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  1. I've been hearing about goat milk being the closest to human milk and that folks can use it to feed babies. I have also been hearing about the formula recipe that mothers used to make years back. Has anyone heard what pediatricians are saying and what may be a safe solution for mothers to use for their little ones? In case they can't access the ready made formula powder?
  2. Yes, maybe, but wasn't there a vehicle involved as well?
  3. Thanks, Mr. D! Some good news for a change. I wish all these new recruits the best and Godspeed. We sure need them.
  4. Heard that there is something going on near b line area and Rt. 255 area. Not sure what.
  5. Just a few things I've observed recently! I paid a pretty penny for my Easter ham! Haven't paid that much for a ham in years! Just got the generic Martin's ham. Also, has anyone had trouble finding regular saltine crackers? I have.
  6. Best wishes to you. Have a nice Easter Holiday.
  7. That sign simply means not to lash out when you would really like to. Letting it go and just forgiving someone. It wasn't meant to be off color.
  8. I can always find the Kraft Spagetti classics at the Family Dollar Stores. We love it. Could you try ordering what your mom likes on line?
  9. People are getting back to work now. Lots of opportunities available. We don't need another stimulus.
  10. Wow, that's a lot of jing to take in such a short period of time! I'm always amazed how folks can think they can get away with this type of thing. I think it starts small, then turns into a sickness, and they can't get stopped. I really do.
  11. Best thing to do is get the vehicle off the road as far as you can, even into the grass. Then exit your vehicle and head up the bank or at least further away. If you can't get your vehicle off the road, get out of it and proceed to the bank or far from the road!
  12. We just never know what battle someone may be fighting!
  13. Don't have any experience with the Millers in Altoona, but I have had a few great experiences with the Falls Creek store. I had a few situations where I needed beds really fast. I was able to call the store and get what they had on stock and do it all over the phone on my credit card. Then they delivered it to my home and set it up. Very accommodating. I got a very nice Murphy bed that looks like a cabinet and folds down when you use it, and a very nice adjustable bed with adjustable mattress.
  14. Can't wait to get Franks again! One of my favorites.
  15. You make some good points, and I agree with you about the fact that this situation needed to come to light and that the perpetrator needed punished. And yes, I feel that this goes on a lot more than we realize with some of these types of businesses. I myself have observed at another business, not a food business, that the men are supreme, and the women pretty much bow down to them. And they seem to be able to treat the women however they want and get away with it. However, we have to think of the innocent ones here, too. Now that a business has closed, a livelihood for a wife is taken away, and innocent workers who need a job. They came here because its better here than in their own country. And they are working hard long hours, and are contributing to our society. I don't think of myself as less of a person because I go to that restaurant. I love the food, and its one of few places I can take a dear person who can no longer order for themself, but loves the buffett. Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  16. My prayers have been going out for the Ukrainian people, our service men and women who have been sent out, our leaders and all other countries surrounding the crisis. I pray that God will give us all wisdom as to what to do. I really feel that Putin waited until after Trump left office to strike. Once he saw how Biden perfomed, he knew it was safe to continue with his plans. I hope Biden does an about face and surprises us.
  17. Polo

    Where's Mr D?

    I hope you feel much better soon, Mr. D! I so happy to hear from you!
  18. I also congratulate all the game commission graduates! Its not a career where you are going to make any money, but you can make a difference. It's an honorable job and I commend anyone who takes it on.
  19. Ya, I was very disappointed when this happened. I remember our school class going there for a visit in 6th grade. It was wonderful. They showed us various animal pelts and taught us about gun safety. I remember them putting on a show similar to Gallagher, but using guns in stead of a sledge hammer. They shot into various fruits and vegetables and the spray went all over! It was to show us how dangerous it is to be careless with a firearm. But it was entertaining too! I'll never forget it.
  20. Not a fan of Go Fund Me. Besides the current trouble, it seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry are on there asking for funds. You don't know if it is legit or what. So if I want to help someone, I would just give it directly to that person.
  21. Polo

    Where's Mr D?

    I hope he is OK, too! He is a great friend to all on here! I appreciate his posts and he always supports others' posts, too.
  22. So sad to hear of all of these losses! My heart goes out to all involved! Prayers for all.
  23. Wow! PETA is barking up the wrong tree. As long as Punxsutawney is on the map, there is going to be a Punxsy Phil and a Groundhog day. Grounghog day is responsible for Punxsy's fame and I'm sure a large percentage of income. If Phil was mistreated, PETA's words would have merit, but Phil is treated better than some people's children, very sad to say. Phil has a good life and he is cared for very well. I understand the merits of Phil living out a natural life in a burrow in a field somewhere, but when you think about it, he is much safer where he is at. And I'm sure he even gets proper veterinary care!
  24. I'm glad Omicron is mild. I hope things stay that way. But we are dominated right now by the Delta, which can be deadly. Also, the more people who are vaccinated, the more the virus is neutralized, and then you have less variants. We don't want any more variants. This country has been vaccinating for years. I made my kids get the swine flu vaccine some years back when the schools vaccinated. I personally have had all my vaccines and I'm still here! Imagine that! I realize that nothing is perfect for everyone and that some folks shouldn't get some vaccines for health reasons, but most can. I also realize that some folks are against the vaccines right now. I respect their opinions. But when I look at the large group of people I know who are vaccinated, and how they have been well throughout their "vaccinated" period of time, I have to say from what I have observed, the vaccines seem to be working!
  25. The main goal of the vaccines is to keep people from being hospitalized and keep them from dying. Yes, breakthrough infections are common; and most are mild. Do you hear of many NFL players being hospitalized? No, because the vaccines are holding up and they are getting mild cases. I know of healthy folks who have not been vaccinated, and who have been hospitalized and on life support due to Covid. Get the vax.
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