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  1. Either way. One thing for sure ... No one gets out of life alive 🙄😣😫
  2. Meh ... At my age, I will be dead by then. 😊😀😄😄
  3. This comment/question is only remotely related to the original post. The words "sucker punch" are often, perhaps frequently used in the news papers. My question is: What exactly is a "sucker punch"? Perhaps the definition is diffeent for many people.
  4. Thank you to all who responded. As usual, when I post a question on this format, I get productive and sensible replies. This forum is a real asset to the DuBo area and I am glad it exists and am also glad to have such good neighbors. I hope this note gets out. I am just learning how to use a "Chromebook". Not easy for an old Geezer. I hope everyone's holidays is as happy as you would wish.
  5. The guy on the phone at the service desk said, "No, sorry."
  6. At the risk of becoming a "squeaky wheel", I raise this subject. A week or so ago I needed to put my truck into the Ford dealership for a repair. Work that would take a couple days. I was stymied because, clearly I could take the truck to the garage but could not get home (a couple miles and I am old and creeky). I asked about a loaner car but _NO!! Not at the garage. How aqbout a rental? NO!! So , hmmm ... Enterprise rentals? Nope, no rentals in DuBo. Taxi? NO again. Used to be a nice old guy in a Plymouth van who did taxi work but he has gone to his final reward. I have been wondering why there are no Ubers or Lyfts in DuBo? Seems like a good little money maker for a student like maybe a Penn State student. Does anyone know why there is no ride around? Not enough demand? Rely on family? Just ??
  7. Does anyone know of a taxi or ride share service in Dubois? I need to leave my pick up at the Ford garage and need a ride home from there.
  8. Perhaps they could fly straffing runs over Baltimore City? Scare the city wildlife?
  9. I wanted to close this (is this called a "thread) series with a good result. I received a PM from a kind person on this board who suggested that I contact Mr. Tim Loomis. We talked a couple times because I was stuck south of here dealing with a perscription issue. Finally I traveled to Mr. Loomis' business. He is located near the Thunderbird restyaurant. In a very, very short time he determined the problem, suggested a very inexpensive remedy and within half an hour he had the machine running as good as the day I bought it ... which is about 12 years ago. A very good result. I did not ask Mr. Loomis but as I looked around his repair shop I determined that he is capable of repairing most small engine driven machines; snow blowers, lawn mowers, riding mowers, probably ATV's. Additionally, he is very interesting to chat with, he reads a lot and is knowledgeable in more than just small engines. For me it was a good experience.
  10. Trees? Well the officer in charge told there was a tavern under every apple tree there but I never found that tree. Ha ha ha
  11. Hmmmm??? Looking for a silver lining ... Maybe I can tell folks that I ordered "stuff" for them but it all got tossed into a ravine. wink, nod, smile
  12. Good Morning, I took the old machine to a guy who fixes lawn stuff & they sell lots of lawn & snow stuff. He said that because it is a 2-cycle engine I should not put any money into it and he was busy anyway. Mr. Ferguson suggested a fellow who may be able to do something with it "if parts are available". Perhaps I might have to go to China to find any available parts. ha ha ha ha Is it too early to wish all a Merry Christmas?
  13. Well, this may be interesting for me. I don't agree with their decision but... any way ... I served in SAudi during Desert Storm and saw quite a few A-10's. Sure look impressive. Maybe seeing them again will make me feel younger.
  14. Not sure where to place this. Mods, move it if necessary. I need someone to repair my "Yard Machine", 2 cycle engine snow blower. Needs a carb clean out, new rubber edges on impeller. PM if appropriate. Thank you!
  15. Soon be deer season. I just learned that the Pa Game Commission has noted the presence of CWD around Clearfield County. For an old guy like me (I started hunting in 1958) the rules change every year BUT ... I guess this CWD is serious so I want to comply. Questions: If I am lucky enough to get one this year, where can I get it cut & wrapped? If I get a buck that carried a good rack, where can I get it mounted ,,, head, brains, skull, horns? etc ... Appreciate your replies. Thank you
  16. For Thanksgiving? Oh No!! I guess I will need a cranberry color mask or light brown to match the gravy. So many choices.
  17. Are there any craft beer breweries in DuBois? I know about the Boxcar brewery but ??? Was there a Doc Dog brewery? Suggestions appreciated.
  18. I wish I could say that this comes as a great surprise. It does not. I have absolutely and completely lost all faith and trust in all politicians. The best that I can say is that I am old and hope that I will be dead when the nation finally hits the wall and slowly slides down to form a loose pile of crap on the floor.
  19. Thank you for the advice of Chris Moose.
  20. I have an offer to buy on my house. The house is furnished. I need to have the house contents removed but am too old, too arthritic, to do it myself. Any suggestions? Does anyone do "house sales"? Moderator, if this is in the wrong place, please move it. Thank you
  21. Walmart huh? I guess BIG Lots would have been a pun too far.
  22. This item caused me to wonder >>> Whatever happened to the county employee who shot his neighbors cow with a shotgun? Did it get buried? Does he have a few pals who manipulated the charges?
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