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  1. Easiest way to dispose of it is throw it in a pick-up and take a ride to the landfill in Kersey. May cost a few $$, but it's disposed of properly.
  2. Another one of Ford's better ideas.... Nasty/Fugley!! 🤢🤮🤮
  3. Open shop contractors are notorious for skirting and breaking the prevailing wage laws. One way is they take high dollar trades people like carpenters, plumbers, sheet metal, and only pay them four hours at that rate and four hours at the rock bottom laborers rate.
  4. After traveling around the USA to work 30+ years living in motels, hotels, and apartments the last thing I want is to do is spend my retirement in any of the above. I'm selling everything and buying Class A motorhome and tow a car behind it and call home where ever we stop.
  5. You would be 100% wrong and have no clue what you're talking about in the construction trades industry. Women and minorities are making the exact same money penny for penny that the male caucasian workers are earning. Women and minorities are encouraged to seek employment in the trades.
  6. Mr Pompeii the owner of GoDubois has told this person/s multiple times to register like everyone else. He has made it aware the multiple "guest" names on these Clearfield posts are coming from the same IP address. Should they not follow the rules and wishes of the website owner??
  7. More like abuse of power and the feeling of superiority. People like this jackwagon don't need in positions of power/authority.
  8. Sounds like those seven have one hell of a civil and discrimination case against Biden and whoever else was involved if they don't fire Harris for huffing the hippy hay. But then again she may have a medical hippy hay card for bad knees. Just saying.....😉
  9. The company I am working for bid this (awaiting outcome) and other wind and solar projects in PA that are to get started in 2021.
  10. They have been seen as far as Southern Jefferson and Northern Indiana Counties.
  11. So when's the Cancel Culture wolves going after the Pope??
  12. As one missing GoDubois member said hundreds of times over the years that teaching is a calling and if you're doing it for the money you're in it for the wrong reasons. So according to his reasonings the teachers should have no issues funding their own pensions. Right?....
  13. Isn't it amusing how the two biggest Biden/Harris supporters on GoDubois are as silent as church mouse since the "election".
  14. I call BS! The gas was nowhere $3/gallon before COVID-19 and now all of a sudden it's because of demand. Yea right!! The fact is that the bumbling buffon Biden is bowing down to the big oil companies.
  15. Many of these people that have abused the unemployment system in PA using COVID-19 as an excuse to sit on their ass and collect when work was available to them are in for a rude awakening when the "free" cheese runs out. These fools especially the seasonal workers better hope they work 18 months straight because they are not going to be eligible to open a claim because they won't have any base year wages and no credit weeks to open a claim. Too bad, so sad......
  16. It's sickening isn't it! A first time DUI offender gets their life damn near ruined, but large scale drug dealers in this area get meaningless fines and probation and continue on business as usual.
  17. No let's place the blame directly on the ones responsible for the 500k job losses. Wolf, Levine, and their democrat lemmings in Harrisburg.
  18. Is it just me or have the BIG Biden democrat super supporters here on GoDubois come up missing or are they just in hiding now after seeing the mess and mockery their heroes are turning the USA into in just a few short weeks?? They got what they wanted....
  19. Who are they trying to BS!! That toll money will get squandered on the failing PA school system/pension fund or some other pet project.
  20. Has someone come back under yet another different name? Seems someone here has either been on forced quarantine or self quarantine from here the last few weeks. Or did he just finally get tired of being wrong so much??
  21. Anything sans a HEPA filter on a respirator is akin to whizzing on a forest fire. Look at the micron size of the COVID 19 virus and what size of micron these homemade masks, gaiters ETC actually prevent.
  22. Know a guy that had an accident due to a spooked Amish horse that caused him various injuries that laid him up for months and totaled his vehicle. The Amish made sure all his medical bills, household bills, wages, and any other expenses were paid 100% no questions asked. This also includes a new not used vehicle to replace the one that was totaled. Try and get an uninsured English to do that.....
  23. Wouldn't need an "alternate" road if fools would pay attention when they are driving, get off the damn cell phones and slow down. I'd be willing to bet there are more than a few obvious indicators that Amish live in that area including WARNING SIGNS....
  24. Far from it Cyber Sherlock. You, and I'm guessing the other half dozen "Guest Names" you use/used in this and prior posts about these dirtbag druggies sure seems to show you might have some kind of "skin in the game"....
  25. What's mind boggling is you seem to know so much about this but yet you come and whine about it on a message board instead of taking you're supposed vast knowledge of these crimes to the authorities....
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