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  1. Herd this also...
  2. https://fb.watch/5sV0Mw4N-Z/
  3. lol !! I had to watch this about 5 times
  4. Saw this last year or so, it was pretty damn COOL !!!
  5. LOL, what a train wreck...........
  6. Penn DOT would of taken years to do that, then make it a TOLL Tunnel
  7. So... lets see how the Covid-19 reacts to this......... ohh wait we have been wearing masks and its still spreading How about a face shield...
  8. This is a New Event for this year, please stop by and make this a Great Event !
  9. Today after work at grocery store, I was about ready to loose my S$it with people, cutting in right next to me to get things............ I even stood back waited for checkout lines to go down and still had a lady right freaking behind me as Im stuck in the the isle between checkout counters. WHAT dont people understand right now about personal Space !!! I think people are truly Ignorant to the Facts of try to overcome this situation, and then again most people just suck to begin with LOL :O
  10. Most of the local Powder Metal Plants are shutting down, no sure as of yet if my employer is closing. This is crazy stuff !!!
  11. For those of you that have Facebook, here is the link to 200+ pics of the 115+ cars at the show, it was a great success https://www.facebook.com/art.by.sean/media_set?set=a.10220217789814551&type=3
  12. Just want to BUMP this up for tomorrow. Please come and show some participation in our Fundraising Event. Thanks !!!
  13. Please stop by and help support this event and help us raise money to help out local school children in the DuBois School District.
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