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  1. I was just told there was one stolen on Route 950 also (Reynoldsville/Falls Creek Road).
  2. Go to Our Town: Reynoldsville or I grew up in Reynoldsbilke PA. I think that us where I saw a couple articles.
  3. I don't know how they pay. I do scrapbooking, but only for my family so far. I dont have a business. If you don't find anyone, let me know if you want me to do it. I would need to know how many, and by when. If you are interested. Thanks for replying.
  4. Did you find someone yet?
  5. Tom and Carol F had a bar there in the basement level... that must have been in 1980? It had alot of mirrors.
  6. I am not interested enough to want to see the place. If it was along the road I'd look, if not , no biggy. I would not go driving up a private lane to see it or peek in the windows. Just wondered about where it was. My roots are not in DuBois.
  7. I see Alida Ave and Don St. Must be up beyond there??? On the gas station end?
  8. I travel n Lincoln Drive everyday and everyday I wonder where this home is??????
  9. What can you put in your soil where you previously had the blight in order for new plants not to get it? Hubby had used a recipe this past summer to try to keep from getting it, but we got it later in the year.
  10. I am not a gardener, but what if you tossed your clippings in the composte bin BEFORE the late blight hit? Will it be ok?
  11. Wow! That is really interesting! Maybe there would be exchange students attending area colleges that could help. ?? That would make a fantastic (history, ethnic) learning experience for anyone involved!
  12. When we moved in our house in 1984, I found a bunch of war letters. One of them told about my father in law getting wounded by shrapnel from friendly fire. I kept that one, though I don't know where it is, may have given it to my mother-in-law??? And like an idiot, I could kick myself, I think I burnt the rest. Now I make scrapbooks, and I am so mad at myself for that. Wish I could go back, and know what I know now...
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