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  1. Kudos and what a novel approach to a common problem .
  2. Now a problem is not players leaving , But bringing players in with no $$$ available to speak of.
  3. Redshirting , without knowing alot about this I admit........ is there any drawback for eligible wrestlers ? All those whom can , with Cael approving might go that route......... it would be favorable and solidify lineups for the future with the Chessmaster that coach is.            Maybe Olympic hopefuls would neglect the time away from USA trials.

  4. Rumored that Russia is sending proxies for Iowa , Putin is coaching them wearing corn flake yellow and charcoal.
  5. PSU could tap into the JC ( NAIA ) teams for lightweights and get 2 solid years from experienced and proven talent.........and I repeat the need for a smaller coach to workout with the lighter and often new guys........it is extremely difficult to predict the weight gains of guys for 3 or , worse , 4 years.......growing is not coachable !....maybe the Lions can play the spoiler role in Minn. ( for a change ).
  6. Expectations met , dis-appointmens growing , questions for 20-21 arising .
  7. Flo wrestling is reporting PSU 2020 signee Bartlett had a 4 second pin at a Prep tourney at Lehigh.............FOUR SECONDS..
  8. Kerk may be eligible ( if approved ) to go at Bit 10`s and Nats. , as per a report from okie forums ?? .......sounds strange maybe false news.
  9. event on the Paramount channel 241 on our dish . vs an undefeated ( Russian ?? ) guy.
  10. I think there may be as many as 5 or 6 champs other than psu or iowa guys . the more you can place on that podium is going to say whom brings home the title. It will be good wrestling .
  11. early season tourneys do take their tool , not only physically but mentally.......those considering transfers may make decisions from these tourneys results .....damn if you do damn if you don`t thoughts as to their importance by myself .

  12. a Consol of this proportion , in these Northwoods , might spur some politicans to once more look into the finalization of Rte 219 completion of a limited access highway , and finally get the satisfaction Mr. Valentine worked so many years to bring to a close.........AND where would Treasure Lake fall into this mix , with so many votes that they possess ???
  13. Sandy borders Jeff County in places , Consol may open the door to join this new metropolis with Jeff County and become a county seat !
  14. Consol will bring lines drawn in the sand , ........ hunting/not , types of sewage disposal ( a permit nightmare ) , gunnery outdoors , lawn care/property appearance , trailer courts existing and new .....etc etc etc .
  15. Saw Meredith only once yet , but he has the build of a young John Fritz , and I hope he continues to muscle up. Muscles add weight and he will move up as he progresses I assume.
  16. If anyone else can remember? Add to this , but I seem to think when Hoover Ave was extended to meet Beaver Drive that the Sandy Lick creek was re-located to the south a short distance to allow more useable acres , and this would account for the overhead pictures then and more recently.
  17. the aerial pic of may 1969 shows the Flying Eagle quarter midget track , built by Mr Collins a paving contractor , sheetz not yet built then .that building was Ward Trucking terminal , next to Miller`s motel above it and Peterman`s Truck Repair garage below Ward`s. the pic shows the original intersection in the top of the pic to get from 219 to Falls Creek past the track shown in that pic.
  18. The late great speedster Jesse Owens once raced a horse , and beat it , in a 100 yd dash at this same track called " the fairgrounds " ,as per an eye witness to that event.
  19. Not real sure wins/losses is a good barometer for how this head coach really does , since the locals have spoken up for him in a big way? ...does he get many kids financial help for their college educations ? ...seems like schools nearby, from all the news outlets , ( and I have no idea of the #`s ) do a good or better job of getting scholarships for their footballers....just saying !.
  20. Any updates on PSU wrestling anyone ?
  21. Iowa will have 15-20 thou fans at the NCAA in that huge stadium.the boosters will make sure the team is loaded and even the backups will be top notch in case of injuries or suspensions.
  22. the village of Pancoast , off of Wayne Road was interesting , had alot of history and was in Jeff County .........near the road over to rte 830 by the gospell center area. ( sort of )
  23. My condolences to his families . Sounds like he had a good long life ...
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