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  1. The Bradford pear trees.
  2. Some states they are on their invasive list where you can't plant or sell them
  3. Well, in my 20 years in landscaping, you can't really put trees in where side walks are..... the roots will just cause the same issues over time..
  4. My county here in Georgia is has everything from farms to cities with very nice downtown areas for entertaining, golf clubs and nice high end residential as well middle class and lower class living area. Everything is county run.... it nice, it makes sense. It's more efficient as well.
  5. Really, Few miles doesn't make that much difference..... but it's a shame the land in swampy so not much more can be built there.... but your thoughts do make sense
  6. Now that's what I call the Trump card
  7. I love our county library system here in Georgia. I can walk into any county library and take a book out.
  8. Do you live in Sandy? If so by the United States Post Office, you live in DuBois... just saying
  9. Except for the supervisor who voted to continue...... who's got Russias number? We need a hack. Lol
  10. Glad I moved and never coming back. Those who voted to end are %%#%&. It's 2021 not 1921. poop or get off the ^%$# pot. http://m.thecourierexpress.com/news/sandy-twp-supervisors-vote-not-to-move-forward-with-consolidation-process/article_328c6c87-6bd3-51f8-bd39-0f4c50fd26f1.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  11. That could be the new name of town since we'll never get one.
  12. Who cares? I lived in Georgia for 15 years. They had county everything! It was nice. Plus lot less taxes as well! I would really like to see the county thing happen here. But if you lived in the corperated cities, you did pay higher taxes most places like DuBois.
  13. And that is why I moved out of the area a long time ago. I don't blame folks for leaving like I did. It's really best for them. Since I'm older and wiser and wanted to slow down a little bit and I can work lot from home. is why I moved back a few years ago. But the drugs and crime is another thing that hurts this area. Sure merging can help get grants and funding for businesses but does no good if every one in high, stone or doped.
  14. Soooo the city used grant money for a dog park and not use it towards this? How disrespectful of the deceased at the cemetery, as well people donating time, labor, and money, when the grant from the dog park would have been utilized better in a respectful manner.
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