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  1. Yes, there are a few. Most likely it is the ones that typically do not wear a mask. Never said it was comfortable to have to wear one. However, considering the large amount of staff that do wear one for extended periods and/or periodically throughout the day, the ill health affects are largely unfounded and simply bull$hit made-up excuses. If you don't want to wear one, that's fine with me. I really do not care. If your workplace requires it and you lose your job, that is fine with me, too. You make your choices and affect whatever consequences may occur. There are, arguably, l
  2. I was addressing the fact that many people do wear masks on a regular basis without suffering ill effects, feeling weak, needing recovery time, etc. If you do not wish to wear a mask, then don't wear one. Stop inventing bogus excuses why you can't wear one. If your employer mandates you wear one, either wear it or quit.
  3. The point is, if you work at a private employer, you are mostly likely considered to be an at-will employee, which means they can dismiss you for just about any reason as long as as it is not considered discrimination or violate ADA laws.
  4. Actually, it is legal for a private workplace to mandate vaccines for staff and terminate them for refusing, as long an exemption for medical or religious beliefs is available. Heck, I can not hire you if I see you wearing a Browns jersey on your social media page. A private company can also freely refuse to serve unvaccinated customers. At the Federal level, they pretty much can make their own rules for employment. Whether the Fed can enact a mandate to private businesses using OSHA as a backdoor will be interesting to see. Legal challenges will abound. Threats of withholding pa
  5. I know a lot of nurses, docs, and other assorted healthcare type workers who, even before COVID, would spend 8hrs or more wearing masks every day as a requirement of their jobs. Never heard anyone one of them complain about having to wear it or it making them 'weak'. I know a few miners and other dirty job people that wear masks and respirators during their jobs without issues. Sure, it feels good to take the stuff off, but never ever heard the excuses people make now for wearing a mask.
  6. Nobody wants government interference until they do. However, people are apt to make blanket statements without really thinking about it.
  7. I suppose if we wanted to be totally free of government interference in our health and safety, we could do away with workplace rules, sewage systems, water treatment, all inspections of restaurants, healthcare facilities, etc, snow and ice removal from highways and roads, flood control projects, and well as a myriad of other methods of government interference and control in our health and safety.
  8. Most folks will understand specific sources on funds (grants government programs, etc) can only be directed into specific areas. Howver, many of these projects are not completely funded by outside sources but come from hospital revenues. Even the parent corp generates no revenue but is funded by member hospitals (patient revenues). Most people get it that some consolidation is a good thing and saving these faling entities is also a good thing. However, new aquistions and buildings is not a good look when you cannot retain or hire adequate staffing due to poor pay. Some will accept lower pa
  9. Think you would have more work than you imagine.
  10. Figure taxes and expenses are going to chew into 50-60% of your rate at minimim...... Too many people seem to think all the money is going straight into your pocket if its your own business. Insurance is a must, at the very least Never know what might happen...fall off a ladder, get shocked from someone elses faulty work, your work causes unintended damage.. Your regular job heallth insurance might cover some injuries, but might not cover all incidences due to another job related accident.
  11. I would say minimum of $25-$35 per hour. Depending on the job, of course, could be more. Taxes, insurance, tools, vehicle, etc. do cost money. On the other, if you are retired and do it for something to do and don't need the extra money, could do it for less.
  12. Complain all you want. Not my problem, it's yours. I just dont really listen. If it's something fixable, I fix it. If I can't, well I choose not let others people baggage bring me down. I am usually pretty lenient towards others failures and perceived shortcomings as the real problem is further up the chain. That said, customer service really sucks on a regular basis. If you cant handle customer care then get a new job. Really, the customer is paying you to solve issues. In most cases, the customer is complaining because you did not deliver the required services.
  13. The 'Karen' concept is getting annoying. Many times, those that complain about the Karens are the same folks who the Karens are complaining about. Coincidence?
  14. Wouldnt say it is terrible, but is near the bottom of my local pizza choices. (Have to eat it hot since it really terrible eating it cold.) However, my wife adores the stuff. Seems almost every small town has or had a pizza place like Frank's....greasy squares of cheesy dough with a small amount of sauce. I think it reminds my wife when, as a little girl, the once or twice a month trips with her dad to get take out pizza were special family moments. Of course, 40-50 years ago, getting take-out food was way less common than today.
  15. Much better that known local leaders screw us over than a faceless corporation.
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