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  1. I think the original poster was referring to June teeth
  2. DuBois Sandy police have a man hunt in the triangle springs, Brady Street pentz run area.
  3. Dems needed something to make Republicans look bad for the election
  4. Which is ass backwards. Every other state I've lived in, it wasn't this way. There needs to be more police enforcement all around and the state not giving it to us. For example, how long would it take police to get to a robbery at gun point in bloom township? Would they request sandy and curwensville PD to get their first? You call 911 in a emergency and expect them to come ASAP but not whenever psp has a "tropper available" ...
  5. Might as well throw in Union, Brady and Houston townships. Since the PSP seems to be limited and the sheriff department doesn't really patrol or anything. (I'm aware how they're set up) but they should be patrolling the county and assisting other departments. All the other states have sheriff's that do that. I dunno why it's set up differently for the county or PA
  6. They are still building houses in area where there still is growth. I was just visiting family in the Atlanta area, contractors are still behind in work the in the metro area due to low housing inventory. Yes it has slowed down not because of cost but supply chain issues but it's not as bad as it was last year. My cousin house she bought for 250k is now going for 450k in his subdivision in South Atlanta. Most of her older neighbors that are retired are selling their homes and downsizing our moving to outer areas to take advantage of the market.
  7. So there's no threat and they have him in custody then release the suspects name!
  8. The suspect will only get maybe like 4 months in jail the way Sayers and Judge Cherry prosecute cases.
  9. What's going on the city? Police everywhere
  10. Gota get ready for the mountains in china
  11. Eventhough I don't like guy. It's a silly law. What's the point of being married if husband and wife can't take care of matters for each other. My wife had a bank card issue..... when I tired to fix it at the bank they were going to call the police on me because I had her card and thought I was trying to pull fraud (Even though we're on the same account) Also, they asked "how did you get your wife's card? I said it was mailed to my house! (They had no record of it being mailed). I still couldn't get it activated. She had to do everything the next week after her trip.
  12. I'll bootleg up some bottles from the south on my next trip down there lol.
  13. The subway by the mall was closed as well
  14. But at pretty much see it on TV, internet anyway.... it would be a good legal point of view to try and overturn since both are public areas.
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