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  1. Thank-you for posting those pictures, it shows how hard people worked in those days, they took pride in their work and enjoyed what we take for granted, parade pictures were great, yes everyone stood, no one sat while watching the parade. If anyone has a pic of Helvetia or Kramer Mines please post my Dad worked in both till they closed down. Thank-you for sharing our for-fathers with us.
  2. I always got beautiful tomatoes at Ringold hydroponic never had a bad one. I am so use to just calling down and they have my order waiting for me. I only had to pay $5.00 box 40 pound and put up a lot of pizza sauce. Called down yesterday the secretary told me the factory sold out they had to have all their stuff packed and out there by middle of October. When I was down last time there was a unusual amount of out of state cars in parking lot, guess that explains why. I will really miss the tomato factory. Yes you can or freeze the tomato sauce when I freeze them I double bag in heavy free
  3. Remember her as she was, a smile on her face and the love she had in her heart for you, you never loose her she will live on forever. Make sure her children are helped through their loss. Write down things she shared with you, make a album honoring a beautiful woman, Mother and friend. If you have a tape with her speaking make a copy of it for her children that way they can someday share her voice with their children. Old3doog Put something she wore that still has smell of her perfume on it, she will be in the truck with you. My prayers are for all of you, I think of my Mom I picture her
  4. Shmoopie11 Life, laughter and love you shared with all of us, like many I never met you, but in sharing yourself with all of us I feel I did know you. When I was depressed you PM me, Through that time you spent with me, it pulled me out of my depression showed me how beautiful life is. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. You had the ability to reach out and touch another's heart. Shmoopie11, your work God placed you on earth has been completed. you closed your eyes and when you opened them you were cradled in the arms of God, and saw his loving face. Prayers go out to your child
  5. Bon Thank-you for sharing your pics with us they are relaxing to look at and shows the true beauty of nature.
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