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  1. For the handling of food to stop the spread of disease.
  2. The COVID virus has more reproductive rights that a woman in Texas.
  3. If Biden was all they had it was all they needed. That's right Party of Personal Responsibility. Lay the blame everywhere other than Bunker Boy. It was his to lose and he still blew it.
  4. To think he is all that was needed to kick that lying malignant narcissist to the curb.
  6. Sydney Powell when she said no reasonable person would believe the accusations she made about corrupted voting machines. Ha! You people saying "Get over it" when Trump was elected in 2016 are sure having a hard time getting over it. And Wolf protecting a free and fair election from the likesof that **** show in Arizona is doing the will of the people.
  7. GOP investigation finds no Michigan vote fraud, deems many claims ‘ludicrous’ | Bridge Michigan
  8. If they cant pay a living wage, they shouldn't be in business.
  9. They fail to mention a few things in the article. Under a Republican governor Arizona's election was already audited. It was recounted. It had court challenges that failed. No one is saying where the money is coming from to finance this. Dark money. And of all the news organizations in this country only one is allowed in to report the activities. OAN freaking N.
  10. A lot of fan boys in the Jeep Wrangler market making it a tough nut to crack. I wish them luck.
  11. Hide and watch Joe Biden bring this country back from the abyss.
  12. Old, senile, two failed presidential runs and he still kicks that lying choke artist to the curb.
  13. The Department of Homeland Security has been protecting our borders since it was established in 2003. Border protection is one of their responsibilities. And the military wouldn't need to protect the Capital would it if the choke artist would just own up to reality.
  14. Not true. Homeland security secretary never said that.
  15. Whooooa. Looks like somebody is suffering from Biden In Total Control Hysteria.
  16. 3 times as many illegals have been caught vs the the previous administration.
  17. Built as a hobby by a 27 year-old data scientist with degrees from MIT, this website and resultant model has consistently proven to be the most accurate predictor of COVID-19 impacts, including infection rates, deaths, and trending. COVID-19 Projections Using Machine Learning | We use artificial intelligence to accurately forecast infections, deaths, and recovery timelines of the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic in the US an
  18. This is slightly off topic but you raise chickens. Did you ever think about raising pheasants? I love pheasant.
  19. Lupara

    PSU Franklin

    OK. I'll tell you what I'm going to do. My turn to shop this week. I'm going to pick up some Contadina Pizza Sauce. I think. Pretty sure.
  20. Lupara

    PSU Franklin

    You can say it. Me? I don't know. I back spaced over the butt part and left it at that. I'm leery of using all caps anymore. And you can admit the Contadina line made your morning.
  21. Lupara

    PSU Franklin

    Not for nothing but you guys on the right tend to get all hurt over the notion you might one day not get to share a bathroom with Dr. Levine. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I guess. Just say'n.
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