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  1. I think the original poster was referring to June teeth
  2. DuBois Sandy police have a man hunt in the triangle springs, Brady Street pentz run area.
  3. Dems needed something to make Republicans look bad for the election
  4. Which is ass backwards. Every other state I've lived in, it wasn't this way. There needs to be more police enforcement all around and the state not giving it to us. For example, how long would it take police to get to a robbery at gun point in bloom township? Would they request sandy and curwensville PD to get their first? You call 911 in a emergency and expect them to come ASAP but not whenever psp has a "tropper available" ...
  5. Might as well throw in Union, Brady and Houston townships. Since the PSP seems to be limited and the sheriff department doesn't really patrol or anything. (I'm aware how they're set up) but they should be patrolling the county and assisting other departments. All the other states have sheriff's that do that. I dunno why it's set up differently for the county or PA
  6. They are still building houses in area where there still is growth. I was just visiting family in the Atlanta area, contractors are still behind in work the in the metro area due to low housing inventory. Yes it has slowed down not because of cost but supply chain issues but it's not as bad as it was last year. My cousin house she bought for 250k is now going for 450k in his subdivision in South Atlanta. Most of her older neighbors that are retired are selling their homes and downsizing our moving to outer areas to take advantage of the market.
  7. So there's no threat and they have him in custody then release the suspects name!
  8. The suspect will only get maybe like 4 months in jail the way Sayers and Judge Cherry prosecute cases.
  9. What's going on the city? Police everywhere
  10. Gota get ready for the mountains in china
  11. Eventhough I don't like guy. It's a silly law. What's the point of being married if husband and wife can't take care of matters for each other. My wife had a bank card issue..... when I tired to fix it at the bank they were going to call the police on me because I had her card and thought I was trying to pull fraud (Even though we're on the same account) Also, they asked "how did you get your wife's card? I said it was mailed to my house! (They had no record of it being mailed). I still couldn't get it activated. She had to do everything the next week after her trip.
  12. I'll bootleg up some bottles from the south on my next trip down there lol.
  13. The subway by the mall was closed as well
  14. But at pretty much see it on TV, internet anyway.... it would be a good legal point of view to try and overturn since both are public areas.
  15. https://www.thecourierexpress.com/news/reynoldsville-borough-found-to-have-committed-unfair-labor-practice-by-plrb/article_72e4216f-424f-5f62-8b89-45ee4c14c819.html REYNOLDSVILLE — The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board has filed a proposed decision and order regarding Teamsters Local Union No. 110 v. Reynoldsville Borough, a labor suit filed by Union Representative Rick Keller on behalf of former Sergeant Tammy Murray against the borough in June 2020. In the proposed decision dated Aug. 13, 2021, it was found the borough had committed an unfair labor practice and calls for the reinstatement of Murray to her full-time position in the police department. Keller is the union representative with Teamsters Local #110, representing the Reynoldsville Borough Police Department. He filed the unfair labor practice suit against the borough on behalf of Murray because of her position being cut from full-time to part-time. Her position was later eliminated completely with the 2021 budget when no money was allocated for part-time officers. The 15-page document is available in its entirety on the PLRB website, detailing the hearing, the conclusion, and the proposed decisions and order. The document is authored by Hearing Examiner Stephen Helmerich with the PLRB. According to the PLRB filing, prior to 2020, Reynoldsville Mayor Louie “Peach” Caltagarone did not have much involvement with the police department “due to his conflicts with the borough council.” He also did not participate in the collective bargaining negotiations between the union and the borough that took place in July 2019. The bargaining took place between former Chief Troy Bell, Murray and Keller and the borough was represented by former council members Sue Ellen Wells and T.J. Sliwinski. The Collective Bargaining Agreement was reached and approved by the borough council. The CBA has the effective date of Jan. 1, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2024. Caltagarone was upset that he was not part of the negotiations, said he was busy, and did not sign the agreement, according to the document. According to the document, the timeline of events began in January 2020 when the current Reynoldsville Borough Council re-opened the proposed budget due to issues with the per capita tax being advertised improperly. During a Jan. 8, 2020 meeting, Helmerich noted the reason for re-opening the budget was “expressly because the ‘per capita and assessment taxes were not advertised correctly, so they were void.’ No mention is made of any budget shortfall motivating Council action. No mention is made of the Police Department at all. No mention of the ‘CBA being invalid’ is made.” Helmerich continued that during the Jan. 13, 2020 meeting, the council discussed the need for additional part-time assistance, not less. There was also no mention at that time of reducing any of the full-time officers to part-time and no mentioned concern with the union’s CBA. Also noted in the document, the council discussed possible regionalization during the Jan. 14, 2020 meeting. Former councilman, Bill Cebulskie Jr. said “he would like to review the possibility of Regionalization of the Police forces. With a half hour to one hour response time from PSP, he feels it is necessary to look into this possibility,” according to Helmerich. On Jan. 14, 2020, Caltagarone issued three directives to the police department, with the third regarding police vehicles, and being on-call. Murray and Bell discussed this, and Murray had concerns about safety, specifically with increasing response time to officer assistance calls, according to the document. Murray said on-call is not part of the CBA and is something that would have to be discussed through the union. When she brought this up, it upset Caltagarone, Helmerich wrote. According to the document, the following conversation ensued; “Murray asked the Mayor, ‘Could you word the Directives to be more specific about what [the Borough] wanted from them?’ The Mayor then stood right next to Murray’s desk and yelled at her, ‘I am not changing it to meet your needs.’ Murray was sitting at her desk and the Mayor stood over top of her. Murray responded, ‘I am not asking you to change anything. I am just asking you to be more specific about what you meant by it.’ The Mayor responded, ‘The Union should have checked with me before they put anything in [the CBA] because I run this department. Not you and not the Union.’ The Mayor responded, ‘Every time I try and do something, every time I try and do something with the Police Department, make a change, a directive for example, you are just going to run to the Union?’ The Mayor also told Murray, ‘If you are not going to sign the Directive, punch out.’ Murray responded, ‘Is that really what you want me to do because you are going to pay me to stay at home and I haven’t done anything wrong.’ The Mayor responded, ‘Why? Because you are going to call the Union? So, you are going to nitpick everything I do and when you don’t get your way, you are going to involve the Union.’” Later, during a special meeting on Jan. 29, 2020 the council approved a motion to modify the police budget because the contract was invalid, and they wanted to renegotiate the police contract. When Caltagarone told Bell this, he said it was because the CBA was not “a legal agreement” and the borough wanted to move to one full-time and one-part time officer, according to the filing. “Bell asked, ‘If we do not renegotiate what is going to happen?’ and the Mayor responded, ‘The Police Department would be disbanded if the contract could not be agreed upon and the State Police would assume coverage,’” Helmerich wrote.
  16. I'm not democrap either but I'm going to protect my kids and my family..... the vaccine works.... it's no different then the flu shot........ my wife and I always had different reactions to the flu shot. Everyone reactts different to all different vaccines. Every year my wife and I have different side effects from the flu shot.
  17. I'm glad I'm vaccinated and wear a mask at times...I only wear a mask if I'm going to be around alot of people. If I go in a store that not busy I'm not going to wear a mask...... the vaccine pretty much the flu shot just added to it for the covid..... every family member that didn't have the vaccine ended up in icu or passed away. My other family members who had it got slight sick with covid or didn't get it yet... So the vaccine works in my eyes...... but I think mask should be worn at times but not mandate or forced too. But everyone needs to get vaccinated. I have a close family member who refused to get vaccinated and now fighting for their life.........
  18. City of CrackPizza. (For the drugs and pizza places)
  19. I buy the same brand of equipment for my business at different dealers based on price, if something happens especially under warranty, I can take it to whoever that's a dealer to fix it no matter what. Now if I have to pay for service, the local guy going to get my business..... but I don't buy my stuff new alot from there because bigger dealers I can work with on price.
  20. I'm not Methodist (Baptist) but I know many Methodist friends here. Sad to see the division in a church! I hope the church wins against the conference bishop. https://mtbethel.org/update/ (church response to the news article below) https://www.ajc.com/news/north-georgia-conference-seizes-assets-of-mt-bethel-umc-in-east-cobb/MGLQAJU26JF6VFLGDMF7FPQ6OQ/ In an extremely rare move, the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church has seized the assets of Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church in Marietta amid a fight over who should be its senior pastor. The conference announced its stunning decision in a statement released Monday and said it was “acting out of love for the church and its mission” and to “preserve the legacy of the Mt. Bethel church and its longstanding history of mission and ministry.” Mt. Bethel UMC in Marietta, whose membership has been reported to be around 8,000, has one of the largest congregations in the conference. It also has the Mt. Bethel Christian Academy. According to the statement from the North Georgia Conference, the regional governing body for the area’s United Methodist churches, the title to Mt. Bethel UMC’s real, personal, tangible and intangible property was immediately transferred to the conference’s Board of Trustees, “who may hold or dispose of such property in its sole discretion.” By Gwinnett County Government ADVERTISER CONTENT Gwinnett mom describes her decision to get vaccinated The statement also said the employment, instruction, activities and worship at the church and the school will continue “but under the direction and control of the Conference Board of Trustees.” The North Georgia Conference and the leadership at the conservative Mt. Bethel church have been locked in a battle for months. ADVERTISING In April, the Rev. Jody Ray, who has served as senior pastor of the east Cobb congregation for about five years, surrendered his credentials and said the church was taking steps to leave the denomination. At issue was the planned reassignment of Ray, who was to be appointed to a new assignment on the conference staff related to racial reconciliation. Ray contends he was never consulted about the move. In a previous interview, he said the reassignment could be due to the church not paying its full apportionments to the annual conference for several years. He also thinks the congregation’s support of the Book of Discipline’s conservative stance on the issue of homosexuality may have been a factor. Ray, backed by many members of the congregation and the church’s influential administrative council, became CEO and lead preacher. The Rev. Steven Usry was appointed “pastor-in-charge,” beginning July 1. Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson and the eight district superintendents “have unanimously determined that ‘exigent circumstances’ have threatened the continued vitality and mission of Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church,” according to the North Georgia Conference statement. “Given this determination, all assets of the local church have transferred immediately to the conference’s Board of Trustees of the North Georgia Conference.” This means the church has no assets or property, according to the conference. Unless this crisis is resolved by that time, the annual conference in “June 2022 will decide whether to formally close the local church.” The bishop has discussed the matter several times on videos posted on the conference’s website. In an April 26 pastoral letter, Haupert-Johnson said spring is typically when new assignments are made. She wrote that the “reassignment of a pastor is not done out of spite. The placement of a pastor is not done as a form of punishment. The reassignment of a pastor is not designed to persecute.” After the seizure of assets was announced, Mt. Bethel fired back in a subsequent statement. The statement accused Haupert-Johnson of failing to engage in the UMC’s consultative process. “While she claims she is acting out of ‘love for the church and its mission,’ enlisting attorneys and the courts to seize assets is a strange way for a bishop to show her love for one of the healthiest churches in her conference,” according to the statement. Instead, the church said Haupert-Johnson has “hastily initiated an ill-timed and an ill-considered move that not only jeopardizes great ministry and missions at Mt. Bethel but also the health and reputation of her entire annual conference.” Mt. Bethel’s leaders and attorneys were notified on July 12 about the closure and transfer of assets to the conference board of trustees. While the move is immediate, the North Georgia Conference’s Board of Trustees has given the acting leaders of the local church 10 days to complete the transfer. Anne Burkholder, associate dean of Methodist Studies at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, said while rare, the move falls within the rights and responsibilities of an annual conference. If Mt. Bethel just walked off with no response from the annual conference, then the conference would be at fault, she said. “The annual conference has to respond to this in a disciplinary way for the good of the church, the annual conference and the general Church overall.” L. Edward Phillips, associate professor of Historical Theology and Christian Worship at Candler, used the analogy of the breakup of a marriage. “A marriage is clearly a personal relationship but there it also has legal and financial ramifications,” he said. “One person simply can’t walk out.” Mt. Bethel is unusual because of its sheer size. “It’s generated its own gravity,” he said. “It’s been able to operate with some independence from the North Georgia Conference; nevertheless, all United Methodists are connected by the Book of Discipline. It’s like our Constitution.” The North Georgia Conference includes nearly 800 churches and roughly 340,000 members. The United Methodist Church is the second-largest Protestant denomination in the United States. In addition to this Georgia church conflict, the denomination has faced major divisions over the past few years over same-sex marriage and the ordination of LGBTQ clergy. A split is a near certainty. Earlier this year, conservatives unveiled plans for a new denomination called the Global Methodist Church, which they expect to become official in 2022. Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church East Cobb campus: 4385 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta Mt. Bethel North: 2509 Post Oak Tritt Road, Marietta History: Mt. Bethel has served the community for more than 175 years. In the late 1870s, the church moved from Richmond Hill and Charlsie Drive to the corner of Lower Roswell and Johnson Ferry roads. In 2016, the church started a North Campus. Source: Mt. Bethel website In Other News 1 Man arrested in fatal shooting at Atlanta lounge owned by rapper 2... 2 Shootings on metro Atlanta roadways this year have killed 14, injured... 3 Georgia senior care homes struggle to rebound after pandemic 4 Body of drowning victim missing since April found in Lake Lanier 5 Suspect sought in afternoon shooting at Decatur business CONTENT BY What women need to know about J&J vaccineAd Council| Sponsored Learn More Ad Council| Sponsored Utah women receive J&J vaccine, citing trust in CDC's decision and desire to see family. 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  21. Some security they have up there 🙄
  22. SAD UPDATE: According to a state police crash report, 26-year-old Brittany Socash, who was reported missing Saturday, has been identified as the victim of a fatal, early morning crash along Curwensville-Grampian Highway. https://wjactv.com/news/local/troopers-searching-for-missing-clearfield-co-womanhttps://wjactv.com/news/local/troopers-searching-for-missing-clearfield-co-woman
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