Is this the Shanna Carlson (Star) from Clearfield on facebook? When I read the long, threatening rant she was making to someone, many possibilities come to mind. I don't envy the investigators having to sort through this stuff and talk to the drug crowds trying to find the truth.
  5. I read another article that stated they had pulled her over for DUI, got the call for the man walking on the road and left her to go to that scene. Heartbreaking and frustrating that they had to make the decision on which place to be and lost their lives because of it.
  6. The family was already broken due to her cheating. They were both playing stupid games and deserve stupid prizes. She was a cause in this sad situation. Her boyfriend is dead, her husband is going to jail. He deserves to be punished for going there with intent to harm the guy and killing him, yes. BUT She has to take some responsibility though for causing this whole ugly situation. Maybe someone reading this report will think twice about the havoc they can cause with an affair.
  7. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. If I remember correctly, another child received lifelong injuries in this case too. I'll have to look it up. We live in a rural community, we all know how visible a bus is. She was just in a hurry and that is NOT an excuse to kill.
  8. stupid is no excuse to kill 3 kids and give lifelong injuries to another. She should still be punished.
  9. This is so maddening. She went flying past a bus with lights flashing and the arm out and hit these poor kids. I remember this story. The punishment does not fit the crime at all. That judge is incompetent.
  10. We can agree on one thing, you live in a whole different world. What I see going on around me, is a whole lot of people getting covid, treating it like the flu and returning to normal life, just like with the flu. As with the flu, some compromised people will die. Again, I choose to believe what I see, not what I read. You can accuse people who disagree with you of "spinning things" all you want, it doesn't make the facts they present to be untrue. Stop with the fear mongering and leave people alone.
  11. I'm not interested in their stats. They twist them to make it meet their agenda. Just like a used car dealer makes you think you got a lot for your 1999 Honda. I call bull on only a handful of deaths from the vax because I know of a dozen. And yes, the blood clot issue is widely reported. As is the use of covid as cause of death when it is not. I'm not going into that again but saw it with a friends family that valued the money over changing it. Stop trying to downplay the vaccine complications to fit your agenda. You like to say that "95% of covid stays are anti vaxers" I literally know hundreds of people that didn't get the covid vaccine, had covid and did not end up in the hospital. Why aren't those numbers being reported daily? The worst ones, usually with preexisting conditions end up in the hospital, just like the good old flu. I know of a few vaccinated people that ended up in the hospital. I know of one who is there right now. Vaccinated, Covid positive, admitted, rest of vaccinated family is sick and being tested. Don't act like this "vaccine" is some miracle. IT IS NOT!!! I also call bull that you don't know of anyone vaccinated against covid that died of covid. It happens everyday. I know of several. Heck, I saw an obituary shared on facebook where a local man's family put in his obituary that he had been vaccinated but STILL died of covid. They should not feel the need to defend his choices or his death. Since we know that even those vaccinated for covid can get it and spread it, it is really no ones business if someone gets the vaccine or not. I don't use youtube and am not getting into some name calling battle. My point is we all see real stats everyday in our lives. People we know and trust. We need to stop being fed information from people trying to meet an agenda and use real life that we witness as our guide. Open your eyes and look around you. Stop blocking out what you don't want to see in favor of things you just read and don't see. At the end of the day, we have to weigh it all and make our own decisions and stay out of everyone else's private medical business.
  12. I don't understand why the women aren't charged with any crimes. There is no way they weren't involved.
  13. I'm sorry to hear this. Condolences to their family and friends.
  14. Why are you calling it a no vax stance? It is a choice many are making due to possible side effects or death. They want to be there for their kid/kids. We don't know their medical history or reasons. The other kids aren't in their room. The vaccine is the least of worries for most families there. It is very stressful to be in a strange town, staying with a sick child, missing work. RMH just added to that for MANY families, not just this one. Seem to forget that vaccine or no vaccine you can get and spread covid. We can argue this all day but the fact that the vaccine does NOT stop you from getting or spreading Covid remains the same!
