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    doingfine reacted to Pompeii in The True Great Awakening!   
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    Did joe6pack appear here only after conservativeman633 disappeared?
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    doingfine reacted to Pompeii in The True Great Awakening!   
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    doingfine reacted to Pompeii in The True Great Awakening!   
    TGP to Release SMOKING GUN Video from TCF Center in Detroit!
    By Jim Hoft
    Published February 4, 2021 at 9:46am
    As we previously reported, on November 3rd President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden in Michigan by over 100,000 votes.  The ballot counting in Detroit on election night took place at the TCF Center, formerly known as Cobo Hall.
    This is the site where Detroit City Officials put cardboard over the windows to prevent the GOP observers from seeing in, where poll workers were militantly hostile to the GOP observers, and where hundreds of affidavits by election observers claim they witnessed voter fraud.
    At least three election observers testified in sworn affidavits that they witnessed vehicles delivering fraudulent ballots to the TCF Center early in the morning on November 4th.
    And until now, no one has bothered to review the video footage from the TCF Center on election night.
    The video can settle for once and for all:
    How many people were in the TCF Center and is there any validity to the excuse that they were over the “COVID capacity” – the excuse they used to exclude the Republicans from watching vote processing Why did so many Democrat poll workers bring in suitcases? Did they hide illegal ballots in them like their colleagues in Georgia? Were the machines networked? Can we see the modem and the wires networking the tabulating machines as described by Patrick Colbeck? Who brought in what at 3:30/4:00 am, were they ballots as the Republicans have said they witnessed or was it food/camera equipment as the media claimed? Shane Trejo and Jose Aliaga claim these were ballots. Was there any security keeping people out of the building who did not have credentials to get in? Were there other unexplained ballot dumps past the 8:00 PM deadline for ballots as several other witnesses have alleged? Was Nick, the co-owner of Dominion Voting Services, present on-site, as Mellissa Carone has said? Were GOP Poll Challengers being ejected for making good-faith challenges or were they refusing to wear a mask? The Gateway Pundit requested the TCF video back in December!
    The TCF Center tried to quote us over $22,000 for one day’s worth of video. 
    We requested two hours of video.
    This week we were sent the requested video.
    We have waited nearly two months for this video.
    And after our initial review of the TCF security video, we can assure you — We have evidence of illicit and likely criminal activity and we have it on video.
    We hope to release our first report of many on Friday.
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    doingfine reacted to Pompeii in The True Great Awakening!   
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    doingfine reacted to Pompeii in The True Great Awakening!   
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    doingfine reacted to Pompeii in The True Great Awakening!   
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    doingfine reacted to watoos in Steelers Trade Up In The Draft   
    Yeah yeah, sorry, they are similar, I mean Mason Rudolph.
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    doingfine reacted to Bon in Rattlesnake Bill Smith   
    I was talking to a member on here about Bill Smith of Weedville and his little zoo he had. There were some pics at my moms from when we went there, but they all burnt up this spring. Anyhow ... this monument is up at the Mt Zion Historical Park and thought I would post pics of it. Do any of you remember this place???? He was located on Rt 555 right  at the T of Plum and 555. If you know where the Methodist Church and cemetary are, right on the other side of Redwood is where he was.

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    The surgery was a success. The Dr (Of course Lundgren)got all of it. Will have some follow up radiation only . Thanks for all the prayers. 
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    doingfine reacted to jaman in Prayers for a friend   
    Just found out a close friend  has Stage 3 cancer. Will have surgery and the usual protocol of treatment, (radiation and chemo 5+5)
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    doingfine reacted to Bub in Phone Scammers Targeting Pittsburgh Restaurants During Busy Hours   
    This crap is getting totally out of hand and there has to be technology available the phone companies could use to stop the spoofing let alone the robo calls!
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    doingfine got a reaction from BillyC in PSU grad Ed Ruth fights tonight at 8pm on the MMA   
    event on the Paramount channel 241 on our dish . vs an undefeated ( Russian ?? ) guy.
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    doingfine reacted to watoos in Penn State Wrestling   
    I read a good analysis about Berge yesterday. Cael keeps injuries close to the vest and he certainly won't allow Berge to wrestle if he is still coping with concussion symptoms, like migraine headaches. Speculation on my part that Berge went to the Mayo clinic to get its opinion on his release to wrestle. With all of this said, the post that I mentioned compared Berge's coming back from injury to Andrew Alton coming back from injury, Alton was done condition wise after the 2nd period. It's going to be tough for Berge to get back in wrestling shape in 3 weeks. A big tell if he wrestles Bigs will be if he wrestles Sunday v American.
