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  1. Coaching wasn't a problem today. Rahne calls the plays anyways not Franklin. 93% completion rate and 300+ yards. Coaches cant play the game and Penn State DB's were outmatched.
  2. Wow...what a game! Sad someone had to lose. I guess I am glad LSU finally won one.
  3. Looking like Penn State may get Bama in a Bowl Game?
  4. Minnesota's receivers were too big, too good for Penn State's DB's. Mistakes by Penn State players hurt also.
  5. Best wishes and prayers to your friend
  6. tlaker


    A 1st, 3rd, and Peppers was too much to give.
  7. I heard they may introduce slices of Ketchup ( like cheese slices). I think those may have a better chance of making it the in market. Nothing is more disgusting than using a ketchup squeeze bottle and seeing all the caked ketchup on the lid and flap.
  8. Thanks for the photo! Was this actually taken from a yearbook you have? What year was this?
  9. What info you looking for. I believe he coached wrestling and not sure of other sports.
  10. Didnt even know we had year books in elementary. Juniata/2nd Ave. 1960's
  11. As long as it is from private funding I'm OK with it....as a state or a country we cannot spend monies on programs like this.
  12. Brookville is a very nice little town.
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