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  1. Include links so people can understand the issue rather than just a clickbait title. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/08/06/911-families-say-biden-not-welcome-memorial-events-unless-he-releases-government-evidence/ Eagleson said the families’ ultimatum was not politically motivated, and that they had also implored Trump administration officials over the last four years to release the same government evidence. In an interview Friday with The Washington Post, Eagleson said he met with President Donald Trump in the White House in 2019 — along with seve
  2. A little far fetched no? They’re being tortured but somehow they have access to phones? Really? This isn’t setting your BS detector off just a little?
  3. How exactly are these prisoners sending text messages?
  4. Murphy has been found!!! He was fixed as a tiny kitten so he wasn’t searching for a girl friend. He’s just a doofus that decided to have an adventure.
  5. Thank you! My kids are heartbroken. Murphy has never been outside before and is very spoiled. We are hoping someone took him inside because he is very friendly and vocal.
  6. Reward if found. Lost near Central St. Answers to Murphy. 814-661-0835
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