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  1. What are defining as normal? 180 days face-to-face instruction? 180 days hybrid instruction? Or are we just talking about sports, dances, and extra curriculars? On all fronts are local tri-county schools have only had 1 not "normal" year and that was 2019-2020. Kids missed the final 9 weeks that Spring. Kudos to our local school staff, parents, and community members for giving our kids "normal" school years in not-normal times.
  2. Now I am missing the intent... Let's recap. I responded very directly to your post regarding vacations taken by Biden. I responded to Tiramisu speculation that the media hasn't been critical of Biden's vacation time. I called you on your hypocrisy. And now you want to say I am missing the intent. So let's talk about intent. What was your intent when you responded to the initial post with info on Biden's time away from the White House? Biden is vaxxed. A vaccine mandate wouldn't effect his travels. So what's your intent? To just b**** about the President you don't like taking a vacation that a vaccine mandate wouldn't stop? Got it.
  3. I was asked to find where the media has bitched about Biden's vacations. I found where the media has bitched about Biden's vacations. So that you are satisfied, here's some others: https://www.npr.org/2021/08/07/1024650037/dela-where-hed-rather-be-come-the-weekend-biden-leaves-d-c https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/578347-biden-ahead-of-pace-trump-set-for-days-away-from-white-house-cnn https://nypost.com/2021/12/27/biden-makes-31st-trip-to-delaware-after-omicron-ruins-puerto-rican-vacation-plans/ This is an interesting read on the history of Presidential vacations: https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2021/07/02/biden-trump-president-vacation-history/ Stop being a hypocrite. It's not a good look on you.
  4. I don't think so. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy is hypocrisy.
  5. THIS. 100% agree. The irony and hypocrisy when we (and the media) b**** and moan about the President we don't like taking "too many" vacations to his home. Seriously. That's why I posted the similarities in the weekends away for Biden and Trump. The amount of time out of the White House is nearly identical and yet some on here seem to think it's not ok for Biden to go to his home in Delaware but was fine for Trump to go his home in Florida and/or New Jersey.
  6. Yep he did. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2018/01/19/trumps-first-year-office-he-spent-heres-where-president-trump-spent-his-weekends-during-his-first-ye/1041087001/ The numbers are pretty similar between Biden and Trump for their respective 1st year's in office. Biden 35 weekends. Trump 38.
  7. I'm assuming these numbers are based on testing. I'd be willing to bet that the CDC anticipated higher positivity rates, from tests, from omicron when most people who had omicron probably didn't get a test because symptoms are so mild. Along this line of thinking...omicron probably is the dominant infection variant but delta is the dominate positive test variant. Does receiving the monoclonal antibody treatment require a positive COVID test for Delta? Wonder how long it takes to get a variant specific positive test? Frankly at this point in the game I expect more from CDC.
  8. It's a sad day when victims of sexual assault/harassment can't get justice because of a statue of limitations. I hope all victims pursue this through the civil courts. Sue the hell out of him and everyone that helped him stay in office and continue this behavior.
  9. Never said Trump could have done anything different. Re-read my posts.
  10. So its an administration's fault that a virus is mutating??? What exactly could the Biden administration done to prevent variants? Offer free vaccines and boosters? Oh wait...
  11. Pretty sure Trump didn't develop a vaccine. He may have had oversight on the process and testing but he didn't develop a damn thing. Give credit where it belongs, not to a false prophet.
  12. My post was in response to Petee pondering if Trump could put together a panel to counter the vaccine and/or science behind it. Seems to me as though that is something Trump is unlikely to do as he has stated he believes in the vaccine and has gotten it himself.
  13. Trump must have already found them. He's vaxxed and boosted.
  14. You do realize Trump himself is vaccinated and boosted, right? He said so himself about a week ago.
  15. Quiet Creek Herb Farm just outside of Brookville has a lot of great salves, teas, etc. The proprietors also are quite knowledgeable in using natural remedies to improve overall health and wellness and treat MINOR aches and pains. I often try some of their salves before an OTC pain reliever for mild issues. That being said, I'm so thankful to live in a country where I have access to real healthcare for real health issues. There's a reason life expectancy has increased to the numbers it has.
  16. I live with a teacher. I can assure you it's still happening...but you know teachers are immune from contact tracing, right? DOH actually decided that last year. They aren't in close enough contact for a long enough time to "count" as contacts. Makes perfect sense.
  17. According to the info from our school, DOH quarantine guidelines are still in place as is contact tracing. Contact tracing has never stopped. Kids just weren't required to quarantine if they were masked. Now that they aren't masked, quarantining will again be required.
  18. Brockway sent out an email blast and one-call on Friday night. Masks were optional, as of today, except on school buses. Reminded parents that DOH quarantine guidelines are still in place, as is the federal mask mandate on transportation (buses). Both of my kids went to school today without masks.
  19. https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/prev/vaccine.html https://time.com/6073576/lyme-disease-vaccine/
  20. I would love to know more about this vaccine that has been around for a long time??? Several close friends and family members could certainly benefit from it. Oddly enough the Lyme specialist one sees has never mentioned anything about a vaccine for Lyme. What YouTube channel should I direct this doctor to?
  21. No surprising. All of the mitigations in place for COVID helped reduce flu transmission.
  22. This is my final response on this topic. Many, many, many women do exactly what it takes not to be pregnant until they are ready to have a child. Many, many, many women are victims of rape. Many, many, many women are faced with the decision to medically terminate a pregnancy or risk their own life. Many, many, many women should never have to rely on a government to give them permission to exercise medical control over their own bodies. If a man could get pregnant, abortions would be readily available, his partner would have no say in keeping the baby or not, and we would never, ever even discuss a government's ability to regulate a man's right to body autonomy.
  23. My BODY my CHOICE. I would not expect support. I would not allow a man to decide what I do with my body. Listen, abortion is a highly charged issue, I get that, but nothing anyone could say here will EVER change my belief that a woman deserves autonomy over her own body. End of story. I respect difference of opinions on this subject. Please respect mine.
  24. 60 million US women retained control over their own bodies since Roe v. Wade. My body my choice, right?
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