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  1. The MRAP, a Military "Mine Resistant April Phools" vehicle. Gotta love a news release like this on April 1🤣
  2. I hear the peepers are a peeping. True sounds of spring!
  3. This type of scam only works because you can`t fix stupid! And to think these (Stupid) people are everywhere so the scamming will go on and on and on! The cops gotta be shaking their heads! Duh......
  4. I did get a postcard in the mail yesterday from Penelec (Firstenergycorp) about Planned power outages that urged me to create an online account so they could inform me of any future planned outages..
  5. Good question and I already added him to my block list!
  6. I believe Dennis and Kem Parada want credit for finding the lost treasure which would help grow their business also bragging rights and i'm sure they realized they could not keep the treasure but there is usually a finders fee that would help pay for the many thousands of dollars they invested over the years in finding it. Can't imagine how disgusted they must be in how they have been treated after all their honest efforts!
  7. 5 second rule would apply. I would have scarfed them all up in less than that time!
  8. Interesting, says video removed. Guess the powers that be didn't want us to see it!
  9. People wearing masks and constantly touching the mask and then touching everything else around them therefore increasing the spreading and receiving of various germs!
  10. I will continue to pray for Faith as well as her family and care givers. There IS power in Prayer!! May God keep blessing you with the strength needed on this continuing journey! Thanks for keeping us updated as well!
  11. So at 77% recovery rate as stated by state officials that means around 17 cases active out of 44,000 people. The sky is falling and we're all gonna die so let's shut down everything and destroy business's and the lives of the other 99.9% of county residents!
  12. So we have 60 cases in Jefferson. How many of those 60 are recovered and how many are still sick with active virus. The number 60 means nothing as they just keep making the numbers larger and larger to scare people. This goes for every county across America....
  13. Has to make you wonder how many 10's of thousands or more tests across the country are/were invalid as well. I never did trust the numbers being presented!
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