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  1. There's nothing worse than watching another customer try to get their food for free. They think if they get the manager involved then they'd get the food for free because of the stupid saying "the customer is always right" when in fact, many times they are not.
  2. Just wait and see what happens if they get their way and minimum wage goes up to $15/hr. Typical weekly grocery bills will skyrocket.
  3. What sucks is that there are to be NO spectators.
  4. He has shown no symptoms and his doctor told him that he did not need to be tested. That was an argument that all of the news channels besides FOX tried to make, but there was even a doctor on one of them (I think CNN) who said that she agreed with Trump not getting tested. https://www.cnn.com/world/live-news/coronavirus-outbreak-03-10-20-intl-hnk/h_8d7425eda4d45d020a982ee87cf854c9
  5. I couldn't care less who wins the Super Bowl this year. Ravens or Chiefs will probably represent the AFC (if KC's defense steps up) and Seattle or San Francisco will probably represent the NFC. As a Bears fan, I do not want to ever see Green Bay or Minnesota in another Super Bowl. So I say, go Chiefs and Seahawks.
  6. Tonight I broke down and bundled my Hulu account with ESPN+ and Disney+ for $12.99 per month. Hulu was $7 per month I think.
  7. I wouldn't say that too loud. LOL Subscription services like Netflix and Hulu do not like when people share one account like that. I think Netflix allows up to five family members to share one account and they're supposed to be in one home. https://www.newsweek.com/netflix-password-sharing-october-2019-1466711 https://money.com/netflix-password-sharing-hbo-disney-plus/
  8. I have a freshman and a junior. They both say football games are boring and a lot of kids don’t bother going to them. I will say that I find the games myself to be fun to watch, but the atmosphere is lacking. Unless you’re in the student section near Martins, you rarely hear or see the cheerleaders or the band. It’s awfully quiet, minus the occasional parent yelling for their kid out on the field. I think it has a lot to do about the football stadium and how it’s built. The bottom row is high off the field and there isn’t much space between the sidelines and the seats. So because o
  9. I wouldn’t consider that a victory unless they fielded the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Beavers. In a game which the Beavers lost by like 50+ points, I highly doubt this one ineligible player made that much of a difference. If memory serves me right, that’s the game where the other team started its JV team and put its starters in at halftime.
  10. Looking at the PA State Little League championships listed at the city park, the DuBois baseball must have at least five or six state championships, right? Yeah, it doesn’t work like that unfortunately. A good feeder program with consistent coaching and the same techniques and plays being called as varsity will definitely help. I posted about Southern Columbia and how it runs. There’s no doubt it works. Berwick football was the same way in the 80’s and 90’s under Coach Curry. A town of 10,000 had over 5,000 people at home football games and they won numerous state championshi
  11. My daughter (freshman at the high school) just told me over the weekend that they got rid of the head coach. 3 years is not many, but I would guess the district wanted an improvement. The last 3 years they've gone downhill. 0-10 this year 4-7 last year 3-7 two years ago 6-5 three years ago 5-6 four years ago 8-3 five years ago Their closest game this year was a 1 point loss to Oil City. Turns out, Oil City is still alive in the state playoffs at 12-0 and they play Southern Lehigh this weekend. Hopefully the next coach can turn things around. Ho
  12. After living here almost 14 years now, I've had to come to the conclusion that the Beavers football team will probably never be good and compete in the state playoffs. It has to be coaching or a lack of commitment on the players. The players have to put forth a year-round effort into getting better. The coaches need to instill consistency from middle school to varsity and play the 11 BEST players at any given time. With the new classifications, DuBois should be able to win at least one game. They're in 4A for football. The only other teams in D9 in that class are Bradfo
  13. Let's face it, district 9 is rather weak in the majority of sports for large schools. The smaller schools are by far more successful once they get into state playoffs than the larger schools. I don't know the last time a D9 large school won anything. However the smaller schools in D9 are able to compete well and have won state titles. I don't know if it's the fact that the smaller schools in the district get to play the larger schools which prepares them for the state playoffs or if the level of competition is that much less in the state playoffs (compared to the level of competition the large
  14. Two SEC and two Big 10 teams in the initial poll. Those two conferences' teams play each other, so that will allow Clemson to hop right into the top four when either Ohio State, Penn State, LSU, or Alabama lose.
  15. You see signs literally everywhere along the roads around here for foster care. I know quite a few foster parents in the area who do not receive calls for placements. Makes you wonder why there are so many signs stating there's a demand for foster parents. I'm guessing those have their criteria too tight and are not willing to open their homes to teenagers or children with special needs.
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