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  1. Hopefully if there's any New concrete they will stop putting Salt on it so they can have all the playoffs here...😏
  2. Petee I watched some of his other videos... Very interesting indeed... I really liked the one about Apple cider vinegar... thanks for sharing
  3. Steve the Local Traffic Cams still aren't working... at least for Me
  4. I'm wondering if this is why the traffic cams aren't working either...
  5. I try to post this Video to FB... but they wouldn't let me said it was against their community standard... Ugh !!!!!
  6. Petee I may have missed it... but can you tell me how much you take and how often you take it ?
  7. I got this from Ancestry.com they have a lot of year books
  8. We have 4, 3 buffington's and one little red hen... a rhode island red... she... well her name is Penny is a very smart little girl and my favorite. Penny lays an egg every single day!
  9. ...off topic a bit...we let the girls out yesterday for a while to clean the coop and let them roam a bit...we had one missing after they all went in... PENNY is a Rhode Island red and she is much smarter than the rest. Rod went out with the flashlight more than once last night looking for her... now we have 96 acres and I told him if she wanted to be found she would have... it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack...our Grandson considers himself the owner of these chickens and when he returned home from a visit with his mom we had to tell him...he said first thing in the morning he was going to go find her! Well I just look out the kitchen door and lo and behold... Penny is on the front porch! So glad to have her back, I was worried too...
  10. THIS WAS so awesome. .. I took my grandson and he loved it... I think we have another history buff :-)
  11. The Post mark on this post card is 1907
  12. She was my Grandmothers little sister
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