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  1. I have not heard of any breakthrough cases. Hoping it's just a cold.
  2. RAHWAY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A missing mother from New Jersey has been found dead. Yasemin Uyar’s mother confirmed to CBS2’s Nick Caloway She said Tyler Rios, the father of Uyar’s son, told police where he hid Uyar’s body, and her remains were located in a wooded area of Tennessee. On Friday, police issued an AMBER Alert for Uyar’s 2-year-old son after he did not show up for day care and Uyar did not arrive for her scheduled shift at work. Rios allegedly abducted the child and Uyar. Friends of Uyar said Rios had a history of abusing her and she had a restraining order a
  3. Sure they can but do you really have to stop for them? Their "patrol" vehicles resemble rural mail carrier vehicles.
  4. FYI mileage is recorded by the inspection mechanic when he or she is performing the PA state inspection on your vehicle.
  5. Now they need to do a good job enforcing the law.
  6. I'm interested in what combination your friends have. Weight and how many axles.
  7. Extreme body aches and scratchy throat. 1st symptoms for me Less intense body aches and fatigue no fever later on day 1. Slight cough. I did not run a fever until day 5 or 6. Extreme sinus pressure and tightening of the neck loss of appetite. Cough shortness of breath. Thank you. Me too.
  8. Not back to normal yet. I usually go years between colds or having illness. Not sure why this is worse for some people than others.
  9. I felt perfectly fine on Thanksgiving started getting sick on the Saturday after Thanksgiving early. Went to get tested Saturday morning negative rapid test they did send out test at the same time it came back positive last Wednesday I was really sick and still not right. Where we had Thanksgiving has to be the cleanest house in the world we are a clean bunch I washed my hands before our meal together didn't sneeze or cough while I was there. So far everyone who was there except one person has gotten it. Very bad timing on my part. I just wish I had gotten symptoms 3 days earlier.
  10. You are missing the point. You say ABS Air brakes are rare. They are anything but rare. Fed mandate for 22+ years on that type of truck. Literally millions of trucks with them. I know you can't admit you are wrong. Yes I know he hit them. That is in black and white. There would not be a story if that didn't happen. They lock momentarily very momentarily. The definition is Antilock Brake System. Yes they do completely lock at very low speed or the vehicle would not come to a stop. This is why I said in my original post "much of a mark" Year does matter. Make and model does not matt
  11. I know it had air brakes. The long black marks most likely are due to a mechanical failure. Possibly loss of air on the emergency side. Truck tractors with air brakes manufactured after March 1,1997 and Straight trucks and trailers with air brakes manufactured after March 1, 1998 were federally mandated to have ABS Air brakes. You call that relatively new ? Or it's rare to have a air brake equipped truck? 49CFR571.121 S5.1.6.1(a)
  12. I wondered about that too. Don't know if it was a sunny day. I wouldn't think the Sun angle would be that bad that time of year at 3:49 PM. Also states he was traveling east.
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