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  1. My Sister makes Dandelion Salve and lotion, Best thing I have used for my Eczema
  2. I was just sick for almost 2wks with the flu, Got an at home Covid test and it came up negative so I stayed home and treated it with what I had. The flu does still exist and it's honestly sad how people get sick now and automatically assume it's Covid. I knew I had the flu but took a test as a precaution for my Family because alot of the symptoms are the same. But not once while I was sick did I ever think of going to the Hospital, Clinic or my Dr because I didn't want to pass along whatever I had, I just stayed Hydrated and took meds for the symptoms and I wish people would know to do the same unless they are having Major Complications. That alone would help slow the spread of All of whatever is going around right now in my opinion
  3. My Mom worked there when it was the assisted living facility. I was young but remember her telling me about the things she would hear and see there. She worked in the Kitchen and thats where Alot of activity was. I'm so excited to watch Saturday
  4. This Ad is SOLD!

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    This is Bella, she is 3yrs old, Spayed. She loves to cuddle and throw around her favorite Mouse toy. I rescued her 1.5 yrs ago. From day one My oldest Male just does not like her here. She gets along Great with my other 2 males though. She needs a home better than what I can give her. If interested please PM me


  5. WHAT?!? I didnt know that! And we are to entrust our Health in this mans hands. ๐Ÿคจ
  6. I did not see that! How nice of Biden to bring these possibly infected people into our Country who, lets be honest, may have hidden agendas for coming here ๐Ÿค”
  7. I always sit in the Truck when Hubby goes into Lowes..it amazes me how ppl drive and just act honestly..I get more enjoyment out of staying in the truck ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Last time I went a couple yrs ago I think I got $12 total..they factor how far you traveled
  9. I dont know if its been posted anywhere else but...can someone share clothing sizes, I have a ton of clothes I can donate if they would fit some of the victims
  10. I dont doubt that they are progressing with such things, but it does make me nervous on bow good this Covid Vaccine considering it was made up so quickly and then You have to get a second shot and still have to wear a mask..but if it works then why still having to wear a mask. So I guess I would rather just take my chances and just keep wearing my mask and sanitizing.
  11. Okay..I'm usually not one to start stuff on here a but this is something that is really Bugging Me. How is it that we get this New Virus and immediately within Months have a Vaccine Yet there still isnt one for Cancer and other deadly diseases that have been around for Decades!!! Yes alot of people are dying from Covid but imagine how many people died when the Flu first arrived, when Millions of people get diagnosed with one of How many cancers there are?!? And yet we are no closer to finding better treatment or a vaccine to help reduce the risk of it happening ๐Ÿค”..Rant Over
  12. The past 2 years my peppers have done horrible. They grow but very tiny and then they are no good. Also my tomato plants aren't fairing too well. I am getting zucchini and some cucumbers but that's about it. I blame the weather!
  13. I wish you all the luck finding poor Kitty a home. Just to let you know though alot of the shelters are all full with kitties so I'm not sure if you will have any luck there. I didn't anyway, I am trying to find homes for some also
  14. until
    A friend of my Neices lost her life in a fire, they are doing a benefit dinner to help with costs and are still in need of items. They will also be doing raffle baskets if anyone wants to donate anything it would be greatly appreciated!
  15. About 3 months ago I found 2 little kitties at my BF's work. They were only about 4 weeks old then. Any way...I noticed about 2 months ago the one was breathing hard/fast and wheezing. So I took him to the vet, didn't do any tests just gave me antibiotics and sent me home saying he would grow out of it. Well last month I had them both neutered through a organization and this little one almost stopped breathing. So I took him to a different vet last Thursday. Did an x-ray and found that he has an enlarged heart and fluid retaining in his lungs. We are trying a heart pill and a diuretic and I go back this Sat to do more tests to see if it has helped at all. Has anyone ever dealt with this? I don't know what to do or what to expect with this happening at such a young age. Doc said more than likely he was born with this condition since he has had issues since I found him. Any help is very much appreciated!!
  16. Came home yesterday to find the ground hogs are starting to dig under the garage. They try this every year, I don't know why. So I went to find where their den is and located all the holes. Next will be to make up a stinky brew to try to get them to go elsewhere
  17. I would love to shoot them. However I live in Reynoldsville Borough. Like almost downtown. But close enough to the woods that I get the wildlife. Is it legal to shoot the groundhogs? I know I can't shoot the deer in my yard, they like to eat out of the neighbors 6 birdfeeders. That's why they are around
  18. We have Deer and Groundhogs. This will be the first year attempting a garden since we moved here. Any pointers on how to keep both out? We are thinking chicken wire fencing. Would that be enough?
  19. This is a great law in my opinion..There is no reason for your pet to be outside freezing while you are in the house warm. The reason you got them was to make them family but would you let your child sit outside all night/day in this weather. Doubtful. My kitties are inside and warm and even have their own blankets and beds!
  20. So sorry for your loss of your fur baby
  21. Happy to report that I picked up the caterpillars just in time. Friday they started their cocoon's. I didn't get to see them do it and I really wanted to. So now waiting for them to emerge as Butterflies!
  22. It has one of the mesh lids on it..lol. Dont want to come home to have them wondering the house. I have to go scouting for more milkweed tomorrow. The ones I found them on were by the road along rt 322 but I think we have a couple plants out back of my work. I have been watching the plants for yrs and this is the first I have found any.
  23. I decided to raise them so my sisters kids can see how the growing process is. I put them in an aquarium with some sticks for them to climb and some paper towels on the bottom. I havent raised them since I wad a kid and I am excited myself to watch them
  24. I found some caterpillars at my work..was wondering how to take care of them or if the gardners by Charlies would like to get them
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