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  1. In a time where people are divided we have a coach (and mentor) who purposely makes kids engage in behavior to further divide and promote unsportsmanlike conduct. Unbelievable. Hate breeds hate. It is learned not inherited.
  2. Dave Matthews on August 27th at the key bank pavilion. Fingers crossed!
  3. How about those who work and get abuse and backlash from customers who complain about everything??? It's not the server's fault that the cook called in sick and there's no back up. Dissatisfaction = no tip. Server's bust their butts to make money and keep people happy and it's difficult when you're stretched like a rubber band and doing the job of 3 other people. For what?? For people to complain and expect some kind of compensation for having to wait for their order. It's borderline abuse and it's no wonder people aren't going back to work.
  4. I recently watched an episode of dr. Phil regarding kids dying from fentanyl laced drugs. Omg. Parents. Educate yourself and your kids and have that discussion about the dangers of the drug. I'm so glad these thugs got caught.
  5. thanks for your replies! I have a spot that gets about the same amount of sun and shade as the location it is in. It's such a beautiful tree so far. I would hate to kill it!
  6. I have a Japanese maple tree (about 3 years old) that I would like to transplant. My question is, when is the best time of the year that I can do this?
  7. About 5 years ago, I planted about a dozen of 'everbearing strawberries.' The first and maybe 2nd year they truly lived up to their name. Since then, I have a hillside of strawberry plants but no strawberries. The runners established themselves on top of mulch so I'm thinking that is the problem for why they don't produce but even the original plants don't produce fruit. I've weeded the patch but I wonder what I can do before the season to boost them and get some fruit this year. Suggestions are welcome!
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