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  1. "...her being a black female..." Female? Yes. Black? No. Latina? Yes.
  2. "Forest county has the least amount of people, past Cook Forest." Depends on how you count. The census bureau says Cameron county has the fewest. That's because they count all the folks in SCI Forest and Abraxsas as residents of Forest county. If they aren't counted then yes, Forest county is the least populated.
  3. Didn't know you were talking about old Facebook stuff.
  4. "Is this the Shanna Carlson (Star) from Clearfield on facebook?" "On Oct. 4, 2019, an explosion occurred at an apartment building located at 327 E. Market St. The explosion killed Shanna Carlson, 34, of Clearfield." Seems unlikely.
  5. "What internet is it through? What towers, lines, does it use or is it satellite? I don't even know exactly what questions to ask." It is its own creature. An offshoot of Elon Musk's SpaceX. Purely satellite. Sure, there must be earth stations somewhere but they are owned and operated by StarLink.
  6. There's already, and has been a large military operations area in our neck of the woods. (See attached map) Looks to me that the request is to allow lower level flights within that area.
  7. If by "...the guy in the 1980's..." you mean Hexum, he did himself in with a .44 magnum blank fired at his head from an inch or two away. The blast of gas from the muzzle did the deed. When I was in the service we had a recruit, out on bivouac, who crawled into his sleeping bag with his Garand cuddled up against his back. Unfortunately, there was a blank cartridge in the chamber and somehow he fired it with muzzle pressed against his back in the vicinity of his right kidney. Nearly the whole blast of gas was injected into his body, shredding one of his kidneys and tearing his intestines. He died in hospital a day or so later.
  8. It runs in my mind the a couple or three years ago Unilec spent a pile of money to replace an underground line in Howe Township with an overhead line. Never mind what the salesman said, "underground" does not mean "maintenance free".
  9. The more I think on Ted Zoli's proposal, the more irritated I get. Think about it. That 8 billion a year figure is, presumably, the total of vehicle repair or replacement costs and medical expenses caused by collisions with wildlife. Zoli proposes taking one quarter of that to build wildlife overpasses. How is that to be done? During that first year, while there are no overpasses, wildlife/vehicle accidents will presumably continue at historic rates, incurring $8 billion in costs. Are one quarter of the injured to forego treatment, one quarter of the vehicles to go unrepaired so as to make available the $2 billion Zoli proposes to "take"? The thing is a prime example of "pie in the sky by and by", or perhaps merely an empty head in action.
  10. When someone says "All you have to do is X" you can be quite sure that X is not all that you will have to do.
  11. I wonder if the "specialty tea" he ordered was Long Island Tea?
  12. The work on the pond's shores did much to improve the appearance of Jack McMackin's penny-pinching implementation of Jack Winfield's grandiose landscaping plan. Not visible: Several smaller tents pitched on the other side of the big tent. They pretty much fill the space between the old Main Office and the big tent. For your viewing pleasure:
  13. See attached aerial photo with annotations
  14. "...retrieved an AR pistol rifle." A what?
  15. Ah! Perhaps people whose name begins with "V" are involved?
  16. Huge white tent erected on a platform between the old main office and the pond. Now several smaller tents beside it. Looked inside the big tent, saw several elaborate chandeliers. What is it all about?
  17. Makes me wonder what the headline writer was thinking, or if the headline writer was thinking.
  18. But in his case that should be "...eleven women on my mind..."
  19. I am not certain of this, but I have a suspicion the petition drive will not result in a question on this Autumn's ballot or any other. My reasoning: You can charter a city under authority of the City Code or you can charter under the so-called Home Rule Charter Act. What you can not do is pick some of the City Code, some of the Home Rule Charter Act, and get a charter for that hybrid. But that seems to be what the folks who drafted the petition are trying to do. The petition speaks of "a third class city" governed "as in the Home Rule Charter Act". I think that the Election Board will say "This question asks approval for something which can not be done therefore it is invalid. The question will not be placed on the ballot." You might say "Well, revise the question so it can be on the ballot." No, people signed the petition as it is now. You can't change the petition without returning to square one in collecting signatures.
  20. As I recall, the last three times the question of consolidation came to a vote the city voted to do it, the township voted to not do it. By your proposal, the city would get what it says it wants. Granted, the City of DuBois would cease to exist, which might bother some folks, but consolidation would have come to pass. While I am not at all sure of the ins and outs of such a process, I'm sure it can be done. I recall that the Borough of Columbus PA surrendered its charter and reverted to being just a populated area in Columbus Township. That up near Corry. It may be worth noting that there are several very prosperous areas in PA which are townships. Mount Lebanon comes to mind, as well as Ligonier Township which, last I heard, had the highest per capita wealth of any municipality in the state. So, not having a city charter should not prevent the augmented Sandy Township from achieving the prosperity proponents of consolidation tout.
  21. "Where do you see in the article posted any residence location?" First line of the article: "Gary E. Mills, 61, of DuBois".
  22. Might it be that after they broke up, she got the McKees Rocks residence, he that at Treasure Lake?
  23. See attached photo, taken just before noon today. It looks to me that sheathing is being applied, probably in preparation for some kind of siding on the two sides facing streets.
  24. Two thoughts: 1: I looked at the Sanborn maps. The 1906 edition shows the East Side building, earlier editions don't cover that part of town. So, the building dates to the first decade of the 20th Century, if not earlier. 2: As I came by there yesterday, I noticed most of the brick was gone from the collapsed side. Did it just fall off or had someone poked/prodded it?
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