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    doingfine reacted to mr.d in Loch Ness Monster: A History Of The Legendary Beast   
    DINOSAURS Published 54 mins ago Loch Ness monster: A history of the legendary beast
    By Julia Musto | Fox News   Video shows the Loch Ness Monster could really just be a large eel
    A video posted by the Ness Fishery Board supports a running theory that the Loch Ness Monster could actually just be a large eel.
    There's no reason to think that the Loch Ness monster – colloquially known as "Nessie" – exists. However, the legendary dinosaur-like creature makes headlines every year.
    One of Scotland's oldest myths, reports that a creature was living in the Loch Ness lake date as far back as the 6th century
      The first written account was recorded in 565 A.D. in a biography of St. Columba. According to the text, the creature bit a swimmer and was prepared to attack another man when Columba intervened. He ordered the beast to “go back" and it obeyed.
    Hundreds of years later, the legend started to grow. After the construction of a road adjacent to Loch Ness was finished in 1933, giving onlookers an unobstructed view of the lake, a couple allegedly saw an enormous animal they compared to a “dragon or prehistoric monster” cross in front of their car and disappear into the water. The incident was reported in a Scottish newspaper and numerous sightings followed.
    Later that same year, the Daily Mail commissioned Marmaduke Wetherell, a big-game hunter, to track and find the sea serpent. Wetherell reported back that he had found large footprints along the lake's shores which he believed belonged to “a very powerful soft-footed animal about 20 feet long.” However, upon closer inspection, zoologists at the Natural History Museum determined that the supposed tracks were identical and likely made with an umbrella stand or ashtray that had a hippopotamus leg as a base.
    The infamous surgeon's photograph that some people believed was a photo of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. It was later proven to be a hoax. (AP Photo, File)
    But the hunt was not over. By 1934, English physician Robert Kenneth Wilson took the iconic image known as the "surgeon's photograph."  The photograph appeared to show Nessie's head and neck and The Daily Mail printed the photograph, later proven to be a hoax.
    In a shocking development, in the spring of 1938, South African tourist G. E. Taylor filmed something in the lake for three minutes on 16 mm color film. The film was then obtained by popular science writer Maurice Burton. A single frame of Taylor's film was later published in Burton's 1961 book. However, Burton's analysis concluded it was a floating object.
    In July 1955, Peter MacNab took a photograph that depicted two long black humps in the water. But researchers suspected the humps could be a wave effect resulting from three fishing boats traveling closely together.
    Video In 1960, aeronautical engineer Tim Dinsdale filmed a hump that left a wake crossing Loch Ness. Many said that the hump in Dinsdale's 40 feet of film was a boat after contrast was increased in the photo. But in 1993, Discovery Communications produced a documentary, "Loch Ness Discovered," with a digital enhancement of the Dinsdale film. A person who enhanced the film noticed a shadow in the negative which was not obvious in the developed film. By enhancing and overlaying frames, he found what appeared to be the rear body of a creature.
    Later on in the mid-1960s, the so-called Loch Ness Investigation Bureau conducted a 10-year observational survey recording an average of 20 sightings per year and in the 1970s underwater photographs of what appeared to be a "flipper" were made public.
    Additionally, several sonar explorations, most notably in 1987 and 2003, were undertaken to find the elusive beast — to no avail.
    A video dating back to 2009 may provide new evidence of the existence of an Alaskan Loch Ness Monster, Discovery News reported. (DiscoveryNews)
    Over the years, more photographs have been taken, but most were discredited as fakes. In 1994, it was revealed that Wilson’s "surgeon photograph" was a hoax masterminded by the revenge-seeking Wetherell. Wilson's monster was actually a plastic-and-wooden head attached to a toy submarine.
    In 2007, lab technician Gordon Holmes claimed to videotape the Loch Ness monster, but a marine biologist said that while the tape was among "the best footage [he had] ever seen," it was likely an otter, seal, or water bird.
    In the summer of 2011, Loch Ness boat captain Marcus Atkinson photographed a sonar image of a 4.9 foot-wide unidentified object that seemed to follow his boat for two minutes. However, in April 2012 a scientist from the National Oceanography Centre said that the image is of a bloom of algae.
    Several others have emerged over the years, including a photograph in 2012, a five-minute video of a "mysterious wave" in the lake in 2013 and a debunked Apple Maps photograph in 2014.
