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  1. Of late, I fill our feeder and it is empty the next day. I see deer tracks all around so they must reach up to it and have at it. My feed is 8 bucks a bag and it is enough for two fills. Can't afford to do this so....
  2. Thanks for all the insight landfill guy. You must be a good man to work for and with.
  3. Hey - thanks for sharing the pics. Have never seen such a collection of Vipers. Wonder what that bunch is worth? Probably plenty.
  4. So very interesting and thanks LandFill Guy.
  5. landfillguy - you should win a pulletzer prize for those.
  6. This is a bit off-topic but wanted to share. Years ago we lived in the DC area and there is a beautiful park downtown with lots of ponds and loads of tourists. I wanted to construct a Pekin Duck like the Afflac Duck you see in the commercials. And...also add a working bill so I could hide behind a tree and have him talk to the visitors. They would exclaim - "Did you hear that?" but I would have my duck swim away 'till the next victim. Thought this would be so cool.
  7. These are some great shots. Nice going! You must have quite a collection. I wrote a poem in the past about a woodpecker and would like to share it with you. The title is TREE DRUM. Woodpecker drilling with that jackhammer beak How thrilling, is it food he will seek And when he is through and his hunger appeased Drum roll please!
  8. Over the top. The other way just seems awkward.
  9. Thanks for sharing the pics. Wish I could ID some of those birds but they seem to really enjoy the feast you put out. Nice going!
  10. TD


    So, how was it? I would like to try this. Sounds yum.
  11. How useful. Thanks for sharing this mr d.
  12. I think that "one guy" was a vet from Reynoldsville. He would load his riding mower and equipment and truck on over to the cemetery. Also, he was looking for donations to help with the effort. What a beautiful job this has turned in to.
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