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  1. nevermind


    Fabio. Sister Goldenhair. I'm betting you'll just call her puppy.
  2. I had to laugh at your names. This is also how we name our pets. We have Bigyellowbabycat, Blackcat, Fuzzycat, Kittencat and... the Rooster. (who is also a cat.)
  3. My brother owns a house and lives in Maryland. He says he has to pay for the rain that falls on his roof. Or the disposal of the rain. Or for the fact that his roof interferes with the natural fall of the rain. Or something... They charge him by the square feet of his roof. This is in addition to property taxes. It has to do with rain. My eyes glossed over when he was explaining it. I don't understand it but he's never lied to me before. Sounds like Maryland has a different agenda.
  4. I've seen it several times but when I tell someone about it, they think I'm crazy! It's there, but you have to be watching the river at the right time! No place to pull over.
  5. I hate to tell you this, but you're probably not going to get as many apples this year, dogg. No advice on the dogwood. I severely wounded my fancy tree last fall. Backed a truck into it. It has less leaves than your apple tree.
  6. I saw one yesterday at my hanging baskets. They had been hanging on my front porch for less than 24 hours. I live in the unpopulated area of Treasure Lake. How that teeny bird found my new basket is beyond me. It's not like there's row after row of houses with flowers here. I'm like in the middle of the woods. On another note, I have so many woodpeckers this year. So many more than any other year I remember. The ones I can see are the red topped ones, but there are bigger ones I hear rat-a-tat-ing but can't see. Any birders on here know why there are more than usual? Ash borer?
  7. I swear I saw one in the trees in my back yard at the lake a few years ago. He was just hanging out up in the tree and then swooped off down the hill.
  8. nevermind


    I used to have that problem often, because I didn't want to spend the extra money for the bombs and Frontline. I thought I could just "clean" them away. Didn't work. Ever since I bombed the house really good (every breathing thing out of the house for a few hours ) and started with the Frontline, we have had no problems. It's been a few years and I will never go without it again. The bombs are much safer than they used to be, I suppose. Poison is poison, though, read the instructions. And Frontline every month May-October. The teeny tiny white spiders in my house are a whole 'nother thing. I can't find a way to get rid of them. But they don't bite, like fleas.
  9. It was a beautiful morning everywhere today. Thanks for sharing the pics, Bon.
  10. Hit "More reply options" right beside the POST button at the bottom of the reply box.
  11. I don't have a pond, so I like looking at the one from the walkway. It looks lonesome, tho.
  12. Is that the same bird as the (best guess:heron) I see on the Dubois walkway every day? Well, it's not on the walkway, it's in the water.
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