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  1. I agree with carrying a gun. It could have been used to stop the perpetrator in his tracks by threatening him. If he didn't comply, then do what you must to help the lady. I really feel that fear was why the other people didn't help. This could have been a gang related thing, and there may have been other gang members present to watch.
  2. Apparently this is two people who have some sort of relationship already. What a breach of trust! How unconscionable! How sick.
  3. I use heating oil for some of the winter. When it gets good and cold and stays cold, I dig into my big cheap pile of coal. I then stay warm and cozy until the warmer weather comes back. May have to dig into my supply a little sooner this year.
  4. I am dazed and confused. I'm not going to mention any names, but this just has me floored, and maybe someone more knowledgeable can explain the method to the madness. A disabled man had died from the gunshot wound. There was not gun powder on his hand, but it was on his wife's hands. He had written or texted that if he died, that his wife was the one who did it. So I'm having a hard time understanding why she only got involuntary manslaughter charges and time served plus probation? Why? I know the jury decided, but come on! If she did the crime, why isn't she doing the time? Is there
  5. I'm sorry but 2 years probation is not enough. And this child should be taken while the mother gets intensive treatment and training in childcare, and even then, I would be concerned.
  6. As long as students are still getting a good education, I don't care what the name of the college is. We need to be thankful these universities didn't close their doors. This day in age, its a blessing that they can still remain open and offer the careers they do. I used to work for college that had to close to due accreditation trouble, which was no fault of its own. The government cracked down on private institutions and that college got caught in the fray. So unfair. Broke my heart. What that college offered for the area was golden. Now its gone. So sad. So we need to be thankful
  7. Looks like she is very deserving of this deputy commissioner post. Good for her! I don't care what color, race, sex, etc., she is, as long as she does her job with professionalism.
  8. I have had the same thing happen when paying my bills for my business. Two checks were lost, and a check which was sent to us from an attorney's office was lost! A relative had sent out two birthday cards, and the envelope arrived, but not the card and money. The other card never arrived. Too much of a coincidence!
  9. Good luck with that! Would be nice, but its hard enough just to find one applicant, let alone 600!
  10. Try and get your Thanksgiving turkey early I hear. Turkey farms don't have enough help. Was told this by one of my suppliers who travels alot and is in the know.
  11. I love it! Beautiful woman and voice. We can learn a lot from her journey and song.
  12. I almost hit someone in a crosswalk once when making a left turn. Since then, I really watch better. It scared me. I hope this child is going to be OK. I feel bad for the lady who hit her, too.
  13. I commend you for relocating and starting over in a new venue. I have a relative who did the same. There were various factors involved as to why they moved, but being here in this area was no longer a good thing. They moved South and found some great opportunities along the way and did very well! The weather is better and there is more sunshine! There are new people to meet, and job opportunities abound right now! Strike while the fire is hot! Best wishes!
  14. My pet parking peeve is the people who unload their cart then drive away without putting it in the cart corral. Also the people who change their childrens' diapers and throw the dirty diapers down in the lot and drive away! Wow!
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