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  1. You are so caught up in being "right" that you aren't comprehending what I am even saying. I am not against a healthy adult having breast implants but to think that you honestly feel that breast surgery is the answer and cure to suicidal thoughts in a child? Wow. I wouldn't call what I said judgement: everyone is calling for mental health awareness, but if I mention mental health treatment, I am judging? wrong. I am concerned for a child that would have surgery and no mental health treatment and probably end up committing suicide later, but her big boobs would make her parents h
  2. You may not judge girls based on these factors, but the world does. It is naive to believe otherwise. Your daughter may be at an age where she wears short shorts because she is hot, but usually teenagers and young women(in their 20's) are dressing to get attention from males. I see it with my daughters' friends. I have a son and daughters between 18 and 21 so this has been a big part of life for a few years now. It is possible to dress for the weather and not show it all. I'm good with make up and fake nails at an appropriate age. Colored hair, piercings and tattoos. I choose my
  3. Your second paragraph, It is wrong. I would hope they would try counseling for her first. Someone who is thinking about suicide is not going to be magically "fixed" and healthy minded with surgery. A female in my family had breast implants as an adult and it only made her more miserable with the rest of her body. I wouldn't support it for an underage girl, especially for the reason given. It's actually an example of the big problem we are discussing--with girls basing their worth on their looks, wanting to commit suicide due to their looks is sad and boob surgery isn't the answer.
  4. I think the point in this story is the school dress code. No one is debating how good the girls may or may not act in school or out. School rules are school rules. Dress how you want on your own time. A male teacher friend, who is 50 years old, told us that he tried enforcing school dress code with a female student wearing shorts up to her crotch, and the parents asked why he was looking, so now he won't enforce dress code. What a crock. He wasn't looking at her sexually, he was enforcing school rules. If he was a pervert, he would want her to wear short shorts. I am going to go
  5. How about 9th graders stop showing cleavage in school daily. I can't believe parents are fighting this. I'd have left the photos out as done in the past. People need to start obeying school rules. I am shocked at what kids wear and parents support.
  6. We aren't just talking server positions. Rosebud mining is hiring, trucking companies, post offices, machine shops, construction companies. . . if someone isn't happy with a service job, there are other opportunities out there. I've gotta say I don't see all this bad treatment of service employees that I keep hearing about. I have had 5 restaurant meals(none fast food) in the last 5 days and have not seen anyone yell at, complain to or treat the server poorly. I did see one couple politely and quietly leave a restaurant before ordering when they realized it was going to be a while du
  7. Under the Covid bills, if you felt 'unsafe' going back to work, you can still claim UC even if your job is there and available. As a supervisor, I had to deal with it and am still dealing with it. (not hard work starting at $12 an hour) I started hiring replacements when I could and someone would apply, but as you can see, not many people willing to work right now and lose their $$ for nothing . . .
  8. This is where I disagree, she had the power to stop this murder but not using drugs and driving. She made the choices. My problem is that someone's life is worth so little to a judge. It's sad.
  9. I'm glad to see this. My kids always loved Community Days when they were little.
  10. This doesn't align with your feelings about the death by DUI post, I don't know how to quote it there so I'll copy and paste it.
  11. Allboys, This was your post on another topic this week about a life taken in prison: "I don't care who it is. I don't care what they did. I don't celebrate one person taking another person's life. The moral compass of our society is in the toilet in part because we don't value life. That includes what the man did to the child. He didn't value that child's life. Doesn't mean he had to die by an alcoholic imbecile who used what the man did as an excuse for what he did. There is ZERO justifiable excuse for one person to murder another. Anyone who thinks that is ok is part of th
  12. wait, aren't you against violence? I would think you would want a stiffer penalty for killing someone, especially a death that would have been prevented by not driving DUI. This was not someone who suffered a heart attack while driving and wrecked as a result. It was totally preventable and caused by the killers actions. I love jury duty, best $12 I ever made.
  13. Thank you. Someone is too busy doing google searches on law to feel like he's smart to understand what we are saying. It is very sad that someone's life has such little value to our court system. Which, like I said before, is the problem. People know they can get away with murder. Sickening. DUI laws are definitely not strict enough.
  14. She could have stopped this by not driving the wrong way while under the influence!!!
  15. OMG Seriously, she was driving under the influence, if that is not indifference, what is??? She intentionally used drugs and got behind the wheel. She didn't have care or concern. Period. You are trying to make this sound like she isn't at fault and she is 100% to blame!!!
  16. If I'm drunk or high and driving the wrong way, then yes, murder should apply. Nice try though.
  17. This is the problem. Those wells and water sources being used locally are not endless and are at times very low. People think of drought and summer for water conservation but the area water providers also have a problem in winter months.
  18. DUI should make it automatic murder since she intentionally drove under the influence. This is what is wrong with our country, no one has to pay for their decisions so they do as they please.
  19. even the 10 years is not enough. DUI should bring more punishment. I understand there are procedures to this, but I'm just saying they suck and she should be getting a real punishment, not a slap on the wrist.
  20. I found the whole water thing interesting and frustrating while in Colorado last summer. Where we were they can only use so much water from their own wells because the state owns it. Lots of rules about not using water for flowers or grass or washing cars Fines for going over the allowed usage from your own well. We had a group of us in 2 rented houses and with the amount of laundry and showering I wondered how much we were over the allowed usage. The irrigation systems we saw were pretty impressive. I don't think a lot of folks realize that the water from a city water system i
  21. We can't take care of all of the homeless citizens here, and that includes children and veterans. We should not be bringing in other people to take care of, especially when many of our own schools and businesses are still closed due to this pandemic. Our borders should not be open until everything else here is open to citizens. We should not be expected to fix all of the problems of the world at the expense of our country. There are many reasons to be against this and they do not make someone unchristian. The debt we are getting further into daily is just mind boggling to me. I fear f
  22. That is not justice at all. It is downright sickening that you can kill someone and serve only 5 years.
  23. I saw this online over the weekend and I honestly don't think holding a sign that says "fag lives don't matter" should be considered protesting. It's almost a threat to fag lives(I have nothing against LGBTQ, just using their words). There needs to be a line on protesting if you are protesting that someone is alive, that is wrong. Protesting and hate are two distinctly different things. I am ashamed for their parents. These kids are learning their values and behavior at home. Time for parents to check up on their middle school kids. These kids and have yet to find out how the r
  24. I sure hope they take those kids permanently and sterilize these evil beings.
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