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  1. I'll bootleg up some bottles from the south on my next trip down there lol.
  2. The subway by the mall was closed as well
  3. But at pretty much see it on TV, internet anyway.... it would be a good legal point of view to try and overturn since both are public areas.
  4. https://www.thecourierexpress.com/news/reynoldsville-borough-found-to-have-committed-unfair-labor-practice-by-plrb/article_72e4216f-424f-5f62-8b89-45ee4c14c819.html REYNOLDSVILLE — The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board has filed a proposed decision and order regarding Teamsters Local Union No. 110 v. Reynoldsville Borough, a labor suit filed by Union Representative Rick Keller on behalf of former Sergeant Tammy Murray against the borough in June 2020
  5. I'm not democrap either but I'm going to protect my kids and my family..... the vaccine works.... it's no different then the flu shot........ my wife and I always had different reactions to the flu shot. Everyone reactts different to all different vaccines. Every year my wife and I have different side effects from the flu shot.
  6. I'm glad I'm vaccinated and wear a mask at times...I only wear a mask if I'm going to be around alot of people. If I go in a store that not busy I'm not going to wear a mask...... the vaccine pretty much the flu shot just added to it for the covid..... every family member that didn't have the vaccine ended up in icu or passed away. My other family members who had it got slight sick with covid or didn't get it yet... So the vaccine works in my eyes...... but I think mask should be worn at times but not mandate or forced too. But everyone needs to get vaccinated. I have a close family me
  7. City of CrackPizza. (For the drugs and pizza places)
  8. I buy the same brand of equipment for my business at different dealers based on price, if something happens especially under warranty, I can take it to whoever that's a dealer to fix it no matter what. Now if I have to pay for service, the local guy going to get my business..... but I don't buy my stuff new alot from there because bigger dealers I can work with on price.
  9. I'm not Methodist (Baptist) but I know many Methodist friends here. Sad to see the division in a church! I hope the church wins against the conference bishop. https://mtbethel.org/update/ (church response to the news article below) https://www.ajc.com/news/north-georgia-conference-seizes-assets-of-mt-bethel-umc-in-east-cobb/MGLQAJU26JF6VFLGDMF7FPQ6OQ/ In an extremely rare move, the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church has seized the assets of Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church in
  10. Some security they have up there 🙄
  11. SAD UPDATE: According to a state police crash report, 26-year-old Brittany Socash, who was reported missing Saturday, has been identified as the victim of a fatal, early morning crash along Curwensville-Grampian Highway. https://wjactv.com/news/local/troopers-searching-for-missing-clearfield-co-womanhttps://wjactv.com/news/local/troopers-searching-for-missing-clearfield-co-woman
  12. I'm sorry. But you guys saying that your glad your kids were done with baseball shows your lack of support for your kids......I hated my mom when she would complain about my sports. I never got much support from my parents with the sports I played.......I know you guys were probably more supp then mine.... but how would you feel if your kids saw your comments about them playing ball? It will make them feel guilty..........
  13. Totally agree! I've lived in other states where we voted on sales tax increases or special tax for heath or infrastructure education etc..... and some I voted for because it was usually a 1 or 2 % increases
  14. I've was always a little nervous when it came to playoffs or championship games and I didn't have any pressure from my coaches or parents..... so kids can feel scared and nervous for a big game weather there's pressure or not.... but it can certainly add to it as well.....
  15. Then do it in the dug out, not on the field so close to the other team starting line up.
  16. DuBois and Clearfield were bigger cities back in the day compared to now......
  17. 🎵 "There's always nothing happening at the DuBois Hall" 🎵
  18. That's called zoning. I'm taking a good guess out won't change that much... it will take decades for it to change.... nothing is going to happen overnight...... if you live in sandy maybe you shouldn't be involved with anything in DuBois if you hate the issue so much.
  19. The title made me think he found a DUI not himself as a DUI.
  20. If I was stopped, I wouldn't give them my license and I soulful call sandy township or pop to run my info for them. I'm not giving a want to be rent cop my info
  21. If you read my post, I never said you. I said folks meaning plural...... but I guess you cant comprehend that. Show me where said you made fun of Trump. I'll wait
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