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  1. I don't agree with her at all. The thing is, if an adult insists they need a sex change, I don't agree with it, but I'm not going to stand in their way. However, children are too young to make this decision. They think they are this and that, or want this and that, and don't look down the road long range. The brain doesn't stop developing until the age of 25, so I have read. So what does that tell you? People and circumstances change over the years. When I was a kid, I hated my name. My parents didn't let me change it. I'm glad they didn't. I love it now. Same with kids in a lot of instances. They may feel one way about something as a youth, especially due to outiside influences, or due to "what the fad is" at the time. Years later, they may very well see it a different way.
  2. Sorry you went through all that, but good to hear about the great response time. I was in town years back, when my teenage child was at home. My kiddo mistakenly called 911 by hitting the emergency button then called me horrified to tell me that as I was on my way home. When I got there, there was a police car in my driveway. I told them what happened, but they insisted they needed to see my child to make sure all was well. So I had them come in the house. It was a quick response time then as well. Good to know they would be there if I really needed them.
  3. This is just my 2 cents, but its hard to access the situation when it is in a state of ongoing construction. My thought would be to wait until the whole thing is done and everything is tied together, then form your opinion. This work was not started lightly, and I'm sure it was a long process in the works before ground was ever broken. I'm sure a lot of thought and planning went into this. I'm sure the folks planning it feel that the end result will be spectacular. We should all just wait until its done, then we can all decide for ourselves.
  4. I personally don't drink bottled water unless I am in a situation where there is no choice. It's hard on your system, due to the microscopic pieces of plastic in it from the manufacturing process. Some folks don't have a choice and I realize that. This was told to me by someone who goes to a diet doctor and has to drink a lot of water. A family member also saw some info that supports this.
  5. I'm not a fan, but I pray he recovers and feels better soon. Depression is a horrible thing for anyone to deal with. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
  6. As I said before, he should never have run for office, and should have taken time to recover. As far as his wife taking over, can she really do so? I hope not. She didn't run for office and was not voted for.
  7. Polo


    I like what Governor DeSantis stands for, but I'm sorry to say you can have Florida! It's nice to visit, but too hot and humid for me. I like the change of season and weather. I still feel safer here in PA out in the hill country. Too many hurricanes, fires, and flooding in the southern states.
  8. Polo


    Be still my heart!
  9. I'm gonna say wow, just wow. I'd like to say some other things. But the Lord is holding my tongue.
  10. Its a shame at all that we even should be having this legislation. Aborting children so late in the pregnancy where they are actually born alive is something that shouldn't even be happening.
  11. Was very sad to see. After watching the new Elvis movie, it lends understanding into these folks' lives. Looks like a fairy tale on the outside, but a lot of pain and suffering inside. Also addiction. I wouldn't want fame or fortune at all. It seems to be a curse for most folks. I hope she is now at peace and with her daddy and the Lord.
  12. I was certainly not making fun. I just feel that Fetterman needs more time to recover. I'm sorry that you were mistreated because of your condition. That is awful and plain wrong.
  13. I wasn't impressed with him either. Yes, they should have had someone better.
  14. It's really sad. The poor guy has trouble gathering his thoughts. I don't think he should be in office right now, but recovering. I think the Dems just wanted to put anyone in there rather than lose to a Republican.
  15. The thing about schools accommodating this type of "furry" thing is simply ridiculous. The kids are human beings and that is it. They are there to get an education and that is it. End of story. And parents who let their kids do this sort of thing are messed up and really need to straighten up and straighten their kids up. Back years ago, we didn't have this crap going on. People actually worked for a living and didn't sit around with too much time on their hands on social media getting the wrong ideas. They were out busting butt to support themselves and taught their kids the same! If my kids would have tried this "furry" thing, they would have been set straight real quick. That's the last we would have heard about it!
  16. I'm Republican, but really peed off right now because they can't seem to get their act together!
  17. Not sure what to think on the Paxlovid. Had covid, got paxlovid on the 3rd day, took it and symptoms went away, but came back when paxlovid course was done. Symptoms were mild and hung around a few more days, then I was ok, although I tested positive until about the 14th day.
  18. Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hope 2023 is better for you, especially if 2022 was not. Hope God holds you close and reveals himself to you. There is great peace to be found in Him. Especially these days when we hear so many lies, predictions, scary stuff, for sure. If you drink when you celebrate, get a ride home, or stay over. It's not worth hurting or killing yourself or someone else or losing your license or job! If you see someone who shouldn't drive, take their keys or drive them home. Give them a blanket and let them sleep on the couch. If you are alone on New Year's, remember, the next day will come soon and you will begin an exciting New Year. And that you matter, and that you are worth it. If you are sad and want to end it all, don't. Tomorrow or the next day will look better, and there is help out there. You count, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can count on it. Anyhow, folks, have a good celebration. And we will continue into the next year visiting, supporting and voicing our concerns and frustrations on here, and sharing our joys, too. Thanks, Steve, for another great year!
  19. Our drivers still use them. In case of emergency, they can come in handy on the highway. They tend to use their cell phones more, but on the jobs they go on and for the highway, the CB's are very helpful.
  20. Polo

    Power out?

    It's out again already!
  21. Polo

    Power out?

    Our power was briefly out in the Oklahoma section of DuBois. Wonder what happened?
  22. I sure hope your wife is doing well. That is a scary thing. Glad you got it figured out.
  23. I was just going over my health insurance records at my workplace this a.m. You wouldn't believe the amount paid out per year for health insurance for a small company. We could buy a decent small home for the price paid for premiums! It is ridiculous! And the older you are, the more you get charged. Most of our staff are over 50 now. So there you have it.
  24. This one is kind of Thanksgiving and Christmas, because both holidays are in it. Its not about Christmas even, but watching it is kind of nostalgic at my house. Nobody's Fool, starring Paul Newman, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith, and my favorite, Jessica Tandy. There are some racy things in it, but its a neat story. And some of the things that happen are every day things that really go on in families and relationships.
  25. Polo


    There are a lot of places open early. The ACE Hardware, for example. Lots of nice gift ideas there. Also the Walmart, Lowes, etc.
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