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  1. Has anyone in the area have someone from Residents Energy come knock on their door lately? I just had someone knock on my door, saying that the provider wanted to keep my rates lower. I felt uncomfortable when they reached out for my cellphone when they sent me a text message. Who really goes door to door these days??
  2. Prayers go out to her family that they find peace within their saddened hearts. I didn't know her personally, but her words always stuck out to me here. She will be missed.
  3. I thought so too, because I remember going to one locally too, out near Brockport, but I cant remember either.
  4. Gravity Hill is in New Paris, Pa Bedford County.
  5. No disrespect taken, everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the subject. A place doesn't have to have someone technically living there to be haunted. For example, if something was built and it was torn down, and something else was built on top of it, it could still contain the residue from before. Another example, Gettysburg, there is alot of testimonies of people saying that there is still history among the war fields. They didn't live on the fields. So the tunnels for example, something could have happened on the property around that area or inside that area that triggers paranormal.
  6. That is by far very rude and disrespectful for someone to do such a thing. I guess not all people have morals and respect in the world. I'm sorry to hear that! :/
  7. With all due respect, no one ever said I was actually going to investigate the cemeteries. IMO, I just thought it would be interesting to find out history on them and the history of Sabula. I am interested in the tunnels because of the things I saw and heard while I was there. Even if there is ever an investigation on a place, there is always permission gotten first. I do not just go poking around on someone elses property. I have respect for the living as well as the deceased. Petee, I do apologize for calling you a sir, the name struck me as a male. I better check profiles next time.
  8. I made this forum where people can share their experiences with the paranormal in houses they have either lived in or been to in Clearfield County. It can be a place where you talk about experiences, ask questions about the unknown or share pictures. Enjoy:)
  9. Like I said I think it would be neat to but Im only interested in the tunnels. I do understand. But its not for entertainment, its to find out about the history of the tunnels and to find out what lingers from the afterlife. You sir may not be a believer, but I am:)
  10. To be honest, I am more focused on the tunnels, but I have always thought it would be neat to investigate the really old Cemetery up on the hill. Correct me if I am wrong here, but is it called the Bish or Boom Mountain Cemetery or is it called something else. Is there more than one, or is that the only one that is in Sabula?
  11. I sure will. I'm just waiting on a response back. It would be great to have others in the area help with everything like past photos, evps(if any) and videos that people in the area have gotten at those places. Thanks.
  12. gacfanmailadd@gmail.com Here is their email.
  13. I did but got no reply. I have contacted Ghost Adventures from the show on tv. I sent them pictures of my own and some links they can read. Im trying to get them to come investigate both the tunnels and cemetary thats located in Sabula. If anyone else has input or pictures, search contact Ghost Adventures in google. Thats where I was able to email them.
  14. Here's a few pictures I took a few years back when I went there. Someone earlier said when they yelled, they got a reply back of "hey." Same thing happened to me! It was at the bottom tunnel. Weird.
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