    Video But these hoaxes have still not halted the search. More recently in May 2018, researchers announced they would investigate the waters of Loch Ness and use environmental DNA sampling of the waters to try and identify everything that swims in it.
    In April 2019, their study suggested that the fabled monster could have been a giant eel and disproved a common rumor that a plesiosaur had somehow managed to survive the mass extinction event that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.
    "We can't find any evidence of a creature that's remotely related to that in our environmental-DNA sequence data," New Zeland geneticist Neil Gemmels later told BBC. "So, sorry, I don't think the plesiosaur idea holds up based on the data that we have obtained."
    "There is a very significant amount of eel DNA," he continued. "Eels are very plentiful in Loch Ness, with eel DNA found at pretty much every location sampled – there are a lot of them. So, are they giant eels? Well, our data doesn't reveal their size, but the sheer quantity of the material says that we can't discount the possibility that there may be giant eels in Loch Ness."
    "Therefore we can't discount the possibility that what people see and believe is the Loch Ness monster might be a giant eel," Gemmels concluded.
    Despite the lack of any tangible evidence, the Loch Ness monster has remained popular — and profitable. In the early 21st century, it was thought that it contributed nearly $80 million annually to Scotland’s economy by way of monster merchandise and tours for fans.
    Never mind that the question as to whether Nessie ever really existed in the first place remains to this day.                                                                                             SEE VIDEOS  ;   https://www.foxnews.com/tech/loch-ness-monster-history
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    doingfine got a reaction from BigT in Consolidation   
    a Consol of this proportion , in these Northwoods , might spur some politicans to once more look into the finalization of Rte 219 completion of a limited access highway , and finally get the satisfaction Mr. Valentine worked so many years to bring to a close.........AND where would Treasure Lake fall into this mix , with so many votes that they possess ???
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    doingfine reacted to dubois_15801 in Consolidation   
    I"m voting for "DuGurls".
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    doingfine got a reaction from DuB814 in Consolidation   
    Sandy borders Jeff County in places , Consol may open the door to join this new metropolis with Jeff County and become a county seat !
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    doingfine reacted to watoos in NCAA Conference Championships   
    Yeah I dislike tO$U a lot. I remember when a professor turned in running back Maurice Clarette for never going to class, she almost got fired. I remember when their quarterback got caught speeding in a car that was owned by a dealership, he claimed he was on a test drive 300 miles from the dealership. 
    The wrestling coaches covered up the pervert doctor for years and they got nothing out of it while Penn State almost got the death penalty.
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    doingfine reacted to watoos in Penn State Wrestling   
    Update on the Scuffle; Starocci is a hammer on top with attitude. Kid from Navy swung an elbow at him at the end of the match, Starocci just stood over top of him and glared. By the way, Starocci finished 1st. 165 pounds.
    Michael Beard is also a hammer on top but he had to beat a lot more seeded wrestlers than Starocci. Beard finished 4th and the 2 matches he lost he was leading by 3 or 4 points. He needs to run the steps at Beaver stadium and work on his neutral defense. Still he did good.
    Joe Lee was also leading when he gassed. He came back to finish 5th.
    Those 3 guys are going to be solid next year. Murderers row with Lee, Starocci, Brooks, and Kerkviliet.
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    doingfine reacted to watoos in Penn State Wrestling   
    I agree, Teske just looks small.
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    doingfine reacted to watoos in Congratulations to Ed Scott   
    Congratulations to Ed Scott of DuBois for winning the 152 pound title at the Powerade tournament.
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    doingfine got a reaction from conservativeman633 in HORSE GRAVE BY THE COURIER-EXPRESS   
    If anyone else can remember? Add to this  , but I seem to think when Hoover Ave was extended to meet Beaver Drive that the Sandy Lick creek was re-located to the south a short distance to allow more useable acres , and this would account for the overhead pictures then and more recently.
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    doingfine reacted to conservativeman633 in HORSE GRAVE BY THE COURIER-EXPRESS   
    This must have been the track near present -day  Martins ??
    Thank you for the interesting history !
    doingfine got a reaction from conservativeman633 in HORSE GRAVE BY THE COURIER-EXPRESS   
    the aerial pic of may 1969 shows the Flying Eagle quarter midget track , built by Mr Collins a paving contractor , sheetz not yet built then .that building was Ward Trucking terminal , next to Miller`s motel above it and Peterman`s Truck Repair garage below Ward`s. the pic shows the original intersection in the top of the pic to get from 219 to Falls Creek past the track shown in that pic.
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