  15. We have a landline we never answer and check the messages about once a month. I don't know why we have it honestly. We use our cell phones but I have no voicemail on my cell so they better text if I don't answer.
  16. Know who doesn't win? The family with a 4 year old with Leukemia. A comfy hotel means nothing to them. The convenience of the RMH meant a lot to them. The travel and parking takes a toll. The hospital environment was comforting. To say people aren't donating to help them, but in spite, is a stretch. They donate because they are so glad they aren't in the position of the family with an ill child, hoping for remission. They want to help. We should all count our blessings and give a hand to others. I'm all for private grocery stores or whatever doing curbside for non vaccinated people. You can't save lives curbside and the hospital needs to have some decency and compassion. I was at Children's last week, I didn't care who had their vaccine. We all masked, sanitized and social distanced.
  17. This is just another example of them trying to strong arm people into getting the vaccine by taking away vital activities. The fact that the hospital is turning away a sick child tells me that they are more interested in politics and money from government than they are in actually helping sick people. That is sad. I have stayed in a RMH and we had our own bedroom and bathroom and living room. They can easily mask to get to theirs and avoid the common kitchen. As stated above, the joke is that they can still get it and pass it with the vaccine so what good is the vaccine? none. Add to that the inflated covid death numbers because they offer $9 k to the family for funeral costs if the death is listed as covid. And yes, I know a local family that this happened to. They took the $$. I would not have. I read the posts about people that are so pro vaccine and in support of hospitals firing staff that won't get the vaccine and laugh because I know of 2 local hospitals that allow covid positive staff to work if they are vaccinated because they are so short staffed. So, the folks on their high horses about the dangers of us healthy, non vaccinated, non covid positive people are being cared for by vaccinated covid positive hospital staff. What a joke this whole situation is. Staying home when you are sick is still the best prevention of spread. When we had covid this fall, we stayed home past the required time. Vaccination should not be a license to run about spreading it.
  18. We spent 2 weeks in July 2020 in that area of Colorado. It is beautiful. I'd love to retire there. We did Engineer pass on July 4th and Lake City had the best little celebration going on with families on the lawn in the city park playing bingo. We had heard Silverton would put on a great celebration but it was cancelled due to covid. We would be in snow one day and then the next think we were in the desert. The terrain varied so greatly. It was all beautiful though. There are lots of well traveled roads but all you need is a simple app or map to go on the less traveled ones and explore. I think our permit was only $10, well worth it.
  19. If someone is leaving their job at the hospital because they don't get Christmas off without using a PTO day, that's asinine. People are so lazy and entitled. Plenty of folks working Christmas, you know, acting like adults. It's not just medical staff that work 365 days a year. Utilities also work to keep your homes warm, and lights and water on; prison staff works, convenience store workers. . .
  20. I was hoping someone would buy it. I hate seeing small business close. I hope retirement is good for her. She sure earned it.
  21. My daughter hit a deer and the insurance company set up her rental. No issues. She left it at the garage when she picked up her Jeep and they came to get it. If anyone is looking for a new car, just leave the area to shop. We see lots of full car lots when traveling. I think local car dealers don't want to get stuck with inventory but will find the car you want, but larger areas seem to have no shortage of cars on lots. Of course, they're all up in price like everything else.
  22. I thought this was going to be about the insect.
  23. The question is, is it full time staff only? how many of them are full time staff? It's worded at first to sound like all employees then states full time. . . Do they say what part time workers get paid?
  24. Yep, we have had this conversation with our bank. We get fraud at least once a year. We kept trying to pin point a previous used location because we buy a lot online from auto parts stores and they said it is random number running programs. And yes, they usually charge small then go bigger. The two most interesting were a boat purchase in NY, and airline tickets in Canada. They started with a few dollars both times and went up from there with 4-5 transactions in a day. Last time it caught the multiple transactions and they called us to check.
  25. Maybe I don't need a new couch after all. . .
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