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  1. 'Each time I was diagnosed, I was prescribed 10 days of Doxycycline, the antibiotic that kills Lyme. Each time it did the trick.' If it's easily curable why did the CDC make a vaccine?
  2. Now, is it the tomatoes 'genes' that do that or is it epigenetics? *giggle*
  3. In Mich we always used Mother's Day as a guide for Morels.
  4. You want to get them just as they are popping up and haven't unfurled yet,
  5. Yikes! Why I don't go looking for things that go bump in the night....scary. http://www.indystar.com/story/news/2014/01/25/the-disposession-of-latoya-ammons/4892553/
  6. WMJ, mentioning trail cams and creatures have you ever seen the film - The Cannibal In The Jungle? I usually don't watch this sort of stuff because I scare easily but I found it really interesting.
  7. Yeah, doesn't say much for all of those politicians and so-called progressives who want to mandate products containing these contaminates, eh? I never thought I would see the day where so-called Progs backed and venomously defended corporations with criminal fine rap sheets a mile long....Far leaning Cons yeah, but Progs? That they somehow think injecting fungi - Well it just blows the mind!
  8. Monsanto's own study subjects disproves your claim.
  9. The WHO's existence doesn't depend on chemicals used in weed killers. Perhaps we ought ask them what their available scientific data shows concerning carcinogenic, fertility, or mutagenic properties linked to their most profitable product.
  10. And what are you two going to do if you come across evil spirits?
  11. While I'm not interested in searching out other forms of energy - too scary, one of the best books on demons that I have ever read and re-read occasionally is Hostage To the Devil by Malachi Martin.
  12. Must be in the genes.......... Baaaaa-Baaaa-Baaaa-Woof
  13. 1969, my mother insisted I wear pants to school since they had lifted the dress rule. I cried and cried. My teacher had to take me out into the hall to explain to me that I wasn't going to get into trouble because I was wearing pants to school.
  14. Remember living thru the blizzard of 78 in southern Michigan. Wind gusts at times hit close to 100 mph. We missed two solid weeks of school. Good times!
  15. Actually it is you who is exhibiting troll like behavior. Personal attacking others, avoiding the subject, is one of their favorite troll like tactics.
  16. Since vaccine manufacturers have stated that their vaccines don't give lifelong protection as once thought you and your kids keep up with ALL of your boosters, right?
  17. So the virus shed by vaccination that scientists and many vets are saying is causing the illnesses and deaths leads an animal to live a long healthy life? Oh do tell.
  18. Good grief why would I want to give my pet a vaccine that scientists and many vets are saying is causing the problems?
  19. Makes me thing of that song, "Let me tell you bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees".............
  20. Would agree with you Bennyboy1. I wonder how these vaccines prevent Lyme spirochetes in animals when spirochetes are considered indestructible. I'll just never understand that.
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