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  1. So the anniversary came and went. I didn't see any stories on the TV or in the paper. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the funeral. Dedicate a moment of peace. A moment without anger and bitterness. Keep Billy and those who survived the tragedy in your thoughts.
  2. The anniversary is next week (Feb 8). How many people will remember this event vs groundhog day? For those involved in the disaster, its a groundhog day from hell, over and over.
  3. I understand, but I'm a realist. I don't expect change In a government/big business with current election laws that discourage more than a two-party system and allow campaigns to be funded by obscene amounts of money, so I'm not disappointed. Insurance companies are protected from being sued, banks are too big to fail, and our elected representatives have better benefits than their average constituent. Heck, many people voted for a guy that didn't even pay his contractors. But, we still live in a country that's better than most.
  4. We pay for OSHA, but I don't expect them or any other agency to prevent all deaths no more than an alarm on a resident will keep them from falling or being strangled in a bedrail. I hope their is a monetary judgement. I hope that the people who were negligent are fired and face criminal charges. Nevertheless, garbage will continue to be collected and disposed of, and accidents like this will continue to happen as long as the financial punishments are so embarrassingly small.
  5. As I said earlier, its time to unleash the lawyers. Mr. Pierce died from AD negligence, and we should forget anyone one else who was injured in the accident.
  6. I would think of that OSHA is an organization to protect the worker as the DEP is an organization to protect the environment. Given the 12k "frown" given by OSHA, I doubt that the DEP will do much more than that, and if they receive a bigger fine, how will that help anyone who was injured or the family of the man that was killed? Advanced Disposal was negligent. Its time to unleash the lawyers.
  7. 12k? Thats Bllsht! Its time for all those injured in the accident to sue!
  8. I had to bump this thread because when I still think of her loss, it makes me pause and feels more relevant to me than the multi-week threads discussing John Duggar and the Sunday Biker Gang Shooting. Its just my honest opinion, thats all.
  9. I always read her comments because they were thoughtful, and I appreciated her strong support of the rights of children. Most of all, she is one of the very few people on this site who had the guts to use her own picture as an avatar. I admired her courage.
  10. I've been told that chocolate is also a hazard to dogs.
  11. This conversation is going down a dark alley
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