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  1. I'm so happy your babies are home.
  2. My mother is 77 and has various aches and pains. She regularly takes a certain CBD oil and she swares by it. If you have any interest, I can message you the info.
  3. This is so upsetting. I hope you find them soon. You said they are escape artists. Maybe they figured out a way to get out that you would never think of. Can you post this on Facebook?
  4. Update: Covid 19 test was negative. Seems I have a sinus infection that is sticking around.
  5. I got both pfizer vaccines in Feb. And March. Never got Covid 19 yet. I went to the beach for a week. No one wore masks there. Been home 3 days and now have low grade fever, body aches, slight headache, chills, runny nose, and sore throat. Was also very tired tonight. Wonder if it's breakthrough Covid 19? I have a test scheduled tomorrow. Has anyone heard of this happening to anyone they know? Or has anyone had a bad cold lately? My aunt has been sick with cold like symptoms a week. May be just a cold, but I am going to get checked.
  6. Looks interesting. Will probably try. Maybe throw some on the grill.
  7. I think that after the year we have just had that fireworks are appropriate any day! We are out of Covid jail for the most part, and a celebration is surely in order. These kids went through a tough time and a tough school year. It's good that they were celebrated! To me, the fireworks meant freedom, the freedom the kids have to continue on in life with their careers now, and the freedom we have because of those who we remember who died protecting it!
  8. I don't know what it is like in DuBois LL, so I didn't hit the "thankyou" button for that, but I hit it for your saying that it was the happiest day of your life when your kids moved on from the baseball in this town. I remember feeling the same relief when mine moved on from baseball in another town. Lots of competition (kids and parents!) favoritism, unwillingness to work with "all" the team members, not enough games scheduled, etc. My family member played ball for 12 years, had talent for and played a crucial position. All I can remember is feeling sick at each game, and hearing other
  9. Wonder if this thing is connected to a guy who was looking in people's windows yesterday on Airport Road on Rt. 830 outside Falls Creek. A person reported a man with short curly graying hair peeping in their windows. They ran out and looked all over but didn't find him. Thought he must have continued down the road. Didn't know if he got a ride or had a vehicle somewhere. They looked in the woods and everywhere. Makes sense that they guy could have continued into DuBois to Doctor Doolittles. I have heard of various disoriented folks on drugs going around people's homes, trying to get in,
  10. The only exception I take to this is the custard at Meadows! I love it and can't get enough of it in sundaes, cones, shakes, and icecream cake!
  11. I'm glad she was found safe! Good news! That must have been the only pic they had? It looked like one of those pics people use on FB that is doctored or enhanced by one of those marketing companies. Not an accurate pic to go by when identifying someone. Just a warning to folks buying into this kind of thing online. I know its fun to see how you look when doing this, but it puts you at risk for indentity theft. Facial recognition, etc. Don't buy into it. You don't know who is behind it.
  12. This infuriates me. All those jobs lost. No reason to do this. No good reason at all.
  13. A percentage of my job supports the coal industry. So that makes me a supporter of coal use. I just don't see how we can rely on any one form of energy for the future. I believe we need to keep coal in the picture, at least on some scale. Gas, Solar and wind also play a part, to be sure. We don't want to be caught with our pants down, relying on one source. We need to keep other sources handy for when they are needed. These days, we have more natural disasters and we are having weather patterns we have never had in various parts of the U.S. Look at what happened in Texas! Keeping the p
  14. I realize there are a few who are still needing help, but most of the people I have observed are either throwing their stimulus in the bank for safekeeping because they don't need it presently, or buying new goodies like TV's and using it for downpayments for side by sides and RV's and fun stuff like it. We don't need any more stimulus checks. There are a ton of jobs for the taking out there that pay decent money. I see them listed every day. People need to get out there! They really have their pick right now! I know someone who quit their job, went to another job, didn't like it and in a
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