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  1. TRY TELLING THIS MAN https://rumble.com/v1avkhb-100-year-old-vet-breaks-down-this-is-not-the-america-we-fought-for.html?mref=ah9c7&mc=cfcoh
  2. FOR 3 YRS I have tried to be 1st at maxlms cant seem to do it
  3. so, when are the re-doing the sidewalks all the way to stone village and the re-done sheetz.....they did them all on main st and maple ave and beaver dr
  4. Biden Admin Pushes New Regs On Farmers As Food Inflation Skyrockets
  5. CA to provide all low-income illegal immigrants health care at a cost of ‘$2.7 billion a year’
  6. how does a father who is also 1 of the cops waiting in the hall with his child at that school who has his own gun NOT GO AFTER THIS PUNK...If you blame the gun....then.....51 died in the back of a truck....blame BIDEN
  7. watch this Covid Inflammation and the Brain Rate this topic By Petee, June 20 in Message Place
  8. to boost or not?.. really it doesn't matter, it doesn't stop you from getting it so get a shot of who knows what and you will be in our prayers.
  9. someone....anyone .......needs to grow a pair or get a spine and bring charges
  10. if not rick, you will be after
  11. like the color of the glasses.....glad to see she is doing well !!
  12. its going to emlenton I believe....maybe not yet but it will
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