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  1. It does state on the school website photos can be digitally altered if it does not conform to school code.
  2. Offhand, I would say both, neither, or one or the other depending on the circumstance or her preference at that time or who she is with. A cleavage baring top worn by day is because it is comfortable, but the same top can be worn that evening at some bar in order to attract attention to herself. Of course, it may be acceptable for certain people to look while others are considered pervs. Near impossible to know the intent and thoughts of the wearer.
  3. Shame to toss old furniture in landfills. If you give it some thought and are maybe a little crafty, just about every component of a piece of furniture can be reused/recycled/repurposed. Of course, breaking and old couch or chair is a pain.
  4. Since the kids didn't get a chance to speak in defense of themselves, there is a slim possibility the "fag lives don't matter" was being used ironically, as in " we care about all these other groups, but no one seems to care about LGBTQ people".
  5. I am just wondering why the school was brought in at all. Wasn't on school time or property.
  6. We already do have mandates to keep citizens healthy. OSHA, NIOSH, your employer, and many other governmental and non-governmental organizations have rules, laws, and regulations on the books to keep you safe and healthy.
  7. Not meant to harass you. I pre-apologize if you happen to feel harassed. You do get to make personal decisions, such as whether or not or if you get the vaccine when available to you and whether or not you expect others to wear a mask, which is mostly intended to protect you. No vaccine is 100% nor will one ever be. Masks are far less than 95% effective in either protecting the wearer or the other person. The vaccine will be far superior to mask wearing. Consider, if the population can be mandated to wear a mask, could they not also be mandated to get a vaccine? So, here
  8. This is fine, but, as those vaccinated are still recommended to wear a mask, just how long do you expect the vaccinated to continue to wear a mask? I respect your right to not get the vaccine, wait it out, or whatever, but if you make a choice to bypass the vaccination, why would you expect me to continue to wear a mask? I realize it is not currently mass available to the general public, but once it is, and you choose not to, then I think you are out there on your own. You shouldn't expect people to accommodate you and other vaccine refusers/procrastinators by expecting the vaccinated to
  9. Vaccine development was/is concerned with primarily 2 things: efficacy and safety, with the concept of preventing you from getting sick if you get infected. Affect on transmission rate is something that will be studied in the upcoming months. Most vaccines do lower transmission rate. Being a respiratory disease, COVID viruses can become 'trapped' in your mucus and phlegm, which you can then spread by coughing, sneezing, etc.
  10. Just this week, the FDA approved trials for a breast cancer vaccine. There is actually a lot of ongoing research into cancer vaccines. Additionally, while they are not specifically cancer vaccines, HPV and Hepatitis B vaccines help prevent cancers caused by those viruses. Monoclonal antibody drugs are in common use for such diseases as cancer, arthritis, MS, and lupus, as well as some other conditions. MABs are at the front of COVID treatments. Cancer treatment today is far different than 30, or even 10 years ago. The tech and knowledge base has expanded significantly over th
  11. Feeling this might end up in the Debate Forum... https://www.foxnews.com/media/pa-hospitals-use-weighted-lottery-to-distribute-lifesaving-remdesivir-in-favor-of-low-income-patients While it will be blasted because it is Fox, you can also read the Pennsylvania Dept of Health website: https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Guidance/Ethical-Allocation-Framework.aspx
  12. The only state I am aware that banned its use was Ohio, but they quickly rescinded that regulation. The ban was specifically for COVID use. I do wonder if the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, or the pharmacy board of any state, has the legal authority to unilaterally ban the dispensing of a legal medication.
  13. Most D3 conferences have shut down all fall sports. Some D2 and a handfull of D1 are shutdown. Many colleges still active are limiting to in-conference games only. Still active are generally in-conference only. NCAA seems on the verge of cancelling all championship except conference. All that said, if high school games are kept local, and shorten the season, they could safely play....at least in our neck of the woods. I assume no fans, incuding parents, but schools could livestream games.
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