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  1. I just sent my order in to the Clearfield County Conservation District. Order forms must be in by Feb. 18th. We were extremely pleased with the trees that we got last year, except for the sour cherry tree that had a bad graft and died a month later. Their trees are tall and very healthy. (The seedlings are much smaller and less expensive) Anyone interested in bareroot seedlings and Fruit trees should look into their sale.
  2. I am always wondering why there aren't many rabbits around my home, now I know that it is probably my husbands fault. I swear that he doesn't even know that we have a bathroom in the house. lol
  3. Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed it. It's nice to see the cats just doing normal things instead of performing as acrobats like some other shows.
  4. Yes, I have had them do that before. They are blooming. Out of all the years that I have been gardening, I have only had them bloom once or twice
  5. I made my own out of aluminum tags and cut up old metal hangers. I cut the hook off metal hangers and threw it away. Then I cut the rest of the hanger into 3 pieces. I bent a loop at the end of each piece and used it to hang the aluminum tags. The tags can be engraved, so it will never wear off. The only problem I have had with them, is accidently pulling them out while raking up leaves in fall and spring. xx x x x---cut here x cut here--- x x---cut here x x x x x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ^ cut here ^ cut here Hope you can understand the picture. After I cut the hanger with tin snips, I used pliers to make a curly loop at one end of the metal hanger piece to hang the aluminum tag. xxx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx Below is a pic of the tags. I think you can get them from some sights for around $10.00 for 100 tags.
  6. Do you sell any of the pots of mint? I would love to have all 3 of the ones that you named. I could even trade ya for a few things out of my garden. Maybe some daylilies?
  7. Darn, I knew that I should have stopped. $3.00 a pot is too much for me, I will pay $1.00 per pot anytime. I get mine from another lady @ 1.00 per pot and usually end up buying around 40 plants. She sells off her divisions so that she can afford to buy the more expensive daylilies. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that the plants aren't worth $3.00 a piece. I am just saying that I won't pay that much. I actually love going to Lowes and finding perennials that are done blooming for $.50 or $1.00. I also do alittle bit of trading online but only for large trades.
  8. Missy, Gram told me that you liked it. I was reading up on how to propogate them. Most sites say that it is easy. I am planning on trying for Gram, my mom and I. If I get to it, I will do one for you too.
  9. Here is my clematis this year, surprised the frost didn't get it.. Beautiful Missy. I had 3 or 4 clematis' at my last house. Either I left them behind or they didn't tolerate the move, not sure which. :'( Below is a photo of my azalea. I hope that it will fill out someday. The next 2 photos are of the azalea at my sister's old place. That bush is so beautifully shaped and no on has ever touched it. No pruning or anything. The last 2 photos are of my magnolia that bloomed earlier this spring. I don't understand why it can't have flowers and leaves at the same time. I think it would look much prettier that way.
  10. My african violets are in the pots that you water from the bottom. They have the ceramic (?) ones that are actually 2 pots. The top one sits in the bottom one and wicks the water thru the porous ceramic pot. I have a tendency to over water, so this setup is perfect for me. I have never fertilized mine and it blooms very often. Good Luck.
  11. Our plum tree was LOADED with fruit. Now they are all black. :sad:
  12. I am canning beans, peas, and tomato juice. Also cutting firewood every evening. What I really want to do is get my flower gardens weeded and the 20 or 30 plants (that are sitting in pots under a tree) planted soon. All this rain has done wonders for the weeds in my garden.
  13. It's a shame that so many people have lost their tomato crop. My husband is having the best tomato season he has ever had. He's got some italian tomatoes with more than 25 on each plant. I am not sure why he hasn't had the tomato blight like everyone else.
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