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  1. Actually, neither study states masks are worthless. You simply picking out the pieces that match your expectations and ignoring everything else.
  2. I would agree on getting on getting rid of the bad. However, the bad includes a lot of far right conservatives. You are the one that pits liberals and non-liberals against in your fantasy crusade
  3. Keeping the kid probably wasnt the problem. The parents were the problem. The parents rated their no-vax stance over the welfare of their kid. Seem to forget there are other kids there as well. I would hazard to guess those parents are doing everything possibly can to protect their own children, including the vaccine.
  4. I am fairly certain RMH consulted actual experts (as well as lawyers) when arriving at ther decision. The interesting part is those throw up 'freedom' as a reason to not mask/vaccinate object to those who exprees their freedom to require you to mask/vaccinate on their property. Dont worry too much. The gofundme accout will provide more than enough for a comfortable pace to stay. The laughable part is most who donate are not actually donating to the family but as a poke in the eye to the folks who passed the vaccination requirement. But, whatever your motivation. The donaters get a feel good moment and the gets a place to stay. Everybody wins.
  5. Not to sure I want to live in world where folks are so neatly divided. Us vs Them. Go Us! Most people I know pretty much have a sliding-scale view on the various issues. Sometimes a little more left, sometimes little more right withe a general lean left or right. I dont want our leaders to come the goons on the far right anymore than from the loons on the far left.
  6. The issue is RM Houses are generally b&b style living arrangements where people are prone to contant with each other. If RMH feels the unvaccinated are a risk to other patients, then the choice to remove them is warranted. You are free to make your choices, just dont expect others to bend to accommodate those choices. That said, RMH should find a way to house these people if they can.
  7. From what I can tell, verifying facts is entirely optional no matter who does the talking. Why should one group hold another group to a standard they themselves are noncompliant?
  8. 10 million is a nice chunk. Charter schools seemed to absorb quite a bit of funding. Be interesting to see the allocation process. Might have to check that out. However, one would think the receipt of 10 mil would be publicized somewhere, even if received in smaller installments. Then again, I dont read the paper every day.
  9. Quinine was isolated from the bark of the chincona tree. You can buy chincona bark. Eat it raw and that will get you your quinine. All boiling lemons is going to essentially get you lemon water, which can be quite refreshing when chilled. Still remains that you absolutely cannot make hydroxychloroquine at home. HCQ and quinine are not the same thing. Even if you could, why would you want to? You have no way of determing the purity or concentration of the final product. Your batch could be completely void of any final product or it could contain a toxic amount. Trying not to sound facetious or condenscending, but I find it highly concerning that you would believe some of this stuff. Just because it is on 'Utube' doesnt make it factual. I do strongly urge you to talk to someone trained in and has knowledge of chemistry/medicinal chemistry/pharmacology. Most healthcare professionals, including physicians and pharmacists, are not part of some grand dark conspiracy but are actually there to help you. Unfortunately, it seems the fringe quacks and hucksters that attract the most attention.
  10. Your train of thought is confused over how PH gives holidays and the need to use PTO. PH does not have paid time off broken into seperate 'baskets' of paid holidays, personal time, vacation time, etc. Instead all your paid time off is lumped into one basket. I dont know when they converted, but basically, say you had 15 days of vacation, 5 holidays, and 3 personal days it simply became 23 PTO days. Actually allows some greater flexibilty with your time.
  11. You cannot make hydroxychloroquine from boiling citrus fruit peels. At best, you will get lemon water with maybe a tiny trace amount of quinine. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are synthetic drugs and thus are not naturally available. They are chemical analogues of quinine, but are completely manmade through a chemical process. Chloroquine was developed by Germany in the 1930s as a substitute for quinine as malaria had begun to show resistance to quinine as well as to solve quinine supply issues. The US military essentially stole the method to make chloquine from the Germans. Hydroxychloroquine was developed as a less toxic version of chloroquine in the 1940s. HCQ has been off any patent for decades. Any drug manufacturer is free to manufacture chloroquin and HCQ. HCQ is commonly used in RA and lupus patients. However there is not a single manufacturer making HCQ by boiling grapefruit and lemons. The process is more complex.
  12. Lotta women out there that 'aint worth a hoot. Lotta women out there willing to be a public swimming hole for anyone willing to test the waters. Sorry, but your commentary propogates the belief most men are predatory wolves while women are innocent sheep. Maybe you dont get out much, but woman are just as likely to be pigs as men.
  13. As man, I am actually highly insulted by the first part of your first sentence. Based on 'if he's worth a hoot' highly signifies your base assumption is all men are trash. Why else would you include 'if'?
  14. A lot depends on the car you bought. Buy a high end model, you get better service, usually in the form of loaners and moving up in the repairs schedule list. Expect better service if you bought the car at that dealer as well.
  15. I say it is a decision between her and God once all potential medical outcomes have been determined.
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