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  1. That's old. Probably from March 1st when there were 100 cases in the US. I'm sure the CDC never thought things would get this bad where we now need masks.
  2. How about you stand in a closed room with two covid patients, one with a mask and one without, both coughing into the air. I wonder which one you would rather stand beside....
  3. My point was that wearing a little mask "all day" isn't the great burden you tried to make it out to be. It's cheap and easy, anyone can do it.
  4. Well yeah, assuming your standing in front of customers or clients or colleagues. I'm certain that if your sitting alone in your office, your not expected to mask up. Goes without saying...I thought.
  5. You know there's places that require their employees to wear hard hats, steel toe shoes, saftey glasses. All day. For the sake of safety. The employees that say 'it's my well-being, my choice, not wearing this PPE" are terminated and replaced with ppl who aren't snowflakes.
  6. Oh let me guess, YOU verified all these claims with your own YouTube research? This woman blatently lied about being jailed without cause, losing all credebility. Just a coincidence she has that book out right? YOU go research what she says and let me know when you get something that isn't on YouTube or Infowars.
  7. Keep in mind, this wackjob woman was jailed for stealing equipment from her employer after she was terminated... not 'without reason' or as an attempt to silence her as she may claim. She also said that breathing into a mask will reintroduce the expelled virus back into your body making you more ill - which is sheer Idiocracy. She's just trying to sell her new book full of BS.
  8. i thought we couldn't advertise local deals on GoDubois? I got bitched at for advertising a local special last year and my post deleted.
  9. i got spiders all over..they drive me nuts. I don't see them inside much, but they hang out on my porch like kids in Martin's parking lot.
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