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  1. Polo

    $81,000 sign

    There is definitely an angle. You give something, you get something. What I can't figure out is why a sign costs so much. I know it is a complicated sign, but 81,000? I can see it costing 50 grand even, but wow! Of course, I am not in the sign business, so I should probably keep quiet.
  2. Polo

    $81,000 sign

    Ok, I'm lost. Clarify!
  3. I can't believe the nerve of the PA Governor saying that employers need to pay more if employees won't return after collecting the extra unemployment benefits. This makes me mad. I got a newsletter from PA rep. Brian Smith, who is supportive of small business. He said there is a general consensus that the extension of the extra covid benefits is going to be curtailed, and that people are going to need to return to their jobs, or get cut off benefits. I hope it goes through. I'm sick and tired of small businesses having good jobs available and no one to fill them because they are "collecti
  4. I wasn't a fan of Obama, but he was a good speaker and he took the high road which was very Presidential and what any President should do. I wouldn't compare Biden to Trump, though. Biden is not a good speaker most of the time. He clearly has some health issues. That is not his fault. I'm not his fan, either, but I do think he is doing well with trying to conquer the pandemic. I don't give him a good rating as far as the border and I think he hands way too much money out. 'Nuff said on that. I'm sure you don't agree. It's OK. Trump, to me, was a good speaker. Although, he
  5. Here's the thing. If you remove the advanced studies, you aren't being fair to the ones who need them. There are remedial and Title 1 studies for those who need them. There are tutors for those who need them. You don't see them removing those programs, do you? If they continue to run all the programs, all kids' needs are met. The school district in question needs to re-examine their priorities.
  6. If you have never visited Way Fruit Farm, you need to. They have some 4,000 trees. It is a sight to see. Google it. They have a wonderful gift and produce shop and little restaurant. I got the best club sandwich I ever ate there. I sure hope they don't suffer any loss. Those folks work mighty hard.
  7. They should be OK. I have a good number of bushes, and I have never lost a good harvest. They come out a bit later. My crop usually hits last week of June.
  8. The above is very interesting. I do believe there are modern day prophets. What remains to be seen is if they are true or false prophets. Time will tell. I know that prophesies are given to build up the believers and the Church and they line up with scripture. We must be careful to properly discern prophecies or "so-called" prophecies.
  9. I saw on FB that she has been located. The family thanked people for posting.
  10. There is another guy over that way with the same name, but he is younger and lives in Grampian. He and his family are getting a lot of phone calls and some people even think he is the guy who did this. I feel bad for him. He is a loving father and husband and is a good respectable guy.
  11. Sometimes law enforcement can use places like this and FB, etc., to look for info. Signing on as a guest from an unknown computer can perhaps glean info that may be out there. I have seen some cases broken open in this way first hand. Seems to me that using a guest name and just planting a statement may get some info that could be helpful or provide another avenue to go down in the search. You just never know! There's always someone out there that knows something. I hope they find out what happened in this woman's case. I'm sure the family would like to have some sort of closure.
  12. He may be getting a free pass for "temporary lapse of judgement." That's what I saw on the news. Time will tell.
  13. Personally, I feel Dr. Levine was picked by the feds mainly because of her transgender standing. I really do. However, I do feel she has good qualifications. And she did do a good job during a time when our state has gone through hell in the pandemic, with the exception of sending covid patients back to the nursing homes. And, she knew what was going on because she moved her own mother. I have seen a lot of folks in high positions, namely her, Tom Wolf, Dr. Fauci, even President Trump whom I respect, etc., make mistakes during this pandemic. However, they didn't get a dress rehearsal.
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