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  1. Don't reply to this one.. Screenshot attached
  2. Don't reply to this one.. Below is a Screenshot.
  3. I decided to create a short video for Memorial Day this year. We all appreciate the sacrifices made by the families of veterans and their service to the country!
  4. A continuation of the observations at Platt Road Wetlands.
  5. Spring Activity at the Heron Rookery. Spotted at least 9 chicks.
  6. Took a spin around the lake project today. They just started filling it up.
  7. Dr points out in CA you have a 0.03% chance of COV19 fatality gas his video censored by google
  8. Talk about stupid fake news! I listened to this several times and Trump DID NOT Say inject or injest any commercial cleaners! What I heard was his rye sense of how to get things done. I believe he meant he wanted science to come up with "a type of disinfectant" to cleanse the body of the virus. This is typical of how the news media whips any partial statement into a bloody shark-feeding frenzie misleading the public, instead of simply reporting facts and NOT making the judgemental conclusion that rightfully belongs to the public.
  9. Thanks Tu, for this video link. " A man-made pandemic created by our own scientists. Dr. Buttar calls out Dr. Fauci for transferring the research to create this virus to China in 2014 and paying for it thru CDC funds. Congress Stopped this research funding so Fauci moved it to China labs and transferred funding to other accounts to hide it, back in 2014.
  10. The frame rate back then was not standardized. It was primarily based on the speed at which the cameraman turned the crank handle. They tried to maintain 16 fps but it was variable. Today's cinema standard is 24 fps. My inyeralomeyer movie was set to 4 fps to compress the time.
  11. There doesn't appear to be any treatment equipment (or anything else related to drilling) on site. So far it's just excavation work. Perhaps the permit renewal will fail.
  12. Zelman inherited the property and is partners with the well company. Search the below title and a lot of info will pop up. Windfall / Zelman Class 2 Disposal Injection Well - Brady Township - Clearfield County - PA
  13. This is wwhat it looks like today (April 14, 2020)
  14. Part of the neighbors Tree harvest project, Lynn Risch Showed up to cut the stumps down. Very noisy day here..
  15. I'm having great difficulty uploading to YouTube this week. Anyone else have this issue?
  16. Tried a camera set to intervalometer to record the neighbor's tree removal today.. 1 photoe every 10 seconds.. viewing 1 frame per .25 seconds.
  17. Tried a camera set to intervalometer to record the neighbor's tree removal today.. 1 photoe every 10 seconds.. viewing 1 frame per .25 seconds. Don't forget my other posts..
  18. Just like "Barker Dam" the DCNR commissioner has banned the operation of drones from State Parks, completely ignoring the Federal Code that oversees operation of drones. Therefore it would be difficult to film at Cook Forest SP. My position is to stand on a State Highway or private land to operate the UAV. Unfortunately I would probably end up as road kill on Rte 36.
  19. Nobody noticed the spelling error?
  20. Went for a spin in the sun today. Parked along a state highway and took in the scenery around the woods.
  21. The game gistapo dude I talked to said he would charge me with "disturbing wildlife", a summary of fence with fine up to $1000. It's just not worth the hassle...
  22. This has to be of more local interest than Las Vegas drive thru strippers don't ya think?
  23. I've been reading about the Spanish Flu of 1918 and related history. If this strain is truly as contagious as they are predicting, there should be legitimate concern. However the numbers so far don't seem to justify the reactions. We can only hope this passes us by without developing into the catastrophe science has predicted. Even so the taxpayers will bear the cost of this response, possibly until the next 100 year plague comes along.
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