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  1. I grew up in West Sandy in the sixties and seventies, I remember a man named Deacon Litz from our neighborhood. He was older possibly a son??? I remember he was raised by his mother and his father was never in the picture. From what i can remember he was not educated mostly worked around the house and helped his mother. The sad thing is anyone from the neighborhood that could answer the question is gone.
  2. This coach also has his youth football team do this. I was so shocked last year when I went to our youngsters game and the home team turned their backs as our team was introduced. Same Coach! I really can not consider him a nice person if this is what he is teaching children. Personally i feel he should not be allowed to coach any sport.
  3. I just heard this today. I have not been watching to much television lately to try to help my mental health lol. First thought was you dancing in the streets😂
  4. etsaunt

    Big Ten

    This season sucks in so many was. I honesty do not see how they can name a "national" champion. I am just excited to watch football but my heart breaks for the players that are getting screwed out of a true season. Don't even get me started on Notre Dame as far as i am concerned they should be made to stay in a conference not just a one year deal.....Clemson looks really good this year, not so sure about bama( I know never underestimate good ole Nick LOL). Congrats on your win Saturday!!!!
  5. Fantastic news. She is definitely a true superhero. ❤️❤️❤️
  6. etsaunt

    Big Ten

    We moved up to 9 with a 0/0 record...........
  7. etsaunt

    Big Ten

    Nope #6 and #10 because we are so good we don't even have to play a game to be ranked
  8. etsaunt

    Big Ten

    We will be back October 24
  9. Try to find good gloves! All of my suppliers are out. i can get the from amazon or Walmart for 5x what i normally pay. The employees here must change gloves several times an hour, it adds up. People need to keep in mind the extra expenses businesses are seeing during all this. Be kind when the prices go up, it is not always greed. Supply and demand drives most pricing.
  10. I try to stay out of politics on here but it seems like some are willing to let people die before they would agree with anything President Trump supports 😡
  11. Cris has been fighting to get all the numbers released but for some reason the powers that be will not release them in PA.
  12. State Rep Cris Dush posts alot of interesting facts and numbers on his face book page. I find it very interesting and worth a look.
  13. This will hurt the fire departments. Remember they volunteer their time to protect us and this was a big part of their fund raising. Wouldn't it be a nice idea for everyone that usually goes to community days to drop a check in the mail to the local fire department in the amount you would spend (or what ever you can afford). They are truly essential to this community!!!!!
  14. etsaunt

    Hey etsaunt!

    Ya know when I heard this last night my first thought was you. Big 10 didn’t do to shabby in the draft. Most of our Penn State boys were drafted or signed within an hour after. I’ll take it💙💙💙 Oh if Ohio State can lay claims to Burrow we are claiming Tommy Stevens(Saints).
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