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  1. You never have enough D backs. The Patriots understand the importance of D backs.
  2. Green and Roche will be good. I didn't like any of the defensive players except for Roche. Look, I agree with you about needing Offensive linemen, especially LT and yes they bypassed 2 good guys. They have to be planning on moving Chuckie Okawhatever his name is over to LT or they are going to be hurting. Getting Najee and Friermuth were good picks because Ben doesn't throw deep any more, he dinks and dunks so he needs a back and tight end he can check down to. Najee will gets his yards through the air.
  3. Mel Kiper gave the Stillers the worst grade of all the teams.
  4. Ebron doesn't block, needed a running back, Roche was defensive player of his conference when he was at Temple. They got a center.
  5. Roche - LB. Isn't the biggest or fastest LB but he makes plays which is an intangible. I like his chances. Norwood - CB. Wasted pick. Pressley Harvin III - punter. Won the Ray Guy award with a 48 yard average but little hang time. A lot of his punts were returned. 5' 11" 263#, BUT HE GETS HIS KICKS OFF really fast, maybe too fast. I don't know what to say about this pick. I don't like wasting a pick on a punter unless he is heads above everyone else, this guy isn't. I'm guessing that Canada had input on the Offensive picks, which I like. I'm guessing that Tomlin had input on the
  6. Buddy Johnson - good guy, tough, good team player, good back up. He hasn't a clue covering the pass. Loudermilk, needs to put on some muscle to play DE. Not a good pass rusher.
  7. Dan Moore Jr. OT, not impressed. He is another Villaneuva, slow feet, needs developed, not ready to start, especially at LT, IMO.
  8. Just to calm Jaman's fears down a bit about the O-line. (My fears too) I think the Stillers need to move Chuckie Okorafor from RT to LT. I like Chuckie. He is 6' 6 and like 325#. This leaves a hole at RT which the Stillers need to address. I don't care too much for Banner, he is a backup. I do expect them to release Tomlin though and so here comes the linebackers.
  9. Word has it that Kendrick Green is slotted to play center which makes sense with Pouncey gone. Good draft so far for Stillers, maybe they locked Tomlin away in a closet?
  10. Round 2 - Pat Freiermuth TE. Another skilled player but a decent blocker, will complement Ebron and Stillers can run 2 tight ends at times. Grade - A. Round 3 - Kendrick Green - G/C. Finally a player who fills a need on the O-line. Tough kid who was probably the best available lineman available. Grade - A. 3 rounds and no linebacker, Tomlin must be muzzled.
  11. Stillers got the best person so far in the draft. I just learned that Najee spent a couple years growing up with his family in a homeless center in California. Najee went back to that homeless center to celebrate his 1st round selection in the draft. he bought everyone there a catered dinner. Tremendous young man who stated that is is important to give back. By the way, he can catch the ball out of the backfield. Stillers hit a homerun.
  12. Might as well arm chair QB their picks. #1 Najee Harris-Alabama. I mean I like the pick, they needed a back and he is a mini Bus to me, a tough runner. Now, facts are the Stillers lost Villanueva, Feiler and Poncey, DeCastro is the only veteran returning O-lineman. Hard to run the ball without a hole, ask Saquan. Stillers obviously need to shore up the O-line, Ben will get killed if they don't get a good Left tackle or any other positions for that matter. I fully expect that they will revert back to their old form and start drafting linebackers, to me the Patriots proved th
  13. Well Stillers drafted a good running back, too bad they don't have the line to open up any holes for him. They also lost their left tackle, who was just average, so good luck on your blind side Ben. Stillers need big guys but I expect they will draft true to form and select a couple of linebackers. They also could use some D-backs. They just don't have enough picks to plug all of the holes.
  14. Yeah yeah, sorry, they are similar, I mean Mason Rudolph.
  15. Oh I agree with you about both the D line and O line but Ben is leaving soon and the #1 man on the team is the QB, I don't see it with Landry Jones and Dobbs.
  16. My gawd, isn't he an tO$U QB? O$U QB's sukk in the pros Running backs are a different story. Tomlin better not take another linebacker. If he doesn't take Trey Lance it is the dumbest move, arrghh.
  17. Steelers, I suspect, are going to lose a ton of players whose contracts are up. The best way to start rebuilding is with a good QB.
  18. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2021-nfl-mock-draft-steelers-panthers-trade-up-for-qbs-as-five-go-off-the-board-in-first-10-picks/
  19. Steelers traded up in the draft and word has it to get S. Dakota State QB, Trey Lance. Trey Lance Scouting Report By Charlie Campbell Strengths: Tremendous skill set Powerful arm Can fire fastballs into tight windows Arm strength to challenge defenses downfield Throws a good deep ball Impressive deep-ball precision Aggressive to push the ball downfield Throws well in the short, quick passing game Leads receivers downfield for more yards after the catch Accurate Poise Stays calm with rush closing around him
  20. Vince Williams replacing Marcus Allen made a huge difference.
  21. I knew something was up when Vegas had the Stillers a 1 1/2 favorite. I bet there was a lot of money on the Colts. Just saying.
  22. Too many injuries, Watt and Ebron went down now. The O line sucks. How did they lose Wisnewski he was playing early in the year. I agree with Ben's arm, plus it looked like he was throwing darts, trying to guide the ball in the first half. His arm "motion" looked better in the second half. Marcus Allen is no linebacker, he gets tossed around like a rag doll and is always out of position.
  23. The sad thing is, Landry Jones has a candy arm too. The Colts D is for real.
  24. Canada isn't the OC, Fichner, or however you spell his name. I mean on a 3rd down Ben called time out, I know it was because he didn't like the play call. Ben is a poster boy for moping. As far as the running game goes, watch the Stillers, they don't run misdirection plays, everything they run is black and white. The Bengals had 9 men within 2 yards of the line of scrimmage a heck of a lot of times, all the time when Pitts wasn't in the spread.
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