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  1. I have mine in full sun but there are alot of different variaties and it may matter. On a side note, I read that if you mulch them in pine needles, it would increase the sweetness. I did and the difference was amazing. Much sweeter.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I've used my scanner on some of them but only got so-so results. I now see where I made some mistakes.
  3. I have a pile of old glass negatives. Anyone know who could develop them? I also have a bunch of late 80s Kodak disk negatives that I would like to get prints from if anyone knows where let me know.
  4. I remember that year and the snow. My brother had a chevelle that he parked at the end of my dad's circle driveway and we tunneled into it for a fort. It was awesome until my brother found out about it.
  5. Awesome pic. Where did you get it? Have any more?
  6. What an idiotic statement. No wonder why no one respects you or your views.
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