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  1. 50 years ago, computers required large rooms, used enormous power, were very costly, used miles of magnetic tape, and were programmed using punch cards. Today, we can hold something in our hand that is much faster, uses less energy, and has more memory than was once thought possible. Plus this device can be used to communicate instantly on the other side of the plat without using wires! The lithium battery took about 30 years to develop into a commercial product. Now it powers everything from phones to cars. The point is technology marches forward. Lithium today, maybe something else tomorrow. Lots of intermediate steps are required as well as the invention of things we have yet to imagine. The modern cell phone would not exist with out the lithium battery. I am quite sure the first guy that rode into town on a horse was met with a lot of skepticism. " Hey, a horse needs fed, it craps everywhere, needs too much care, and grows old and dies. No thanks, I will just walk." Fortunately, there are a lot of really smart, visionary people out there that will solve these problems and invent the previously unimagined. If we stopped everything that was deemed 'perfect' form the start, we would probably be still living in mud huts and writing on clay tablets. Have you checked out the Tesla electric motors. Impressive feats of engineering. A 60lb motor, about the size of a medium sized watermelon is able to generate over 500hp being powered by a (very big) battery.
  2. I would explain it to you, but, quite frankly, it is not worth it. If you cant see it on your own, you never will. Or just simply refuse to a acknowlege it. Fed's always right. Everyone else is stupid. Good thing you are the only knife in your own drawer. And, you completely missed the lightbulb reference.
  3. Clearfield does seem to have better selection of, well, everything. I do a lot of hardscaping (wall blocks, pavers) around the house. DuBois selection is basically no selection. As a hack DIYer, I do like to save money. For the most part, the projects I do dont require top of the line stuff. (Such as the hardscape, Lowes quality is definitely lower, but at $3 vs $12 a block, the cheaper one serves quite well for most projects.) As a member of the 'the measure once, cut once, go buy another board' club, I do appreciate Lowes. Heck, I am even a fan of Harbor Freight.
  4. You reread your own stuff. Educate myself all the time. Fotunately, I have a backgoround in physics and chemistry so actually can read and understand more complex articles and studies. I don't have to reply on stuff written to a basline level from publishers telling me what I want to hear. You must hate the electric lightbulb.
  5. The point is even freedoms have limitations. It's as simple as that.
  6. Sorry man, you got caught on making a stupid statement on gassers in a rant. Just own it and say 'oops'. The engineers can tell you how long it will to recharge IF they know the exact conditions of your recharge. Some people will use crap stuff and others the latest and best stuff. If you dont understand that, then, like you tell everyone else...educate yourself.
  7. I really havnt shopped for lumber anyplace but Lowes for the past few years, but Lowes lumber always seems a bit sketchy. Maybe they save the better stuff for lsrge contractors. Too much of it is warped, chipped, big chunks out of it, and other problems. Like I said, I dont shop around, so it may be the same issues every place else.
  8. What does freedom travel have do with method of travel? You free to travel to, let's say Pittsburgh anytime you want. How you get there is limted. You cannot ride your bicycle or ride your horse on I80. You could try riding your lawn mower there, but it is probably not going to street legal in most places. You need a license and your vehicle must be registered and pass inspection. Maybe catch a ride with a trucker? Well, his path may be blocked by all sorts of restrictions. Sure, travel anywhere you want, but realize these methods may be restricted to public transportation, electric vehicles, or to good old-fashioned foot power in some places.
  9. Actually, gassers do give you a range of gas mileage. My Expy is listed at 17 to 22mpg. Says so right there in plain sight on the window sticker. Every single gas car sold lists a range of mileage. I've gotten as low as 12 and high as 25 on a full tank. Depends on what I am towing, how hilly the terrain, number of passengers, my speed, if the AC is on, and a host of other factors. Electric recharge has a lot of factors, too. Amperage, watts, voltage being used will affect charge rate. Size of the power cable will too. Hell, even your cell phone has different rates of recharge depending on the charger and cable you are using. The range is listed due to the wide range of equipment that might be used to recharge the vehicle. Electricity may seem like it's voodoo magic, but actually does follow the rules of physics.
  10. So is your refrigerator. Your cell phone. Your home heating system (unless you heat exclusively with woodburner). Your water pump, if you have a well. Your stove, computer, TV, and just about everything that makes modern life pleasant is worthless without electricity.
  11. A lot of folks thought cars would never replace the horse. With current gas prices, EVs are competive per mile all inclusive costs. For most people, an EV would be fine. Going to work, running errands, etc. With the Chevy Bolt now at about $27K, almost woth looking into as a daily commuter. Still not willing to give up my Expedition Max. However, tech for EVs will improve.
  12. I have a hand drill at home. Never gets used. I use an electric drill. Plug it in, and I can drill quickly all day long. Yeah, that's nice, says the old-timer, but what you need to drill and there 'aint no lecktric to plug in. Simple..I take my battery tool...and a few extra batteries. Generally, I dislike battery power tools...mainly cause I never have the batteries charged...but they do serve a purpose. I am quite sure the your whipper-snapper that showed up at the jobsite with battery tools was quite derided. Tech marches forward. I am quite sure my grandkids..25-50 yrs from now...will look at today's electric vehicles much same as we look at Model-T...or Edsels. Or the way kids today look at rotary dial phones.
  13. At full fillup, I have 25 gallons of a potentially deadly problem. EVs have way fewer car fires than gas or hybrid vehicles. EV fires can be more difficult to put out than gas fires. Sure, the burning buses are dramatic, but a general search will reveal actual data.
  14. Grounded in reason and logic? Good one. Half the stuff posted in these boards would be grounds for incarceration. Reason and logic you say? Careful what you wish for.
  15. Suggestions? No idea what you expect. Progess is being made, but it will take years, if not decades to refurb the city as well as ongoing work to maintain it. Bits and pieces.
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